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The biggest conservation group on LinkedIn
The biggest conservation group on LinkedIn


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Citizen Science Coordinator Caitlin Kenney, a Student Conservation Association (SCA) intern, poses with an amphibian in the backcountry of Mount Rainier National Park. (Photo courtesy of NPS). Check out our latest article about how citizen scientists can benefit biodiversity!
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Beautiful but dangerous
TV personalities and media producers are doing us a huge disservice by ignoring the mass extinction underway. This article in +The Guardian highlights the problem with the acclaimed David Attenborough series, Planet Earth 2. These shows are resplendent in their depiction of nature's beauty but dangerously ignore the reality of extinction.

#PlanetEarth2 #massextinction #davidattenborough #television #BBCTV #conservation

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Free webinar: How to preserve biodiversity with the study of genetics
•What: Free interactive webinar with Oulu University
• When: December 16 at 16:00 UTC
• Where: Online, join from wherever you are!

Are you concerned about endangered species and the evolutionary changes? Join this free interactive webinar December 16 with Oulu University from Finland and hear how you can make a difference with the Master’s degree in Ecology and Population Genetics.

Find more information here:

Oulu University will train you into a future leader in conservation biology and environmental ecology. You will gain wide knowledge in ecology and population genetics of plant, animal and fungal species, with an emphasis on endangered species and ecosystems.

Do not miss the opportunity to join us online December 16 and hear about your possibilities to take your career to the next level!

To save your spot in the webinar, sign up now:

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Bye-bye 10%, it was nice knowing you
In the past two decades, we've lost a tenth of the world’s wilderness. Extrapolate that and in 200 years, we'll have no wilderness left at all.

These results surprised scientists, in the first quantitative measure of how much of the world’s wilderness has been lost.

#wilderness #wildlife #conservation #biodiversity

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Largest analysis of biodiversity in terrestrial globally protected areas to date
According to the study carried out by +Natural History Museum, "there are 15% more individual plants and animals and 11% more species inside than outside protected areas." This shows two things perfectly clearly: (1) humans decrease biodiversity and abundance and (2) conservation areas help to conserve biodiversity.
#conservation   #wildlife   #science   #research   #biodiversity  

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Creatures of the night deserve saving too
Beautiful photos highlight the creatures that have evolved to live in the planet’s darkest corners and the need to save them.

#conservation   #wildlife   #wildlifephotography   #animals   #biodiversity  

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Shame on Brazil
Brazil should be ashamed to be rolling back its environmental protections in the name of progress. No. Progress is the implementation and enforcement of stricter environmental regulations.
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Mark your calendars!
CEE is an open collaboration with a global mission to provide the best available evidence to inform decision making in the environmental sector. The theme for this inaugural event is “Better Evidence. Better Decisions. Better Environment.”
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Powerful artwork highlights the extinction crisis
Powerful images such as this may do more to inspire public support for conservation than scientific papers and articles. For surely, if the quantity of research and publications is to save our planet, it would have done so already. Instead of believing that science is enough, scientists must collaborate and share findings with others, including artists, celebrities, economists, policy makers, and commerce and industry to ensure that everyone grasps the extreme urgency of the situation. (This image was tweeted by @RacingXtinction.)
#conservation   #6thextinction   #massextinction   #wildlife   #artwork  

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Leonardo DiCaprio uses the Oscars as a platform to speak out about climate change
Although DiCaprio is not a scientist he is voicing the opinion of the vast majority of scientists, based on verified, peer-reviewed research over many decades. Moreover, given that climate change presents such a serious threat to humanity (not to mention other life on our planet) DiCaprio, as a layperson, deserves to be applauded for choosing to use the Oscars as a platform to publicize this view, when so much of the science is ignored by the popular press. As DiCaprio says: "I am not a scientist, but I don’t need to be. Because the world’s scientific community has spoken, and they have given us our prognosis, if we do not act together, we will surely perish."
#leonardodicaprio   #oscars2016   #climatechange   #environment   #extinction  
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