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7 Tips on How to Make New Friends on Google+

Many people seem to have a problem making new friends on G+. G+ is definitely more of a network where you build new relationships, rather than one where you find your old friends on here. Throughout my time on G+ since I joined on August 19th, I have made so many new connections with people. As I wrote the other day (, I have had problems in my life with making real life friends, but jumping head first into G+ has been something magical for me. I now have people to hangout with (, people who I aim to meet in real life, and now people I actually consider to be my friends. In this post I hope to help other people find the same magic on G+ as I have by sharing some of the things I did to find people.

1. Interact With People on Threads Surrounding Topics You Like: When I first started out on G+ the only person I knew was +Thomas Hawk who I'm happy dragged me to G+, so I went to his profile and looked for people interacting with him on his threads. Trying to jump into conversations and replying to people by +mentioning them will bring you into the conversation. After going back and forth with someone for a while you can decide if you want to circle them or not, check out their profile, see what they are like, see if they hangout, and if you like them, circle them. If they liked you the chances are they will circle you back.

2. Look at Who People You Like Follow: Once you have made a few connections with people and circled them on G+ go to one of their profiles and hover over the box that displays who they have in their circles on the right (Only appears if the profile publicly shows who they have in circles). On the upper right of the box it will say "View all", click on that and a larger box will load showing everyone in their circles they are publicly displaying (shown in screenshot below). By default everyone in this box is sorted by relevance and at the upper left you can change this to sort by first or last name (which I never do). Chances are the first people showing will already be in your circles, but if you scroll down there should be some who aren't. By hovering over their name a hover card will display showing how many people you have in common (profiles with private follower counts or more than 14,000 followers won't show who you have in common). People in common are those who you follow that publicly follow this individual. So when I see a large number, like 206 for +Rafal Makiela in the screenshot below, I tend to check them out. If you are new to G+ seeing a number around 3-5 people is probably enough to check someone out if you don't already have a lot of people circled yet. The more interesting people you circle, the more people you will have in common with someone along the same lines of interest. Repeating this tip alone can bring to you a nearly endless number of new people to circle.

3. Listen to Recommendations From Those You Follow: I don't suggest adding massive circle shares from friends, small ones are okay, but 500 people are too difficult to go through. Adding 500 people should take place slowly over a more than a month of interacting with people and making connections. I encourage circling people who are recommended individually by those who have opinions you trust. Like when someone shares a post of someone you haven't heard of who happens to sound interesting. Investigate their profile, see if you like them, and if you do, circle them!

4. Join Hangouts With Some New People: I don't recommend joining a hangout where you know absolutely no one, but if you see a hangout going on with a friend or two along with some people you don't know, join them. The chances are if they like them enough to invite them to their hangout, you might also like them too. I meet new people like this daily and I add them to my "People to Hangout With" circle so they will be invited to my hangouts.

5. Search For People By Topics: G+ has a bar near the top, it does a lot more than just help you navigate to people you already have circled. You can type in keywords like "photography" and search. By default you will be directed to a live stream of posts under the topic you searched for, you can look for interesting content being posted there, or you can click on the menu below your search entry that says "everything" and when it drops down select "People and pages". You will now have a list of both people and pages surrounding your search. As before, hovering over a name will bring up a hover card that can help you know if you have any people in common.

6. Check Out Who +1'd a Post You Found Interesting: By clicking on the lower right side of the post just above the comments where the icons for how many shares and +1's there are you will open the activity tray for the post. Once it is open, there will be two lists, the left one will show who has +1'd the post and the right one will show who's shared the post. Both lists will be sorted by relevance. Like before, hovering over a name will display the hover card that can help you see if you have anyone in common with a profile. If you see some people in common and they are pretty high up on the list, they are worth checking out to see if you will like to circle them.

7. Use Other Sites To Help Find People With Similar Interests: My favourite site for finding others with similar interests is "" You can find many people with similar interests organized into lists on there.

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Good advice. Like you, I definitely pay attention to people who interact on threads of people I like. If someone leaves a good comment, I follow up on them. Searches and saved searches are the best way to find people with common interests. I've learned to stay away from shared circles, unless they are highly focused and from people I really, really trust.
My trick with Shared Circles is to save them into a "Probation" circle, then look at the stream that just that circle creates. I can block the obvious foul-mouths and promote those posting compelling content. Those left in only that one circle, I look at their profiles and see if I see past posts and topic areas that interest me. Then I remove the rest.

So much of the Google Plus experience depends on the quality of your circles... too much noise can ruin it, so keep those circles interesting and inspiring and lean of corrosive, toxic characters.
So I checked out +Rafal Makiela who I highlighted in the post and he happens to be a wonderful underwater photographer! So of course I circled him!
thanks l aim a fresh
Thanks for those tips..perhaps i need them..;)
that was great advice , thank you . i am in google plus , its been 3 months . i still dont have one single friends. none of my friends use google plus. i encourage them allmost everyday to use it and let others know . anyway thank you for ur advice.
too long bro.... jkjk i get yuh being new IS TOUGH!
Thats a nice one. Good advise to keeep make this place a good fit for the ones who arent fake likebas on facebook.
Hopefully this helps for me. Now everyone add me :) My friends don't use Google services at all.
These are great tips. I'll remember them next time I'm trolling and blowing up people's notifications XD
Hmmm. Looking at #5. I can't find this bar for subjects. :(
+Van Scott it's just the search bar, it's on every page. Where you type to bring up someone's profile.
I like the idea of making new connections and new friends here in g+..
I am New Here and i really do not know how to use it ??
if they have no picture of themselves i just do not trust who they are, even my friends that do that get tired of myself beating up on them for it"hiding".
+Robert Bannister well, look for those who appear to have what you want. I don't have anyone circled you doesn't at least post something other than that blue default picture. Through interaction I find you can figure out if someone is genuine or not.
This is incredibly useful. I'm definitely one of those seeking to connect with new people. Thanks for sharing this!
Holy you know what! This is way too massive to explore...even one category. But thanks for the tips!
Good post and very useful for those new to G+ as well as experienced users. I particularly like the relevance sorting to help find quality people to circle.

Interacting with people in comments (as well as the OP) sure does lead to finding people you share interests with. I've got to know many people this way and the conversations we have as a result of connecting with each other are great.

I agree with all your points...interaction is definitely the key. I keep track on those who plus my work frequently and make sure to visit their profile as well. Also, I created a circle I call Interactive in which I place all those folks I interact with. This way I don't forget about them, makes things a bit easier..
I liked ur post...feel free to add me....anyone
Our main purpose in dis world is 2 help odas.if u cant help dem,dont hurt dem.
Also, It's no need to have 2000 contacts. Quality over quantity.
Who needs friends. They are overrated. We just need connection.
Or you can delete your account, go outside, and meet new people. 
Its not like you talk to all of them
+Chad LaFarge +Holger Drallmeyer I like these ideas of yours. Good to keep track of people who interact with you/your content and putting people into probation circles. When I follow shared circles I do the same and those that I interact with or whose content I like I move them to one of my permanent circles.

Having smaller focused circles I find also helps in consuming content better. Otherwise it's a big noisy stream like Twitter which is hard to stay on top of. 
hai.. my name is dira elizebeth..
u can call me dira.. what is
your name?..
+Sajid Khan I believe you search by location in the search bar by using the drop down menu.
Omg thx for posting this on here! (im new here) if anybody wants to circle me, please do(: im really funny when you get to know me
Excellent content w/b sharing the gospel of G+ w/this 1 Thanks Bill.
Great.. I'm looking for ul. Backpack ers and software guys, travelers as well as Berlin and Slovenia Austria Burma people f a chat.. M. Stockholm)
Thank you... I'm new here and I"ll follow your advice!
A great way to meet people.
Brilliant direction. I will most certainly use this as a point of referance. Thank you
The Point 6 of "Check Out Who +1'd a Post You Found Interesting " is great tip I use quite a bit.
+nazmul farhad Just explore and start following interesting people, and repost the posts you like. Once you get started you wont be able to stop.
Cool tips! Thanks! I do have a question, maybe someone can help me. I used to be able to "check in" at different places I am at....don't know how to do it anymore since they've changed G+ are we still able to check in & if so how do I do it? Thanks! :)
Hey Billy, thanks for the tips.I will be utilizing them. Awesome !
I'm interested in the Internet, Cooking, and Entertainment. If this sounds interesting to you +G me! 
Cu Lu
hey thx:) good tip ;)
those are great tips, surely i'll also do the say,,lol
+Billy Wilso thanks for these tips. They seem useful!
who wants internet friends anyway?
Nice post. I will admit that in the past I have added shared circles from other people, but find some of them very boring. So I don't look at that circle's stream. I will certainly try your method. Thanks +Billy Wilson
Thank you for really good advices. +10
its nice way to make a circle and I hope it will work
Very useful. Thanks for sharing. Bless you 
8. Interact with people in the mobile app's nearby stream.

In my area at least, there are a great bunch of people who all get involved with each others posts. This for me has been one of Google+'s best features.
Great tips. I am trying to find my feet.
What part does age play in this?
ur post came at d right time cos i was just asking myself ''what i'm i doing here''
Thanks for the advice im new to this just joined I hope this helps me (:
G+ is a network to find new friends, yeah, that's so great and distinct from other social networks.
+Rokny Pio not true, Google+ allows you to send messages to another G+er. These are private messages that only you and the recipient are able to see.
This is really good advice. I think that is why there is so much to discover and interact with on Google+.
Most #Filipinos use Facebook. Nothing on my thread except my own posts lol. Thanks for the great advice but it's kinda hard for me to actually browse content through G+ mobile. Will try this on desktop... :) need people interested in #photography.
Thanks for the howtos! If you don't mind, can you explain how hangouts work also?
This is certainly an interesting read. Been in here for quite a while now. Haven't been connecting with many though. Will have to copy out your tips n read them offline. Perhaps post it on my wall. Hahaha. Thanks for the tips +Billy Wilson
I'd add try to be funny or intriguing. Don't be close minded or you may end up with a #facepalm
Thanks, but how to + a person?
Just be prepared to see awkward old guy junk. Idk how they think that's acceptable. X$
Great tips .. Hope more easier to the newbies like me make connection and getting circle with some high profile people in here .

so true i dint have many friends on g+ but if anyone wants to be friends add me
Jay Vee
Great advice... thanks for posting this.
Great advice. I like reading through G+, but I really follow a lot more people than I interact with. I will try this
Thanks for the tips. I have been on g+ for a while now and have made very few friends.
Learned something though.. Thanks +Billy Wilson for the post. And I just mentioned you. Lol. Hahahaha
This is great. I was never really sure how to find/make new friends on here. I always ended up with the same people i know on facebook. Lets do it!
Good tips. Hi all i am ROR developer and an android fan. I also like to play games on PS3. I like to make new friends with similar interest add me. :-)
yes! down with barriers... let's all communicate :)
Is this a joke? This is so pathetic.
yes! Im always looking forword into making new friends I think its the best way to explore life you never know what life brings you... hopefully nothing negative lol
+Blake Pool Many people use Google+ in very different ways than they use Facebook. For instance, there is a thriving photography community and many of us are using Google+ as a way to discover the work of other photographers and have our own work exposed to a larger community. The ability to share interests with people via a global social network is a boon to artists, thinkers, and really, anyone who is willing to embrace it. So, no, this isn't a joke nor is it pathetic.
It's refreshing to see someone using social media to make friends, not money
+Binh Nguyen, hangouts are a chat room with up to 10 people. You start them or join one already going on. They can be public or limited to friends.
Add me to ur friend circle so i can start meeting people please. Just started this yesterday!
+Aaron Morgan : true, other socialmedia network offer different way,..
unlike G+, offer definitely more cool and new great way to interact with others.. say like 'hangouts'..
How about writing something like "7 tips on how to make friends in real life". Much more valuable.
+Paul Hopper making friends on G+ can and have turned into friends in real life. Photowalks are organized on G+, people meet up, have a great time, and make real connections. So this is a way to make friends in real life from other areas based on interest.
Thanks but how do I know what hangouts are going on?

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+Binh Nguyen you should have a tab on the left that says "hangouts" also some should appear on the top right of your stream. You can use extensions to find them too, like "My Hangouts" which I always use. You can set it up so you will be notified when particular people are hanging out.
Thanks again. I'm accessing via my Kindle Fire and don't think this feature is available. Ill check tomorrow when I fire up the old PC.

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Excellent tips! I needed these when I first joined G+! :)
Thank you Billy! I see you have dedicated some quality time to sharing and helping others, which seems to greatly appreciated in view of the number of comments you have received.
I must admit I have not yet had the time to go through all the profiles of those who have added me to their circles and to contact them. One other matter is that I have not gotten around to understanding how g÷ really works and your comments are a bit helpful. Thank you once again, Ashtan
Fantastic post +Billy Wilson Ive seen this post all over the place, great work on spreading the word, here comes another share from me.
Now that I have far too much time on my hands after losing my job, I am sure I will be out looking for much more interaction on Google+
If you don't make friends in analog, is it true you won't make friends in digital?
I've written this comment 10 times already with different variations and have yet had the nerve to post it. I will put it as succinctly as I can ,though I have plenty of my own personal feelings that influence my point of view.Making friends is a whole lot different than making acquaintances,connections or contacts.

I feel your post title is slightly misleading. That said, I feel it comes from a genuine place in you where you want to spread the joy you've found and that is a very honorable quality and that's appreciated. I have you in my circles and you have me in yours,we share interests and I have commented on your work as well, but are we friends,do you ask me how my days gone or I you? Could you handle my unbridled truth and I yours, even if we disagree ?

I see the circles ( pardon the pun) you run with and I feel just as inconsequential to you as I do to a vast majority of the people you are associated with. You think I'd ever have screen shots of a hangout with the venerable Thomas Hawk in them(using him as an example)? He wouldn't be caught dead in a hangout with me. That's ok though,I've seen it enough, the "big wigs" don't have time for the little folk,unless you're a raging sycophant . There might have been a time where I'd enjoyed the chance to get to know him, but notion that is completely and utterly soiled now, because I know exactly where I stand. I've so over shared again.Ugh
+Rachael Alexandra "friends" are difficult to define, building all kinds of connections with people definitely occurs on G+. There are many people like you who I have circled who I haven't necessarily connected with too much, but there are others who I do interact with more regularly who I do have a connection with to the extent that I can talk to them about anything. I even plan on meeting many people. People like +Jordan Oram I communicate with nearly everyday online, I never would have met him if it wasn't for G+. He's travelling across Canada and sooner or later he will come through my city and we will finally have the opportunity to meet. I would like to meet many other people I have met on G+ but I'm geographically isolated and I don't have the resources to travel.
On the contrary for me, a friend is very easy to define(which are part of those feelings I was talking about). I would too, but I am in the same predicament, geographically isolated and with little means. Including a potent driving anxiety a ten year old and two diabetic pets. That mean I will likely not get to one in the foreseeable future. Maybe if I could, I would have a fighting chance or maybe I'm just really that much of an outlier and I'm fooling myself .All I can do is look on and know that will never happen. I don't even have the consolation of social glory online (not that I could keep up )lol It's not something I need in my life but these posts of yours and others make community bonding seem more accessible than it is. It's like if you have felt like an outcast and yet you were able to conquer even one social sphere even online,what must I be? A leper? I am not writing all this from my logical brain, I am writing this stuff through the eyes of my inner child. That child was taunted mercilessly and outcast for being different, just like you. Now you're inadvertently making a fellow outcast feel even more isolated and unworthy. Just like those people in school/work that make friends easily, you're doing the same thing, just in another social sphere..

Just because it's the internet, doesn't make it automatically easy for all people, in my case it feels just as hard as offline. Even putting the hours and all the effort you outline here. All effort,and the results from those endeavors are completely skewed. It's like chopping a cord of firewood for a campfire,as such I have given up. I do not think this will change, I do not expect you or anyone else to stop posting these types of articles or even put more thought into the idea you might be alienating people further, rather highlighting their social ineptitude .Maybe I'm the one person on this whole damn social network that feel this way,sure feels like I am.

And Jordan is a good guy, I've been in a hangout with him and enjoy many of his pictures, even have him on my FB , but we are not close.

I wanted to message you, and actually talk about this conversationally and privately because these are very personal feelings. Sometimes people wonder how they are seen by others,you have not asked but I will share anyway.the reason I did not go that route is because I thought that randomly messaging you with my thoughts/grievances about the subject at hand would have me at best ignored and at worst ridiculed and spoke about behind my back. You talk about how everyone is so open and accepting , yet I've seen a many comment threads where the scenario above has happened.How the hell am I supposed to connect with people when someone approaching them gets them turns them off.I'm not talking about instances like random " where do you live" or " naked pics" or something obviously as troubling. Something like this I would have preferred to converse about at a deeper level. I don't know what the reaction would have been, maybe you should tell me.
+Rachael Alexandra, even though I hangout and have opened up to people, I'm still quite socially awkward around people. G+ has helped, not done a miracle

If you sent me a message I wouldn't have ignored it. I only ignore spam messages. I am commenting back to you here aren't I? Why wouldn't I have in a private message?
You make it seem like that,a miracle, You have 826+,354 shares and 217 comments on this post, that's a miracle to me lol I jest,but I do understand what your saying.I actually seriously questioned if you would even,if fact,even comment back in anything more than a cursory manner.Thank you for acknowledging that you actually took the time to read my thoughts at any rate,

I'm laying on some heavy stuff here and I do have to apologize about unloading all this onto your one post, but the hangout pictures plus the uncountable other features I have read like this one,really get me going.This just happened to be the straw that broke the camels back,or my silence,as it were.I feel a little better venting a bit but the subject is still chafes my mind.Like a damn rock in my shoe I tell ya.
On June 1, General Motors brought to the table a plan intended to reduce their pension liability by 26 billion dollars.  The plan will affect approximately 42,000 U.S. GM qualified beneficiaries and retirees.  The website has helpful information that outlines changes for plan participants.  With a deadline of July 20, 2012 fast approaching, it is suggested that any decisions be reviewed by a qualified financial planner before being finalized. 
Thanks for the tips...I'll have to try this
Really helpful insights. As more and more people get on G+ it'll be great to know the basics of expanding your personal network.
thank you I have been trying to get into this for ages now with no luck now i know to stop trying to convert my fb friends on to here ty
I dont know if I could remember all of this, but I will try
Thanks dude! I'm new, can I friend you? I don't have any friends yet.
thanks for the tip +Billy Wilson. thought it'll be really difficult to get around this as G+ is not as popular among the many people I know yet. this should help a lot.
Snap, still working out G+ since I defected from Facebook (Ssshhhhh). So far so good though, great for Filmmakers, photographers and musicians, anyone into similar add me up I guess :)
Thanks for this post, I'm sort of a newbie, still trying to find my way around G+. I enjoyed the part about you making friends online.. I used to be very shy about the whole idea of friends online, but after meeting some really incredible people, I just love it!
I really need to figure out how to get some friends on here lol 
Thanks for the tips, I've been on for 3 months and haven't made many inroads.
quite interesting ! . Never knew this is the way to get started .
Thanks for the tips. Hi to all from Stockholm!
Thanks mr Zafar , Greetings from Scotland taken in ! .
Who wants to be my freind?
Dimitri P, how you this boxing day ? You are asking who wanna be your friend ?.
Great read Billy, thanks! I moved over here from Facebook after getting tired of the drama and complaining that always popped up. Really glad I did, and really thankful for reading your tips. Thanks again!
P.S. If anyone is into gaming, get in touch and friend me!
Awesome! thank you for such great advice mate, I'll be following those :)  
This my first comment in google hehe.
I figured out today how works.
Who wants to be friend?
Hi +Valnea Vis, it helps to post some things so people can get to know more about you and see that you're interested in using G+. There seems to be a number of people from Iceland on G+. 
Concur with what Billy said +Valnea Vis also it helps putting something in your about section of your profile, tell us what your interests are, who you are etc
Twitter is overrated. That's the reason why I need a new social network! G+ is the best choice.
Hi guys , good to know something interesting is going on here .
Limited as i might be in contributions , am following yox-all , and
someday , i hope , time will allow us indulge in getting more
acquinted and enjoying ourselves in the process .
What we have seen is that googleplus is now using the content to boost social awareness which is great. We are trainers in Pakistan and have seen a larger gathering by posting quality content here. We loved over your post. Zyma Arsalan #thinkfaculty
A lil bit unskewed politicalwise . Our country Kenya is gripped in a suspense drama after the 4th of march 2013 elections , dyu hav a place for me if tïngs get outta control ? , haha , am not gwine anywhere , am staying put to protect 'democracy' , 
More Friends means more reason to use Google Plus. However, I only has few peoples in my circle as most of my friends didn't use G+.
Few of them using G+ but has few friends-less interactions and that's enough reason to leave G+.
I'm thinking the same. Maybe I have to leave G+ and stay only with another social networks.
I love G+ but with less interactions and friends, It just like live alone in the dark.
Friendship is welcome.
I wish I had more enough reasons to use G+. :)
+Stephen Frost welcome & really listen to Billy Wilson. I'm new on the block and very cautious & limited meaning my profile. Took some minutes reading yours : you lead an extraordinary life. I agree with the cages in which billions "live", or , better saying, sleep after hours of buses, metros, work, etc.... Would you like to come back to the green pastures of youth? Well, as we belong to almost the same generation (although both seemingly love young people and new discoveries )
G+ is becoming boring for me since I don't know anyone here but will definitely try these tips. Thanks
Why not add me in your circles ???
Thank You very much Mr. Wilson, because of you I know where to start. (Snapping fingers)
thanks for this very good advice. Im surely going to follow this.
Its actually helpful for others...but what if you dont have a friend?
Vu Tran
Great tips, I want to move to google + from facebook.
Ive just started using google plus recently, it kinda hard to navigate it properly for the first time , Im so used to using other social network like facebook.

Btw excellent article
Thanks for the tips. Id like to make new friends but im not sure how to keep some of my pictures and stuff private while adding new ppl... 
I just started to use Google+ and I have more than  800 followers. But now I can not add new ones, I don't know why immediately the pop up shows to say-you have reached the limit up to now. 

So please can you advise me how to add more followers?
Awesome tips!!!! LOVE it!!!
Thanks for the Tips! New to Google+, Feel free to Circle me !!!! <3 xoxo Ashelina.
Looking boyyyyyy like I just said
Tanks.don't have friends,would like to meet new friends
Thank you for the tips! Me too I want more friends
Link in step 7 has been deactivated, the site is no more.
great how many friends will i get ..i have nt even 1:)
I am new here, and looking to find new friends, ;-)
great somewhat new here and want to make new friends!
Nice work, Thank you for sharing.
Shalun will you be my friend.

Hai I'm one of people who use Google+ but I don't have any friends so my questions is how can I get friend on Google+ what I have to do ? Please help me ;( 
hi,,i'm liza maestre i need a friends from africa ,,how can i meet them,,
who want to be mmy boyfriend you got tro be fine
Hello Billy,
Sorry to come late to an old post.
I am trying to revive an old basic website of mine and increase my #socialmediamarketing   as part of that.

I am new to G+ and finding it relatively difficult to get things going here. Unlike you, I generally don't have difficulty making friends in the analogue world, and I seem to going ok in a non-automated, non-spammy manner on #twitter . I am pretty patient but sifting through lots of empty, neglected profiles in written in arabic or french looking for interesting people to follow and engage with here in G+ is a real chore.

I think your tips in this post are great and will they will help me define my approach here on G+.

A Question: The original post is over three years old now. I wondered if anything has changed and if you would modify any of the advice you gave or add anything to it??

Thanks again for the post it is most helpful.
+John Hardy, it has been a while since I wrote the post. I feel as though I have changed which would likely influence how I would have written the post. These days I haven't been as focused on the social media side as much as I've been focused on my projects and simply sharing them on social media. There are likely a few changes that I haven't been on top of. 
Thanks for your prompt response to my question.
It sounds like you and your priorities have changed. It also sounds like you would be reluctant to review the post. If I am right is there anyone else that you think of as an authority in this area? Anyone you would recommend?
Thanks again 
I m lukin 4 any kind sympathy an a church goeser how can help me 2 mke more new frind
 One of the great features Google built in is that you can modify how many posts from a specific stream appear in your Home stream. To the right of "All" you will see tabs for your first few circles, and a More tab drop-down for the rest of your circles. Click on any circle, and you'll see just the posts from the people within that circle. To the right, you will see a settings that you can use to adjust how much of this activity appears in your Home stream, from Fewer to Standard to More. You can set the frequency to whatever makes sense for you and the people from that group, all the way up to "I want a notification for every post" by selecting the Get Notified About New Posts option. You can also turn a circle off completely and not have it show up in the Home stream.
Hi Billy, very nice your history. Hope you can helpme a little. I am an electronic engineer from Lima Perú. I want to learn english (can help with my native language spanish). Please, can you give some advice?
Do you know links, website where i can interact with other persons. My english level is intermediate.
+Christian Mego, I've been a bit out of the loop with what is going on on Google+ these days, but I recall hearing that there were English practice hangouts being hosted. I'd search on here to see if I could find any. 
+Billy Wilson great Billy.Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I will be waiting for the link or any suggest.
Does this work for making actual friends? Or just to get some new followers?? I find it really hard to make friends on here... Followers are not the same, at least for me.
Hello am new here on Google + looking forward to make new friends and Learn any one open should let me know 
I also want friends, if I had to I will follow everyone
Add a comment...