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Finally!!! I can now put my original Droid to rest.
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We're excited to announce Galaxy Nexus will be available in the US Thursday, December 15. Buy online at, or go to your nearest Best Buy or Verizon Wireless store.

Galaxy Nexus is also available through our carrier partners in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Korea and Japan. Soon, it will be available in Australia, France, Russia, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and elsewhere!

Calling all +Android fans...
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Got it!! Super nice! 1000 times better than my original Droid.
Have you noticed any problems with the phone yet? I've read a couple of things about short battery life with LTE enabled as well as it switching out of 4g to 3g and not switching back. Just curious if you have had any problems. I won't get mine until tomorrow.
Nope I haven't seen any problems like that...although I've been on Wi-Fi most of the time so I haven't gotten a chance to really experience the 4g network.
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