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Billy Ethridge
Works at Center of the Brain (CBrain)
Attended University of California, San Diego
Lives in Encinitas, CA, USA


Billy Ethridge

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When it comes to safety, the league refuses to talk straight

Billy Ethridge

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Got an urge to go smartwatch shopping? Feel a little confused by all the specs and features? Then fear not, intrepid buyer, we have a chart which will make things clear and cool, and maybe even save you a ton of money as well. This Ultimate Smartwatch Chart lists over 70 models of smartwatch, along with their main features, functions and compatibility. Very cool stuff indeed! Link to Original Post Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Goo...

Billy Ethridge

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Fascinating -- apparently an authentic breakthrough...

Billy Ethridge

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The highly publicized agreement last fall between the U.S. and China to end economic espionage has had little effect. Experts say that it is up to companies to protect themselves, and that tools like machine learning can help.

Billy Ethridge

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Kennedy Health System in New Jersey reduced sepsis and its complications, including mortality, by using an evidence-based care model to constantly review data from multiple departments and implement new processes. The project shifted hospital culture away from blame and punishment toward collaboration and joint action...
Hospital evidence-based practice centers can help healthcare systems develop solutions before national guidelines exist, a study published by the Journal of Hospital Medicine finds.

Billy Ethridge

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The BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule by Schatzii is state-of-the-art audio design at its finest, and the world's smallest Bluetooth Earbud. Ultra lightweight and comfortable weighing 3.5g, The Bullet allows for making calls effortlessly, and listening to music with crystal clear sound quality.

Billy Ethridge

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c/o Philip Collis...
My Beautiful Broken Brain, a documentary executive produced by David Lynch about a young woman recovering from the devastating effects of a hemorrhagic stroke, has been acquired by Netflix. Dutch-French filmmaker Lotje Sodderland—the subject of the film as well as its co-director—contacted Lynch dur

Billy Ethridge

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A new initiative gets us closer to understanding how our brain cells communicate

Billy Ethridge

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I am a survivor of a massive stroke which continues to transform me and the strategic research, writing and consulting I do.
William “Billy” Nathaniel Ethridge  is an international financial and strategic consultant having unique research and quantitative skills and a knack for asking a disruptive and fecund question. He has served as a marketing & sales consultant working primarily with senior management of international and Fortune 100 financial and IT companies such as  Capitol Life, E. F. Hutton, Computer Economics, Great American First Savings Bank, Citigroup, Retail Transaction Services, Eurodebit & The Principal Group.

During his almost 30 years of executive management and business relationship consulting, much of Mr. Ethridge’s work has involved inventive research, forging strategic international alliances, starting with cross-functional teams. He has also created complementary technologies that provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. His related work in complex networks has found applicability in fields as diverse as finance, neurology, and internet research.  As the CEO of The Affinity Group, Relocation Marketing Services, and ReloData, he has founded companies with transformational technologies. 

Mr. Ethridge is on the advisory boards (and/or serves as a strategic ally) of several international firms, including  CAM Design USA, Institutional Investors Consulting Company, and Exponent Energy Corporation, and has an extensive network of business associates and personal friends across the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Africa, and southeast Asia. He is also the International Mandate for Exponent Energy which specializes in selling Nigerian crude oil. Mr. Ethridge is an alumnus of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS, with a BA in Philosophy and Mathematics;   is proficient in several languages; and has a PhD (ABD) from UCSD (La Jolla, CA) in Philosophy (Mathematical Logic & Linguistic Analysis).
  • University of California, San Diego
    PhD work in Philosophy
    Mathematical Logic &Linguistic Analysis
  • Millsaps College, Jackson, MS
    BA, Mathematics & Philosophy
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William Nathaniel Ethridge
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Healthcare Organizational Design
+Strategic research & consulting for complex healthcare organizations. +International Telehealth. +Designing healthcare. +Concierge medicine. +Clarification and elaboration of intent. +Identifying, disentangling & meticulously clarifying core problems & opportunities. +Discovery & exploration of possibilities. +Health choices which make a difference.
  • Center of the Brain (CBrain)
    "Healthcare Org Design", 2009 - present
    (For-profit and not-for-profit)
  • William Nathaniel Ethridge
    Hemmorhagic stroke patient, 2008 - present
    ...From the inside out, learning what a stroke is. From the outside in, reading voraciously everything I could about strokes and other brain injuries & illnesses (BI), and directly communicating with many who have experienced a stroke/s, or have medically studied or treated BIs. My own "phenomenological" experience as a patient with my own study of "evidence-based" healthcare, a near-lifetime of practicing martial arts & meditation, and years of consulting with complex organizations, have collectively provided me with a background and skillset for which I could never have prepared, but for which I'm grateful daily.
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Encinitas, CA, USA
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Encinitas, California
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The longest I have ever waited on a telephone for ANYONE at the store to answer the phone. I heard and re-heard the same set of messages, hung up twice to see if something was wrong, punched a number to reach the nearest store, did not reach anyone there, and @2+ hours later hung up having talked with no one, and havinh had no place to leave a number.
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