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It is what it is ...
It is what it is ...

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Because I found it funny - you should too!

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Really good read and quite fun!

Visiting my parents in Cali, the power goes we run to Starbucks and get a gallon of coffee. As soon as they start brewing...the power comes back online.

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After I fed my daughter breakfast this morning, she saw me eating my cereal and wanted my breakfast too! She proceeded to shared my bowel of cereal and ate more than I did! As I ate the last bite she became upset and attempted to pull my food out of my mouth by sticking her entire hand in and pulling it out to put in her mouth. Think she wants more?

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Cutest thing to ever happen on Sesame Street
Promise you'll smile!

#TBT   #ThrowBackThursday  

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Great article...One thing it does not address is those in charge of the project not really allowing for time in dealing with the technical debt.

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"Are your CRM plugins creating technical debt?" #crm #feedly

Well said...I to have seen this, and it's a frustrating talk to clean up. One of the harder aspects is convincing others of the need... because no matter how many facts/articles/etc you throw at them if they have not had to deal with maintaining complex plugin logic for a period of time they sometime just don't see it...once they do it's too late.

I don't think its fair for little kids to have to learn; Mother = Mom (fair) / Father = Dad (unfair). Should it be Dather? Dother? hum... well English is confusing! #teachingkidstotalk  
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