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+Jake Archibald +Smashing Conference "The UX of Offline-first" and

* Avoid blank page, non-informative spinner or Loading... message by placing content
* Improve performance with asynchronous loading
* Add Offline support
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Binyamin Laukstein

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HTTP/2 standard has been landed

Mostly implemented on Chrome 41 and Firefox 36.
+Google Chrome issue 
HTTP/2 repo
[Docs] [txt|pdf] [draft-ietf-httpbi...] [Diff1] [Diff2] [IPR] PROPOSED STANDARD Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) M. Belshe Request for Comments: 7540 BitGo Category: Standards Track R. Peon ISSN: 2070-1721 Google, Inc M. Thomson, Ed. Mozilla May 2015 Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 ...
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Binyamin Laukstein

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HTTP considered as insecure and harmful on +Google Chrome, currently not blocked.

HTTPS is faster than HTTP
SSL/TLS actually is not slow brings free SSL in mid-2015 with simple setup:

$ yum install lets-encrypt
$ lets-encrypt

SPDY is deprecate and replaced with HTTP/2.

Last year, Chrome started to block downloads for applications that "make unexpected changes to your computer — for instance, switching your homepage or other browser settings to ones you don't want". Now Chrome shows a warnin...
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Binyamin Laukstein

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EU Cookie Law rules and bad impact on UX may close many Web services. 
"There are other technologies, like Flash and HTML5 Local Storage that do similar things, and these are also covered by the legislation..."
Accepted cookies cases
*  user-input
*  authentication
*  user-centric security
*  multimedia content player
*  load-balancing
*  user-interface customization
*  third-party social plug-in content-sharing 
"...Google Analytics is covered by the requirements of the EU Cookie Law. ... Google Analytics sets first party cookies, however many accounts have the opt-out setting active to "true" which Google allows to anonymously track...
If the information collected about website use is passed to a third party you should make this absolutely clear to the user." 
"Any business whose website is exclusively targeted to non-EU audiences will not have to comply. ...cookie notices on websites are impacting the user experience without increasing privacy. ...ICO has powers to force websites to change or it can impose a fine of up to £500,000..."
Average Cookies stats
*  Cookies per website 17
*  Strictly necessary 1%
*  Performance 5%
*  Functionality 3%
*  Targeting 59%
*  Unknown 32%
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Binyamin Laukstein

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Disney's 12 principles of animation "The Illusion of Life"

*  Squash & stretch
*  Staging
*  Anticipation
*  Straight ahead & pose to pose
*  Follow through & overlapping
*  Slow in & slow out
*  Arcs
*  Secondary action
*  Timing
*  Exaggeration
*  Solid drawings
*  Appeal
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Binyamin Laukstein

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Last IPv4 will be handed out by early 2016.

+vint cerf, "the fathers of the Internet", discusses the need of IPv6

IPv4 is designed to provide 4.3 billion addresses.
The solution is to adopt IPv6 that can handle 340 trillion trillion trillion different addresses, Unfortunately must of the World still hasn't jet deployed it what can lead to Internet outage.

News article
What if the Internet ran out of room? In fact, it's already happening. Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, and a founding father of the Internet, discusses the next version of the Internet, IPv6, and why we need it.
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Binyamin Laukstein

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Binyamin Laukstein

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jQuery considered harmful +Lea Verou

It shocks me seeing this days someone using jQuery, +AngularJS, Backbone.js, etc. instead of writing native code. Its like pushing the Web backward.
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Binyamin Laukstein

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JPEG alternative BPG competes WebP and mozjpeg

HEVC based Fabric Bellard's BPG (Better Portable Graphics) has outstanding quality, file compression and decoding performance.

Browser support
*  Chrome
*  Firefox

A new graphics file format, proposed by programmer Fabrice Bellard, could cut the file size of digital photos by half with far-reaching consequences. How are images made smaller? The vast majority of photos taken with a cameras or smartphones and nearly every image viewed on the Web is stored in the Joint [...]
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Binyamin Laukstein

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Icons and the Web, slide
(Raster Icons vs Icon fonts vs SVG as Package)

"Icons are visual metaphors that help users navigate an interface."
How icons are designed, produced, and delivered for the web
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