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28611 with Billy Wilson #15

Don't forget that the fifteenth episode of my weekly "on air" G+ variety show +28611 with Billy Wilson is tomorrow at 10:00pm ET(NYC) 7:00pm PT(LA) (time zone converter This episode I will have joining me the one and only a cappella singer +Peter Hollens, this guy is amazing and it's worth checking out his Youtube: I will also have joining me photographer and blogger +Thomas Hawk; the hangout Queen +Amanda Blain; the awesome voice over artist and photographer +Karen Hutton; +Ricardo Lagos of Google; the man behind +Artists In The Plus; +John Voshell; audio producer/engineer +Robert McGee; and the lovely +Ashley Nicole ! This episode will have a chatroom:

The episode will be broadcast on my G+ stream:

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The photo below is of the St. Mary's River in the winter looking off the end of the lock pier towards the sunset. 

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hello! Billy Wilson I could recommend a cheap camera, but that in turn has good quality?
+Josse Mavarez, pretty well any camera can be used, I like Canon personally. Powershots with manual control are good for beginners. Or digital Rebels if you want an entry SLR.
Dis is mindblowing & it luks very glamorous
this is gorgeous, reminds me of Iceland ...
Love the Starburst, +Billy Wilson, well done.
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