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I'm excited to announce that BiteSpire will be featuring doogiePIM on BitsDuJour, a 'deal-of-the-day' website that I've partnered with.

BitsDuJour will be offering doogiePIM on Wednesday 14 June, 2017 for $34.95, normally doogiePIM is $69.95!

If you have any friends who might be interested in doogiePIM please let them know about the date. I can't afford to offer this kind of thing often, and it will be available on BitsDuJour for 2 days only.

Just tell them to visit on Wednesday 14 June, 2017 to get doogiePIM for $34.95.

If you visit right now you can click the 'I Want This' button and you'll be sure not to miss it!

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A little goes a long way

A small update, yet important, as it fixes a problem with RTF import into the Documents section. Many thanks to Ennovy for pointing out the glitch that otherwise would have been missed due to the language of Windows®.

I've also worked on the Contact columns (yes, again!) with a hopeful solution. You will notice your Contact columns in list view mode reset. Simply adjust your columns, show and hide them to your liking and it should save your preferences for your next session.

I'm still working on those new features too that many have been requested, in this forum and via email. I will try to get them to you in the very near future.

As always, many thanks for your wonderful feedback.

Until next time,

Summary of changes
[Contacts, Fix] Saving of Contact section columns between sessions.
[Documents, Fix] Document File/Import command when using Dutch version of Windows®.
[Internal, Fix] Launching URL from within some edit windows.
[Vault & Home, Fix] When entering an incorrect Vault password and using Enter key on the error message.

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Oops! I did it again...

This latest build is another bug bash. But this also shows that by sending in your Bug Reports that are generated when you get that "Oops!" dialog, does help me a great deal. A recent user sent in a report that helped fix a silly little crash in the Print Preview.

I know most users would dismiss it and put it down to "Oh well... all software does this from time to time.". This is true but developers, like myself, cherish technical data to help make the software run smoother and give you users less headaches and crashes. So, please... next time you get the "Ooops! Something unexpected happened." ... don't dismiss it... send me the report.

As always. Thank you for supporting doogiePIM.

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It's a Big Bug Bash release of doogiePIM version today.
Some important bugs bashed so check out what has changed:

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Happy St Patrick's day with a new uploaded version of doogiePIM. Grab it now from here:

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Lots of new features, enhancements and important fixes done in the new doogiePIM version 1.1.

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I hope the year has started well for you all. Personally, I've been busy with some new features, getting ready for some major changes and new platform releases in the coming year. 2017 is going to be quite exciting.

Today, I've uploaded version 1.0.7 for you to download. Nothing too major has changed. Mainly little enhancements to better the doogiePIM experience. For example, I've added commands above the Email Message display to "Move" the message to a folder or "Forward" it.

Other changes are in the Calendar. In dark themes (my personal favourite) the display of event text is improved. Also the icons used for showing recurring events and alarms have been reduced, which makes the display clearer and not so cluttered.

Another change, in the Finance section. You can now set the display of transaction background colours to show based on Type, Category, Custom or None. It makes it easier to see those finance entries.

As always, I love reading your feedback and if you sent me a bug or suggestion that hasn't been done yet.... It means I'm working on it. :)

Enjoy this release and I hope to read your feedback soon.

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To finish the year of releases, doogiePIM version 1.0.6 is now available for you all.

This release is mainly a bug fix but has some new features in the way of the browser showing a clear domain name for the URL in bold. There is also a green padlock display to indicate HTTPS secure browsing. Something that's very important when visiting banking sites are buying your gifts from Amazon.

My favourite new feature has to be in the Messages. If you receive an ics file as an attachment in an email, you can double-click the attachment and doogiePIM will ask you if you wish to add the event directly into the Calendar for you. In the near future, I plan to add the ability to export a Calendar event or task to an email message too.

Another new feature is the ability to double-click a PDF attachment in the Messages and have it display directly in doogiePIM without using any third party PDF viewer.

As always, thank you so much for all your email messages suggesting your ideas. I will try to implement as many as I can to make doogiePIM a valuable tool on your Windows system.

Happy holidays to all.

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A brand new doogiePIM version 1.0.5 is now available. Check out the latest changes here:
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