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This is what amazon spent nearly 1 billion for.
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Would it be beneficial if all traffic was moving in the same direction, in a circular pattern?
can you say "technological unemployment" ?!
+Cristi Catea If your entire skill set involves fetching stuff off a shelf then yes "technological unemployment" is a possibly in your future. However if you have a skill that doesn't just take a single day to master, then I think you are doomsaying a little too soon.
When the day the robots will rule over man
miracle unbelievable robots
they spent that muck money on a stupid peice of crap that looks loke a toaster
Ted Orr
Do you think Amazon knows a bit about logistics?
Vy Tran
That's Awsome, but also scary... 
how could aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Is this the future for our towns and cities? They could expand this idea and plan every road/street/motorway in the country with electric vehicles serving us all - we get in our 'car' (giant kiva robot) give it our destination, and we are taken via the easiest, quickest route, filtering in to other roads on route in exactly the same way the robots do in the warehouse!

What do you think?
Brilliant move by Amazon. This system is, or will be, used by every major online retailer. Which means they will have to both compete with, and pay Amazon.
Could you not make your own for less than a billion?
wow, that's pretty complex for designing a DIY robot kit...amazing...
I will not be surprised if kiva applied some patents for this system. So even if some retailers make their own robots, they might still have to pay the royalty.
Think have many jobs have been created because of technology!
+Cristi Catea Did robots design the resturaunt? Did robots do the planning? Did robots build the resturaunt? Did robots do the programming to of the delivery system or the ordering software? Do robots cook the food? How much did the restaurant cost to build?
+Gerard Caulfield My point was that we are moving into a technological era and technology is taking the jobs of people. Just the other day I've seen this news story where in one place the city introduced new garbage trucks that need one man instead of two. There are examples everywhere. And i would add the outsourcing of jobs to this situation. Companies are outsourcing like crazy, until when? Until it's more viable to employ machines to do humans job, better and faster...
+Gerard Caulfield I find it rather appalling that you instantly jump to asking about jobs which are very much under the skilled labor category.   Think really hard how bad it will be if we continue to progress at the same rate, yet leave the educational system the same as it has been.  Too expensive to attend without putting yourself into debt, for a job which won't ever allow you to pay off that debt depending on what field you went into.

Technology is wonderful, progress is something that is constantly required.  But I also think those developing the technology which progresses us needs to think about the repercussions if there are not safety nets for those that will be affected.
+Akeche  I find it rather appalling that you instantly assume there is only one country in the world that uses the internet. I will assume you were referring to the United States education system as this is usually the case when somebody makes a statement such as yours.

I agree completely that it needs to be drastically improved and society in general needs to treat education with more importance. However, what is your solution? Make it illegal for people to invent better tools? Tax them more for inventing those tools?
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