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What do you need today?
What do you need today?

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Are you moving soon?  Here's a tip - get quotes now!  This is a slow season for movers, and you can find some great deals.  
Need help finding a licensed professional?  I can help!
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Keep Lists. A great way to stay organized during the moving process is to keep lists. Here are some lists that may be useful during your move:

The pre-move to-do list. This list will remind you of everything that must get done before the moving truck leaves.

The what-to-do-upon-arrival list. As its name suggests, this list make it easy for you to get settled in your new home.

The packing list. Keep track of what goes into each moving box on one list. Take this list in your carry-on luggage to ensure that it doesn't get lost.

The list of possibilities. This is a list of things that you hope to get done either before, during or after your move- but if you aren't able to accomplish everything on the list the move will still proceed smoothly. #MovingAdvice #MovingTips #BillyDotCom #MovingLists

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Follow these excellent moving tips! You'll save yourself a lot of time, money, and undue stress. This help you reduce your moving expenses, create an organized existence in your new home, and shorten the unpacking process. significantly. #Decluttering #MovingTips #BillyMovers #MovingHelp

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Moving soon? Check out this blog post on the "8 things to have on hand if you hire movers."

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Gels, acrylics, shellac, airbrush. There are so many ways to get your nails done and it's important to find a salon that knows what they're doing. can help you find a nearby salon with exactly the kind of nails you're looking for.

Some people are fascinated by bugs, but most people don't want those creepy, crawling critters anywhere near their homes. Good thing can find you an exterminator to inspect your home and take care of any uninvited house guests that have stowed away in unseen corners.

Broken drawers, leaky faucets, loose railing, crooked cabinets, and ten million other little projects you never seem to be able to find the time to address. Put the whole list together and hand it over to a handyman from Why spend all day hunched over a screwdriver when you could spend the day sprawled across a hammock?

It's awfully hard to park your car in the garage if you can't get that big door to open. can find the right garage door specialist to get you the perfect solution for your particular garage configuration.
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