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Billy Priest
I have an opinion and you're welcome to it.
I have an opinion and you're welcome to it.

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New social media in beta testing! Quipist hopes to turn your social media labor (posting, commenting, plussing, etc.) into capital for charities and nonprofits. Instead of letting FB and G+ suck up the profit from your effort, let it pay the people making change in the world. Early adopters, leap!


I do not drink oil.

Who is the man in the tub?

A snake is in the newspaper.

The spider is under the cheese. 

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Christmas at +Paracord Pretties!
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The Beginnings of Artistry

I've been working with paracord for a few months now, following patterns set by others, creating based on others' ideas ( This week, however, I've started free-styling, if that's the phrase. I've discovered ways to make shapes that don't follow a pattern, free-forming anything I want, making turns where I could only travel straight lines.

It's an exciting next step! The picture is of my first training exercise after I figured out turns. It took me about two days, working on my usual schedule. The reason it's such a riot of color is that I was using up scrap cord instead of cutting into unused cord, since it was just an exercise.

I've already embarked on a much larger project that should take me a week or more. This will be a free-standing, three dimensional piece. I have visions of all kinds of sculptural projects now!

I feel like I've turned a corner, from "technician," capable of some basics in the art, to "craftsman." This point, right here, is where art begins.

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