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Anyone else experiencing this problem with their C720?

While charging, the battery indicator on the screen would show "battery full" several minutes before the LED indicator on the right (which shows charging status) turns from orange to blue.

Anyone know if there will be a white version of C720P with 4GB ram?

(just want to make sure I'm not waiting for something that's not coming...) Thanks!

Short Question:
How do I make a parameter in autoremote have spaces inside? If I do it as usual it will be recognized as multiple parameters, and adding quotes doesn't work either. Is there a solution? (I cannot simply concatenate multiple parameters as the amount of spaces is not fixed)

Thanks a lot!

Example use case (just in case I didn't make myself clear):
case 1: sms lorem ipsum=:=hi there!
case 2: sms Lorem ipsum dolor=:=hi there!
In either cases, I want to extract "lorem ipsum" or "Lorem ipsum dolor" as a parameter so I can send sms to them.

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Regarding AutoRemote, will there be support for other languages?

The screenshot is a notification from chrome that is relayed from my phone, all the other parts worked fine (the title, the text, the icon) but the Chinese characters were changed into "?".

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Great demonstration of the power of Google Now for both newcomers and existing users!

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First of all, this is not a chromebook, but imagine what Toshiba could do with its yet-to-be-announced 13.3 chromebook.
FULL day battery life??

PS: please disregard the price factor...

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Anyone know why this is happening? I downloaded Google Opinion Rewards and pressed "Get Started", it then started loading forever.

I tried re-opening it, re-installing it, and nothing worked, it just keeps loading... The worst part is there isn't even any error message, it just keeps loading. I even tried it with my VPN on, and it still doesn't budge...

Really want to use this, but for now, I really cannot.

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Great GIF on how much better Nexus and Android have changed since their first debut.

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Anyone able to identify the Chromebook used in this video?

From the shape of the hinge, it looks like the Samsung ARM one from last year, only with the Samsung logo cut out. However, this one feels much more thinner.
Could it be the unannounced Toshiba CB, or more excitingly, the Pixel 2?
OR am I simply seeing to much from an imaginary render? It does look great, even better than the HP CB 11 IMO.

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Seems like Toshiba is releasing a 13.3 inch model, but in 2014?!
Otherwise it does look great from the picture
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