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The Messages Facebook Doesn't Show You

I never knew I was missing most of the Facebook messages people send me until yesterday and I spent the evening going through them. I had messages from nearly two years ago from people wanting to license my photos. Facebook filters your messages based on what they think will be relevant to you. To find these messages go to your messages and click "Other" as highlighted below. This is another reason why I like G+ more. 
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Really? i see the same post all over the show every few weeks, and yet some people STILL dont seem to notice its there, even though people post and post and post about it
btw you can edit prefs to change filtering, its in the little prefs icon
Well, they also use your facebook email by default. That's a bummer also.
I had the same issue some while ago because strangely FB never notifies for them!!! So I learned to check my "Other" messages from time to time ..
This is terrible!!! I had 95 messages. One was from a 12 yr old boy who was in my catechism class. Now he probably thinks I'm mean and ignored him. They suck.
+Liz Quilty, I bet it's because there are no "gurus" making "how to use facebook" videos like there are on G+. ;)
And people keep asking me why I don't get on Facebook...
..this and the "dollar fee' story going 'round!
What is wrong with these FB peeps. Wait what am I saying... keep screwing up your company and turn morw on to +Google 
This has been like this for years. Why are people getting so bent out of shape over this? 
+Aaron Wood, because I only just noticed it and probably since I'm telling other people they are also just noticing it.... 
It's always been RIGHT THERE though. Why are people missing it? O.o
+Aaron Wood, because it's kind of hidden if you aren't looking for something like it.... 
I found a message from my Mom in there! :O
Oh boy, I'm in trouble now!
I know about that but I always forget to check it. 
You won't believe what I found in my MISSED OTHERs
I don't know if I should copy it and show you or not.
But a lady wanted me on several tries to bed down her ex when he was in town and thought I would be his type. I almost died!
+Billy Wilson here is the juicy tidbits I missed out on!
Unbelievable I could have been a call girl!!! WOW
I deleted her name and times of posts but here they are:

Hi Cheryl...I have a question for you. There's a guy in Memphis that used to b my lover years ago....I just found out He will b traveling to St. Louis next month and I would really love to surprise Him with someone to c and spend time with while He's there...He's about 5'5, mid-30s, brown hair and brown eyes...very handsome..and married, so complete discretion would always b required...U r very pretty and I think He would really like u...
...'s ur week going? So...have u given any thought to what asked...?

Hi...hope ur week is going good...I wanted to check back with u regarding my ex...have u given it any thought?

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+Billy Wilson this is new with their attempt to sell the ability for non-"friends" to message you.

If they were filtering before, they were either entirely hiding them or just putting them at the end of the list.
Wow, I had no idea... so many missed messages spanning so many years. Thanks for pointing that out!
I got a message from the Mayans! They said tomorrow is my lucky day! I have no idea what this means!
I never saw that option before either. There's so much visual noise on FB. Thanks for the heads up. 
Dropped FB last month after having done nothing for almost a year. Just decided that it was time. What a relief! No more big security scares. Went through it about 6 months ago, deleted every single post, downloaded all my data and then deleted every photograph etc. I would never put photographs into that 'orphan image creator' as it strips out all metadata including copyright info and changes the filename. No pro should have any images other than family snaps on there.
Had the exact same thing happen to me today !!
They make it really hard to connect with old friends too...
I connect with old friends all the time. Old HS classmates I haven't spoke with in 20 years. Old co-workers. I've come back into contact with hundreds of people. Even planned my 20th HS reunion with it.

I don't see them making it hard to connect.
Even more reason for me to use Google Plus far more frequently! Wonder how long that feature has been in there? I never noticed it before. Now if only I could get more people I know onto Google Plus, then I'd ditch Facebook altogether. :)
+Aaron Wood, based on the age of the messages I had it definitely has been there for nearly 2 years. It's just something I'm thinking a lot of people like myself can miss. 
hahahahaaa.... in facebook i like hiding.
bcause many people send me message also...
This is all about the pay to direct message right... 
yeah thats why you are on google + !!
Thanks for pointing this out, I had no idea. I just assumed I was getting all my messages. Turns out I had 63 messages unread under 'other'.  
...missing other emails...

I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob."
Thanks for the heads up on this +Billy Wilson. I'm pretty ticked off by this to say the least. Yes I found some fairly important ones..
Wow, I had no idea, either. Just found over a dozen I never knew about. Yep, G+ definitely handles this better! Thanks for the tip, Billy.
True!!! I even missed some of the very important notice from my friends. No wonder they were mad at me
Steven had 99+ messages, but none was personal, at least.
Another reason I detest FB.

Fair enough attempting to filter SPAM but don't decide what I may or may not like. Give me a stream like G+ where I can pick what I want or drop into an edited version. To do that I have installed "social fixer for FB" which gives me back my stream as a straight forward time line.
Stuart, do you have a link to that plugin? Sounds like a great alternative on FB.
I only use FB for family and IRL friends, and even then I rarely post. But ever since they changed the format, it has gone down hill.
I do not know that too ...... and when I read this far you've enter immediately alleged My Apalmouka Facebook has united many of the messages that did not appear to me previously and this is probably the answer some of my questions when Kanu tell me my friends send me messages insometimes but I did not see it Thank you very much
I JUST discovered this today - I had no clue.  I missed all kinds of messages from people that were relevant to business.
Wow,never known about it!!! 
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