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"Achieve Powerful Beauty!"
"Achieve Powerful Beauty!"

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Scare actors wanted for Halloween night at +Kimber Hollow. More intel below... 🎃
WANTED: Scare actors of all ages for +Kimber Hollow's annual haunted yard!
Where: #Gainesville #Florida
When: Halloween, October 31st, 2016
More info:

Stay spooky y'all!
~Jami & Mark of KH

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Kimber Hollow's Halloween 2016 props are in work: Coffee cans recycled into apothecary “jars” and year 'round storage!

Have a spooky May y'all...
+Jami Summers​ & the +Kimber Hollow​ crew

cc: +Studio Bionic


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We thought everyone survived Halloween 2015 at Kimber Hollow. We were wrong.

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52 days until the most auspicious of nights... Halloween! 🎃

If you'll be in Gainesville FL area this All Hallows Eve, take a few minutes to Trick or Treat at +Kimber Hollow​​.
Only 52 days until Halloween!

Stay spooky y'all,
+Jami Summers
& the +Studio Bionic​ / +Kimber Hollow​ team

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Cupcakes Against Breast Cancer for +NCCER​​'s charity bake sale! Article includes the packaging how-to, and tips on creating the "lace" over-wrappers:

NCCER raised over $500 for their +American Cancer Society​​ Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team!

cc: +ClearBags+Sweets & Treats Boutique

(Disclosure: no kickbacks, no affiliate links. Nada. grin)

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Avengers #Wallpapers Series: Simple, Minimal, HD

This collection of wallpapers is inspired by that itty-bitty summer movie that no one’s heard of – Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’m sure you haven’t seen it yet, right? // 5 Color Choices To keep the focus on bold, branded imagery, the design scheme of my…

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Spotted, & bought!, this awesome +L'Oréal​ Feria Power Violet hair color +Publix​ today. I 💜 purple!


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<happy dance!>
Placing my order... righttttt... NOW! For YBF Skincare's Prep & Defend. There's absolutely NO frakking way I could let their sale pass me by!
     +  Prep = best face scrub/exfoliator in the 'Verse. Regularly $80.
     +  Defend = anti-wrinkles, oil control, hydration, tones. IMHO, Defend is a must-have for women in warm, humid climates. Pretty much the only thing that works on my face here in Florida! Reg. $120.
     +  Refresh =  miracle-in-a-pump eye cream. Majorly reduces lines & wrinkles & puffiness, it also zaps my lack-of-sleep dark circles. Reg. $80

FYI, sale price is $34 each + free shipping. So I saved 92 bucks!!
Link to shop:
</happy dance!>

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Freebies Galore! Pet Foods, Treats, & More! #petcare

My Momma has many, many hobbies. One of them happens to be hunting wascally wabbits… Gak. I mean she hunts freebies. For her beeyoutee blog, Bionic Beauty (it’s not nearly as cool as MY blog!). Her latest Freebie Hunting Expedition rounded up tons of…

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Photo Story: #Gainesville Florida Spring Sky #photography

There are a few perks to living in Florida. As many of you know, catching the extreme “blueness” of a sky can be difficult. Today, however, luck was on my side. The sky was simply gorgeous and my camera managed to captured it! Fair warning… do NOT expect…
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