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Billy “broncosfantx” Morgan
This is how we roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is how we roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Suggestion..... Make the depot, allow us to fill it in one day if we want to.

Suggestion...... Allow us to turn off and turn on the safe resources for our accounts

Suggestion...... If you want to stop the complaining about big castles attacking small castles, then make a group, like 0-10 can only attack in that range, 10-15 , 15-20, 20-25, 25-30 . You get the picture might help you grow the game. Pretty and have less people quitting the game. You can even make it where you unlock your castle to be attacked by any size castle.

Any chance of getting this badass ROM on the galaxy nexus ?

1st google+ post !!!!!!!!!!!
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