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2 man indie game startup from Munich
2 man indie game startup from Munich

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Official Production of Goggles has started!

Hey everybody. We are very happy to announce that the production for Goggles has finally fully started. There is still some more paperwork to do, but since the 7th of January we are in full production swing with our complete team, now consisting of allready 8 people!

We started out this and last week to establish our workflow, especially with our new team members, and started to work on the overall view of the levels, the characters and the interface.

Next to this good news i am happy to redirect you to our relaunched website, still under

Basti has been working on a lot of preperation and especially shaders since we finished the prototype for Goggles, He produced so many amazing shaders that we decided to launch our very first shader pack in the unity asset store. For all the developers out there, you can find the pack here:

Since we have now started the production of Goggles, we are allready searching for testplayers who want to be part of the development! All testplayers will be rewarded with their name in the credits of Goggles and also a copy of the finished game.

So if you are interested of joining us in the development process, please send us a email at where you fill out this little list:

    1. Your Age
    2. Your Gender
    3. Years of Gaming
    4. Preferred type of games
    5. Owned Consoles
    6. Last two played games

Looking forward to hear from you and see you in Vaporia!

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Two days ago the FFF Bayern published the result for video game funding for autumn 2014 and Goggles got funded for production in 2015!

We still have to get lots of paperwork done in 2014 in order to "seal the deal" as they say, but you will be able to play Goggles in 2015 if nothing bad happens 

So this said, we decided to start to get our pool of playtesters for the development and you can join!

I think the playtesting will roughly begin in March of 2015. We will set up a little Beta where a certain amount of people will get access, we will then go on and update the builds of the Beta on a regular basis and ask questions for balancing, levels, and so on.

If you are interested in joining the Beta just write me a mail at where you answer the following questions:

1. Age 2. Gender 3. Years of Gaming 4. Preferred type of games 5. Owned Consoles 6. Last two played games 

And maybe you will become part of the Goggles development 

So looking forward to hear from you and all the best

Hi once again!

First of all a little sorry for the delayed update on the Glasses front, but the last few weeks have been pretty heavy for us.

We started to get much exposure for our game, from our friends, several other developers, and also some people who work in publishing and marketing.  I once again learned a lot from the massive combined feedback, which showed us all sides we couldn’t see before because we were just up to the neck in the development.

We started into June by making a list, addressing everything we weren’t happy with. This included many things, overcomplicated work practices and parts in the code, art style issues, work pipes, the list goes on… We basically made a cut for ourselves after the first half year of development and took a moment to say what went well and what didn’t.

After we had a clear vision of everything that we wanted to change and make better, we started to restructure and reorganize a lot of things, and I mean A LOT!

Now that all this work has been done, it almost feels like a fresh start to us, and our new work pipe is amazing. We started to work in the new structure a few days ago and are about four time more efficient with our progress!

Well but a little downside was that excel sheets and data restructuring isn’t that “posting-worthy” in my opinion (except for this post of course, this post is amazing ;D).

So, we made quite a few changes regarding some mechanics, the art style, the sound and are quite happy with how they start to turn out and to give Glasses a complete new feel. I won’t talk about the changes in detail at this point because we want to test them out a little for ourselves first, but I can tell you already that we are now way closer to what we want to achieve with Glasses that we have been before.

So hopefully I will have some cool new stuff in no time to show you, and of course you will get all the information to the major enhanced Glasses ;)

So thanks for your time and have a nice weekend!


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We are back in action!

Hey everyone, so we had our well spent week off and are back in action.

And just to report back with a bang here is a little concept of the world of Vaporia and its different zones.

More about Vaporia and the story can be read on our website



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