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Björn Bidar

Does disa support SMS over data or RCS?

Currently there's only the option to silence a conversation.
But what about to allow notifications on highlight (mention of the username) or an answer to a message?

What's the reason for the new info button in conversation view.
Before that pressing on the name of the conversation was enough to open the info page.
That button feels kinda redundant.

I hope it's okay if I provide feedback to the alpha versions too.
The white alpha overlay when pressing the new conversation or switch service button is useless in my opinion and only annoying.
The new favorite contact box on top of the contact list wastes much White space.
The square contact pictures in this where much better.
There's also a button to switch between groups and contacts but this button expandes first when touching and then shows the switch button
That is useless.

Hey don't know if this was suggested before.
But what about exporting Disa accounts and this conversations as contacts?
With this we could set priority mode for some contacts and not just for the hole app.

I noticed that each time there's a new message incoming the notification gets updated.
Is there a chance that this is changed that each chat or message gets it's own notification. Also wenn there's a new message only the first old message is shown in head's up.

There's the option to show media of disa in gallery and so on.
Which is really great, but please don't show voice messages with this option.
I tried to create a nomedia file for this directory and it even got deleted.

Would it be possible to theme the toast messages in your themes too?

Is it possible to change the style of toast messages with substratum?

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I tried to build the telegram plugin.
Building went fine fine, deploing too but upon loading disa posts this:

System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Disa.Framework.Telegram.Telegram' from assembly 'Disa.Framework.Telegram, Version=1.0.6157.24867, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

full log:

Would be nice if there would be something like an IRC channel to chat.

BTW: is it possible to set MONO_LOG_LEVE for disa?
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