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I was surprised to find that -- when I finally got some of these Olympic Classics in the USA styling -- I liked them a lot.  

Mind, they are eye-catching in the extreme and likely won't get worn often save for special occasions (A.k.a. 4th of July, Memorial Day), but anyway, the idea of a printed on overlay for Classic FiveFingers is a great thought -- too bad they disco'ed the line.

Also, note the heel on these Classics is that of a pair of Sprints or KSOs -- works very well with the Classic upper even though these are actually a size up from what I normally wear.  Go figure.
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This model is not my favourite. And as for the pattern... Well, I get people looking weird at my Trek LSs here, so go figure the effect an hypothetical Spanish flag pattern could have.
This being said, some people ask me about my VFFs in great interest.
They are amazing shoes!  I cannot wait to purchase my next vibrams... I don't know how I will handle my less patriotic pair : /
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