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Difference between Chemical and Organic Fertilizer

How we understand the NPK content in both chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers?

People are often misled by the NPK number on a bag of chemical fertilizer because it seemingly always higher than organic fertilizers and the cost of same weight of chemical fertilizer is also less or the same. To understand this, it is important to understand that plants is only taking as much nutrients as they need for healthy growth.

The nutrients in chemical fertilizers has to be soluble in water as form of salt for the plants to take in. However, there is a big problem of using chemical fertilizers. That once the chemical dissolved in water, the salt will runoff via evaporation, gasification and end up huge percentage of nutrients will not be taken by the plants and go into underground water and pollute streams, lakes and oceans. The chemical fertilizers manufacture are normally produce high NPK chemical fertilizers to compensate the losses to runoff, evaporation and gasification. On the other hand, the organic fertilizers’ NPK percentage are nutrient content of the ingredients as the plants need.

What’s the advantage of using organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizer works as nature organic landscapes. It is healthier, less run off, self sustaining, water retaining, and cheaper to maintain. Once the organic set out is there, only small amount of organic fertilizer needed to be maintained compared to chemical fertilizer. Therefore, the organic fertilizer provides a stable ongoing process of releasing nutrients from itself and the soil.
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Benefits Of Organic Fertilizers

The market these days is full of different types of fertilizers including chemical, natural and organic fertilizers. The type of fertilizer that you use has a huge impact on the overall quality of the product. Farmers all over the world have been using chemical fertilizers but there has been a remarkable shift from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers happen to be carbon based compounds, which increase the productivity and growth of the plants. They have many different benefits over the regular, organic fertilizers. Some of these benefits are listed below:

5 Top Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Free Of Harmful Chemicals

One of the main benefits of using organic fertilizers is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, people who eat these are less prone to diseases such as cancer, skin disorders and others. Other fertilizers may contain chemicals that may be harmful for your health and this is why organic fertilizers are such a popular choice because they do not contain anything that would jeopardize your health.

Low Level Of Investment

Organic fertilizers are a low capital investment. They help in maintaining the soil structure and increase its overall nutrient holding capacity. A farmer who goes for organic fertilizers will realize how less the fertilizer is used because his soil is already rich and high in nutrients.

Maintain Fertility Of The Soil

Another major benefit of organic fertilizers is that they ensure that the farm remains fertile for hundreds of years. The fertility of many farms is maintained because of organic fertilizers. The increased use of chemical fertilizers these days is jeopardizing the quality of the soil and this is where organic fertilizers come in. They are not just good for you monetarily but also for the fertility of your soil.

Keeps The Environment Safe Too

Another integral benefit of using 100 percent organic fertilizers is that they are safe for the environment too. This means that once you use them, you can be free of any concern that your business is ruining the environment. They are 100 percent safe to use and they keep the environment safe too.

Easy To Produce

Lastly, organic fertilizers can be prepared locally or on the farm.

Overall, there are many benefits of using organic fertilizers. These fertilizers have now become a popular choice amongst farmers because not only are they safe for the environment but they are safe for you too. Moreover, the biggest benefit of organic fertilizers is that they keep the fertility of the soil intact which is another reason why farmers should try to use them.
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