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BioLayout Express3D
3D Visualisation and Analysis of Network Graphs and Signaling Pathways
3D Visualisation and Analysis of Network Graphs and Signaling Pathways

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We are excited to be attending the Museum Lates: Games Masters event this evening at National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. We'll be showing you how 3D computer gaming technology can be used for data visualisation in biological research. Come and see us! #dataviz #nmslates 

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We are the cover stars in a new paper in Journal of Leukocyte Biology. BioLayout was used to analyse gene expression in the inflammatory response to infection in macrophages. Researchers discovered clusters of co-expressed genes and visualised time-dependent gene expression using BioLayout's 3D network animation technology. 

We're at The Royal Highland Show today, demonstrating our influenza pathway simulations, which have been developed for a new NC3Rs project called Virtually Immune, intended to reduce/refine/replace the use of animals in scientific research. We're at The Roslin Institute's stand and there is a "Flu Fighters" theme showcasing the Institute's research into influenza, with fun educational activities for all the family. Come and say hello.

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BioLayout Express 3D Version 3.2 has been released! Features include :

    BioPAX Level 3 OWL support
    Pathway Commons client
    Class Viewer plot zoom function
    Support for column annotation and visualisation
    Digitally signed files
    Improved expression data loading performance
    Improved Class Viewer performance
    Better high resolution screenshots

Check out the link below for more details and release notes.

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We're going to be giving a tutorial about BioLayout at the VIZBI 2014 meeting on Tuesday 4th March, at EMBL Heidelberg. The tutorial is entitled "Network visualisation and analysis of high dimensional data using BioLayout Express3D". We'll show you to visualise complex gene expression datasets, from microarrays or RNA-Seq experiments. We'll also deal with how to visualise pathway data and run simulations using BioLayout.

VIZBI is a popular meeting that deals with all aspects of data visualisation in the life sciences. So if you're attending VIZBI and can't  decide which tutorial to sign up for, why not give BioLayout a try?

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A beautiful #sunset over the Pentlands from the window of our office at Roslin, with a murmuration of starlings gathering.

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The BioLayout Team would like to welcome you to our new Google+ page. We'll be sharing tips about how to get the best out of BioLayout and posting about the world of network #biology . We're always interested in your feedback and we're on hand to provide support at

Did you know that you can customise the appearance of your nodes with an image? Select Rendering>Node Surface Image Texture and click the Load button to upload an image file.

Here's a bit of fun - a spooky #pumpkin network that we created for #Halloween . Take a look at our Gallery for more examples of networks created in BioLayout.
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