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thank you +Krystina Isabella Brion 
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Before Sunrise in Patagonia.
The time is about 7am and it is actually still almost pitch dark this time of the year. And a bit cold.
I had to expose for eight seconds and the additional light is provided by the headlights of one of the cars that brought us there.

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Magical light!
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It's good to be back home.
Long flights are never a real pleasure - but it is encouraging to see that the airlines are trying to help to ease the pain.
Problem is though that it isn't really thought through, or can anyone explain how I am supposed to do the knee-lift thing in this seat??
Any suggestions +American Airlines ?
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oh, I knew for a very long time that being vertically challenged is a distinct advantage when flying - what's new is the mocking in the official airline magazine :)
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Full color spectrum!!!!
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I'm going through some old pictures to see if any of them deserve a new edit - and I found this one (amongst others).
I took this a couple of years ago on an early morning workshop at the upper lake of Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland.
What a magical place.

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wonderful shot +Björn Kleemann 
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Am I doing it right when combining birds and photography here?

This little guy - the wildlife expert next to me said it is a chilean swallow - was incredibly curious and found the tripod to be a perfect observation point to check what is going on there.

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Thank you +Björn Kleemann for sharing your bird image with us on +HQSP Birds (+Andy Brown)
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Look at us, we're cute !!
I'm pretty sure these fellows have no idea what a camera is but that didn't stop them from striking their best poses.

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Looks like bronze statues :)
Thanks for sharing with #WildlifeWednesday
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The latest list of Photo Exchange Club Members is here!
shared via +Heather Kelman 
The latest list of Photo Exchange Club Members is here!
March 27 to April 09, 2014

If you're new to G+, or you just love beautiful photos, add this curated circle, and enjoy viewing the posts in your stream!

If you are a photographer of any level, you may qualify to become a member.  This circle share, a weekly contest, a lot of engagement from fellow members, and many G+ users circling you are all the benefits of being in this great club.

This circle is shared every 2 weeks, and if you want to be in the next one, add a URL to a recent G+ photo from your stream  in the comments below.  Mingle through the comments, click on some links to other people's shots and get to know some new people with similar interests.  You need at least 25% of your posts to be either your own photos, or credited work of others. (preferably G+ users!)

The (optional) Photo of the Week Contest is here >>

Last week's winner was +Silke Tüxen - see her photo here >>, and previous winners here >>

See the Honorable Mention album here >>
and the 2013 Winners here >>

The Biggest Ripple Award goes to >> +Michael Rutta << with a chain of 20 shares!  Thanks to all those that helped: +Tina Apostolova,  +Carsten Schlipf, +Sergio Miranda, +Trudy Grossman, +Vinod Kalathil, +Stefanie Schächtel, +Andy Brown, +Gabriel Codrut Nitescu, +Septimiu Catona, +Share Card-Photo, +Robin Cohen, +Rodney Campbell, +Krystina Isabella Brion, +Dominique Bonnet, +Berit Schurse,  +Phil Maxwell, +Jean-Philippe Jouve, and +Heiko Köster !  

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Björn Kleemann

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what a great idea to find more quality photography !!
The NEW Pixativity Pro/Amateur Photographer's Circle | APRIL 2014 | READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE ASKING FOR INCLUSION

A while back we launched the Pixativity Photographer's Directory and now, it's time to announce the APRIL *Pixativity Pro/Amateur Photographer's Circle. This, at the same time, means that I have decided to six feet the old APC for good (as you might know).

The first PAC (March 2014) was a great success and I want to thank everybody who participated in it!

How To Qualify

If you're a professional or an amateur photographer mainly sharing your own original work in your feed, then you're eligible to ask for inclusion in the April PAC.

The difference between this circle and the old APC is that I now will be giving away FREE accounts to the Pixativity Photographer's Directory every time I share this circle. I will pick three photographer's from the circle and add them to the directory while I compile the circle (you will be notified). 

(For those of you not remembering the _APC, it's one of my most shared and popular circles since I started here on Google+ a couple of years ago. Many participants have received thousands of new followers and some of the people I helped promote in the APC now boast more followers than I do! I love that! It speaks for the positiveness and quality of this circle. The PAC will be of the same high quality!_

The Guidelines

Yes, there are rules and guidelines. :) If you want to participate in the PAC you need to do the following:

1) Plus and comment this post to show that you want to participate (you must do that here on the original post). Please state what kind of photography you're into in your comment. You also may tag friends of yours to help promote them as well. I'll add them too if they meet these guidelines. Tagging friends increases your chances of being added.

2) Reshare this post to help promote your fellow G-plussers. That way YOU will receive more attention once the circle is released. If you do not reshare, I probably won't add you to the circle since this is a joint effort to promote good photographers. YOU deserve to be reshared, right? So does your fellow G-plussers.

The post must be reshared in your personal feed and publicly.

Pages will NOT be accepted into the circle.

3) Please do NOT add external or internal links to albums, websites, blogs etc. in the comments. This post is neither the right place for advertisement nor for spam. Thanks.

4) Premium Members of the Pixativity Photographer's Directory website are automatically included in the circle. Still you should reshare this post and  let me know that you did in the comments.

(How to obtain a Premium account to the PPD can be found here:

Please Note

If I do NOT add you to the circle there's always a reason for that. 1) You do not mainly share your own original work in your feed, 2) You are a web marketeer, SEO-specialist etc. or 3) I did not like the mix of your feed (yeah, I know, it's a very subjective thing to create circles like this) or 4) I just missed your comment of some reason – mistakes happen, I am only human.

Another thing: I cannot add everybody in one circle but be assured that I check ALL feeds and you are welcome to ask for inclusion in the next edition of the PAC.

Release Date

The circle will be shared on Monday, April 7.

Now, let's make the April PAC another success story. :) 

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Did that, +Björn Kleemann , thanks!
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With a new car getting it cleaned suddenly becomes a concern, the rotating brushes at the local gas station don't seem good enough anymore. After some research I came across this company and thought that they could be the solution for an overly cautious car owner. The whole job is done by hand so no steel barriers to damage your rims and no automated tools that "accidently" take your mirrors off. Apparently it is also good for the environment because they use some magic detergent that gets rid of the dirt with very little water. So how did it turn out? Beautifully - it takes about 20 to 30 minutes which you can spend having a coffee, surfing the web and watch other people work. And the car came out showroom clean. I'll be back once the car deserves a cleaning again.
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