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What Happen When Your Website Is Pinged from 8 Different Locations Around The World?

How fast is your website server? Ping your URL from 8 different locations of the world and see how it does against our 10 millions tested URL.

To test your URL, click here - 

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Have you thought about what you need to do when designing a website?

Coming up with the exact steps to take can be difficult. Especially if you have never designed a #website before.  This great checklist includes over 120 steps you should take before taking on a new #websitedesign. Some of the steps may be obvious to you but some you may never have even thought of. 

Are there any that you think are missing from this list? 
Looking to start a new #webdesign  project and got no idea where to start from? We've written the ultimate webdesign porject #checklist - can we have some suggestions of stuff we've missed? 

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Thinking about re-designing your company's  website? 

There are quite a few factors to consider when thinking about. Are you going to design it yourself or hire someone? Are you going to ask for feedback from your current customers? Who is your target market?

The more you think about these factors before you start building your website, the better your website will turn out in the end.

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Time to get a #MobileWebsite  

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These are some of the most costly mistakes a small business can make with their website. 

- No Mobile Optimization: Again if your website isn't optimized for mobile viewers then you can loose more then half your audience between cell phones and tablets. 

- No Call to Action: Not having your phone number or a clear contact form on your website is like tell people all the great things you can do to help them, but not giving them a way to sign up. 

- Read more in the link below. #SEO   #WebsiteDesign   #CalltoAction

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A step by step info graphic to unlock the secrets of Google Analytics.

Use the detailed analytics data to find out exactly where you are getting most of your traffic from. Once you know this you can focus more of your energy on what is working. Whether that be one of your social media profiles, ads you are running or any guest blogs you have written on other websites. 

#googleanalytics   #websitetraffic  

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Small Businesses and Website Design

There are some very important features that every local business should have on their website. One of the most important features nowadays is to make sure you have a mobile friendly website.  With more then half of the internet traffic coming from tablets and phones, you don't want to miss out on showing people what you are all about because you don't have a website that works well on other devices. #mobilewebsite  

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This is one of the best ideas I have herd for web designers in a while. 

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Web Development Tutorials

There are many tutorials and programs online teaching you how to build your website. The only issue with these tutorials and programs is the time it takes to learn how to build the site and then build it. 

Sometimes going through all of these tutorials isn't worth the effort. 


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Websites have become an Experience

Your website design has to stand out from the crowd. These are some trends in #websitedesign for this year. Personally I feel like just one of these trends doesn't make a good website. Combining a few of them would make a great one. 

Combining a multimedia based website with a big experience on the first page and innovative scrolling. It's not about just using one of the trends available to you right now. It's about using what works for your company and if that is combining more then one trend, then that is what you should do. 
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