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Someone really loved his computer! +BizarBin 
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its a grave of computer addict:) they never die, just go offline:)
i just read what's engraved onto the tombstone and it's completely on serbian language, on the left there's a name of a woman Olivera , and on the front are family members who had, as written, memorialized it. I think this is not a matter of laughter. 
Maybe she had no love in life. the only one she get was the pc one...
I don't think so. As I said, on the front says: tombstone is raised by fathers..........., mothers.........., sisters........with their names written, which made me believe (it's poorly visible) that the name of a guy is on the right. The role of a computer remains unknown. However, do not laugh at this. 
May their heard drive never need reformatting nor they getting the blue screen of death...
Oh, One Sony 20" Trinitron Multiscan Monitor, with an HP Workstation PC. This both was gone at the beginning of nineties ?
Very nice Idea.
I think I'll do it with my car. But thats not look nice when someone is lying under a car.
Or ?
Ed Lee
surprised it wasn't a Mac...
Nice! I want my iPad when I die and go to hell...
hach wie lustig (interessant, und Ideenreich)
Da ist wohl jemand stark in seinen Computer verknalt.
Now if we get e.mail from that guy,then we know there is life after death.
wow im only 12 and i aint that addicted to my computer
Bizzare? No. Interesting? Yes. So far a few Serbians have provided some excellent pieces of detail, but I'm wondering if any others can tell us more? Where is the grave located? 
that is freaky if they buried their COMPUTER i wonder wat they will do to a human
wenn ich denn wirklich mal sterben sollte werden EeeTop, EeePc, Tab, Reader die Smartphones und das andere Elektonikspielzeug mit verbrannt!!!
Auf einem normalen Grab wäre gar kein Platz für den ganzen Schrott :-/
Aber sowas finde ich auch in Ordnung
Translate are TO ATTACHED TO THINGS. which is ironic, cause i happen to be typing on a computer as i say that.
you're fucken stupid Tully Stewart
Tomas K, wirst Du dann als Sondermüll entsorgt? Eine neue Idee für den Bestatter?
maybe it means that old technology is going down the drain
+Brian Paone , judging by the size of the tombstones, I'd say Serbia, Bosnia or somewhere on the Balkans. People here tend to raise enormous, costly gravestones for their passed-away loved ones. 
Ben Ek
ein echter ERROR 
May be they upgraded to a flat screen and wanted to get rid off their old one somehow???
hey,wht's that............omg........wht that mean.........
ummmm...... okay.....who tells someone
that they what their gravestone to be a computer 
before he dies?
this is what the man said:" we meet at best buy, we surfed the web, and and she was on SALE!!!!!"
When no one is wid u at ur bad tym of lyf nowadays ur pc nd smartphones r always wid u :p hrt touching ..u re right
Then, my stele will be camera-shaped:D! What a cool idea:)
Is that another computer in the background?
/ / i think they've gone too far with this// but on the way to their destination//instant E-mails is what's happening//..
the invention of first computer called first generation comupter
their computer was their life, obviously
That's so.........CRAZYYYYY!!!

It wins gold for coolest gravestone ever

he practically lived online and died on his computer desk
does anyone see two figures in the screen? 0.0
really... really... i dont belive it.
Maybe he didn't want ppl to see his Internet history
And people say "You can't take things with you when you die"! Guess this is good enough to prove them wrong! ;-)
I'd have done this if I could never have a new one
I will take my iPhone with me when I goooooo!!!!!  l
Look at the cruel world out there..... Don't worry I can understand the pain :'(
That is kind of sad, but is relatable
HA HA HA!!! He must have been a computer programmer or something
My grave would probably look like that.... With my Macbook and my iPhone
mm hmm, that seems about right. Google+, Facebook and Youtube will officiate at my funeral.
Hahahha sad and awesome at the same time 
aww that is so cute most have loved his computer ha 
awww atleast he can still surf the web! :)
if you haven't been hipnotized by the net, you haven't looked into the 'fear' of the future;  Bruce Willis and that ANDROID movie...then call it reality;
That just goes to show that wherever you go, the internet is right behind you haha :) 
lolololololol that is so funny 
Wow , that "person" is crazy like.. lolololololol ROLF hehehehe

I would understand how ... "INPORTANT" a computer would be!
i didnt know people still use computers like that
he must of jacked off alot.
A lesson can be learned from this........we forget about important things in life.
Oh wow, I really didn't expect that.
The love of my life will be in my heart forever 👄
Was waiting for AOL to load...
A Russian really liked their IBM PC type computer.
different. ( really strange )
Very unique, I've never seen anything like it, I would love a whale.
I'm going to be cremated when I die then fed to the fishes. At least I'll be giving back to the planet in my little way. 
Your gonna have enough time to rest when your dead i guess not they put them too work............o and if you zoom in enough you can see the picture of a man and a women on the computer screen
I wnat a ghost rider statu above my tomb :D
Happy to die! So cool!
that computer is obviously there so that your dead buddy in the grave can stalk your google+ account in the afterlife (he learned it from the Egyptians)
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