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Canadian Architecture

I organized a Pinterest board of Canadian architecture. It mostly showcases older architecture that was influenced by Canada's location and materials that developed it's own individual take on trends in Western architecture that were going on at different times throughout Canada's history. Included on this board are examples of aboriginal architecture and the architecture brought over by the French, English, and Scottish settlers among other Europeans that influenced the older architecture of Canada. Most of the examples shown date between 1700-1900 and are of all kinds of buildings; houses, churches, jails, courthouses, locks, skyscrapers, fortresses, bridges, stores, tunnels, factories, schools, markets, apartment buildings, banks, and so on... I hope some people will be able to get as much enjoyment out of viewing this board as I had finding these images.
Madoc This house in Madoc has beautifully detailed gables which echo the lancet arch of the window. The woodworking on the front porch is a masterpiece of design, the structural members are firmly sta...
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Glen B
I did enjoy looking through the examples of fine architecture but it was somewhat disappointing to see so few from the prairies. Naturally Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal would have the best examples but surely there is more than one worthy building in Edmonton.
+Glen B I think I do have a few buildings from the university of Alberta on that board, also the capital building should be on there too. I should pin something from Fort Edmonton though.
Glen B
I stand corrected. I did see the Hotel MacDonald but not the others. Thanks for sharing.
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