28611 with Billy Wilson: Episode Ten

Tonight we had a great time talking with +Mike Elgan and +Sarah Hill about their experiences with Google+ with +Mike Elgan's G+ diet and +Sarah Hill pioneering the use of G+ hangouts during newscasts. We talked about how G+ and hangouts in particular have helped so many people from around the world get together and the amazing power of G+. +Yifat Cohen brought up how to help newcomers to the network get into the G+ experience. +Sarah Hill brought up how hangouts during newscasts has given the ability to actually experience the responses first hand of the audience and even get feedback from them. We also talked about how hangouts "on air" has opened up doors to so many people because it gives you the ability to broadcast to the world. +Tzafrir Rehan also hopped in half way through the show. We ended the show with +Dale Goodridge playing three songs and had +Bradley Horowitz jump into the hangout from his car. A big thank you to all of the other wonderful people who joined me tonight +Robin Griggs Wood, +Patricia Davidson, +Robert McGee, and +Tana Teel !

Next week I should also have a great show lined up with +Jennifer Bailey+Tara Holland, and +April Joy Peterson-Gutel; hopefully +Giuseppe Basile; and special musical guest +Ninah Mars !

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