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doogiePIM version is uploaded and available for you to download here:

This update release takes care of a few fixes and little glitches that were spotted by doogiePIM's eagle-eyed users. I have to thank you all for sending in those reports and observations. As you can see, these little things can be cleared up rather quickly, giving everyone a far better experience. If you have sent in a bug report or observation and it hasn't been fixed yet, then don't worry. It's only because I need a bigger hammer and I'm working on it.

Feed Me Bugs
Bug reports and observations can either be reported in the Fix Me forum or better still, the Development Ticket tracker so it can be tracked far better. Things tend to get lost quickly inside the forum ether. If you think your information contains private data, such as a screenshot, then please blur it out and send me an email with the report. You can contact me at any time.
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This new update contains some very important fixes in relation to stability of the browser engine. You should find this release far more stable when browsing the web. I've been using this as my main browser for the last few days and it's handling very well. Please let me know if you get any strange crashes or sudden exiting when having lots of tabs open.

On to the really good news.

I've implemented an experimental feature - Copy/Paste of Tasks. You can only copy/paste within the same database (too ensure security of data is not exposed through the clipboard). You simply go to the Tasks Section , select as many Tasks as you wish from the listing. Now use the context menu to "Copy Tasks" or use the "Edit" menu. Now navigate to a folder you want to paste the new Tasks in. You can right-click to bring up the context menu and select "Paste Tasks" or use the "Edit" menu.

On another "pasty" story... I've also implemented paste of HTML formatted text. When you copy content from a web browser page, the normal paste operation will just give you plain text. Now if you use "Paste as..." you will be given a choice of "HTML format" in the list to use. You will notice that only the text and its formatting (within reason) is shown. There are no images pasted with the text. This is a good thing as web pages can contain an amazing array of useless images that just take up memory. If you want the images, I could add a Setting for you. Just let me know.

The new version can be found on the main download page:

A complete list of changes:

Enjoy the new version and get ready for more new delights in the near future.

Amateur Pasty Enthusiast
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I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. I certainly am... with development of doogiePIM and lots of enhancements and some reported fixes.

doogiePIM version can be downloaded from the main download page:

You can read the full history of changes here:

Version | 17 January 2018 | Latest Completed Changes
Enhancement | On Add/Edit of Bookmarks the editor tabs now remembers last state which means you can leave the tab on "Comments" for Bookmarks.
Fix | Search functions didn't find text in current Document.
Enhancement | [Pinch Zoom] using Touch now works when the Document is in any layout mode.
Enhancement | Vertical and Horizontal Rulers of record comments are now hidden by default.
Fix | Shortcut keys from one inactive Section tends to merge into the visible section, eg: F3 from Messages.
Fix | Use External Browser wasn't launching on URL clicks.
Fix | Greek characters caused some upset when using Sign-In.
Enhancement | Improvements on CPU usage when a page tab isn't visible. TIP: Always minimise an application to reduce its usage.
Fix | Made "Journal Date Toolbar" visible in the section's "View" menu. This is used to go to a specific date .
Fix | Side panel removed from Email tab "Browser" as it doesn't need to be there.
Fix | Resources count says 2 but only 1 is in the database.
Fix | ScratchPad causing unexpected event when accessing Properties of tree item.
Enhancement | Folder properties dialog has been re-arranged to only include valid options.
Search / Indexing
Fix | Noteboard block didn't index when in "After Changes" mode.
Fix | Dragging a Task in the Calendar for one day incorrectly marks end time to midnight instead of 23:59.
Fix | "Note" should be "Document".
Enhancement | "Change Icon Colour" added to "View\Set Theme To..." menu.
Enhancement | Increased button width of Close, Minimize and Maximize top corner icons to make it easier to click.
Enhancement | Warning message added when horizontal page tabs are hidden and you try to close the side panel vertical tabs.
Enhancement | Horizontal tabs redesign to rectangular layout giving more room for display.
Enhancement | Improvements to icon inversion drawing in Side Panel.
Enhancement | Side Panel toolbar icons automatically hide when panel is too small, but always leaves the [+] icon visible.
Enhancement | Horizontal Tabs scrolling area improvements when displaying dozens of tabs.
Enhancement | Side Panel minimum width can now be reduced to the width of an icon, allowing more room in the display area.
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doogiePIM version 2 is now available for download on the main download page:

Quite a lot has been added since version 1.2, hence the major upgrade.
You can read the full history of changes here:
It's a long read so grab a coffee.

You will also notice there's an upgrade licence key requirement.
I've written details of how to get the new key here:

If you are going to try out DP2 (doogiePIM2), I would suggest you install DP2 to its new folder "C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM2", then optionally copy your v1 *.doo databases into the new Data Files folder. Always make a backup of your databases before opening them. I hope you backup often anyway, its good practice to do that once a day.

I do hope you like the new changes and, as always, drop your thoughts here - good or bad.

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A rough and ready doogiePIM version 2 is available for those brave enough to take a look and provide some feedback.

Follow the rabbit hole:

Please note:

The "work in progress" items and various cosmetics listed are in development.
Please, please don't use this for your primary important data until the public release.
Go ahead and copy your database over to the new Data Files folder of the tester. DON'T use your database without making a copy.
Before copying your data, always make sure you shutdown your doogiePIM version 1.2 first.
I'll be more than happy to read your findings on this new version. A lot has changed, especially with the Documents section, the database cryptographic foundation and the web browsing. A great deal has gone into setting up the background system for the future expansion of connective devices too.

Have fun with it.
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doogiePIM version 1.2 is now available with some important bug fixes.
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Hoist The Flag! doogiePIM version is here.

You'll be pleased to read that I've fixed the recurring event bug of setting a Flag and/or Saving the comments in the preview area of the Calendar section. This means you can setup a Flag Marker titled "Done" or "Completed" with a little "Tick/Check" icon, then go ahead and flag a recurring event. You will be asked if you want to set the whole series or just that one event.

A favourite change in is the automatic sizing of large images in email Messages. No longer do you need to scroll horizontally to see the image.

Another great little enhancement is in the Related Links listing. The context menu has changed slightly to accommodate "File Links". You did know you can link a record to a file just by dragging the file onto the Related Link list, didn't you? ;)
Now you have commands to "Launch in Windows", this will launch the selected file using the Windows default viewer/application. You can also "Locate..." where it will just open the Files Explorer at the location, or finally "Open/View" where it will open the file using a doogiePIM tab. This is ideal for viewing images or PDFs.

This update was a little later than I expected due to back-end development I'm doing for doogiePIM. My commitment to you... to make doogiePIM better, the way you like it.

See you next time,
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I'm excited to announce that BiteSpire will be featuring doogiePIM on BitsDuJour, a 'deal-of-the-day' website that I've partnered with.

BitsDuJour will be offering doogiePIM on Wednesday 14 June, 2017 for $34.95, normally doogiePIM is $69.95!

If you have any friends who might be interested in doogiePIM please let them know about the date. I can't afford to offer this kind of thing often, and it will be available on BitsDuJour for 2 days only.

Just tell them to visit on Wednesday 14 June, 2017 to get doogiePIM for $34.95.

If you visit right now you can click the 'I Want This' button and you'll be sure not to miss it!
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A little goes a long way

A small update, yet important, as it fixes a problem with RTF import into the Documents section. Many thanks to Ennovy for pointing out the glitch that otherwise would have been missed due to the language of Windows®.

I've also worked on the Contact columns (yes, again!) with a hopeful solution. You will notice your Contact columns in list view mode reset. Simply adjust your columns, show and hide them to your liking and it should save your preferences for your next session.

I'm still working on those new features too that many have been requested, in this forum and via email. I will try to get them to you in the very near future.

As always, many thanks for your wonderful feedback.

Until next time,

Summary of changes
[Contacts, Fix] Saving of Contact section columns between sessions.
[Documents, Fix] Document File/Import command when using Dutch version of Windows®.
[Internal, Fix] Launching URL from within some edit windows.
[Vault & Home, Fix] When entering an incorrect Vault password and using Enter key on the error message.
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Oops! I did it again...

This latest build is another bug bash. But this also shows that by sending in your Bug Reports that are generated when you get that "Oops!" dialog, does help me a great deal. A recent user sent in a report that helped fix a silly little crash in the Print Preview.

I know most users would dismiss it and put it down to "Oh well... all software does this from time to time.". This is true but developers, like myself, cherish technical data to help make the software run smoother and give you users less headaches and crashes. So, please... next time you get the "Ooops! Something unexpected happened." ... don't dismiss it... send me the report.

As always. Thank you for supporting doogiePIM.
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