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As Florida Makes Flood Insurance More Affordable for Homeowners, There is Important Information to Consider Prior to Making Adjustments to Your Policy.

The Billiet Insurance Agency has been serving all of South Florida’s insurance needs since 2004, providing superior coverage through a large network of premium insurance carriers. Call: (561) 734-2330, or (954) 871-1201 to get a quote.

At the end of April 2015, the Florida Legislature passed a bill that gives Florida residents more affordable options for flood insurance, in an effort to enable homeowners to stay in their homes, and not be pushed out due to escalating insurance premiums that many were struggling to afford. This bill, once signed into law, will result in lower insurance premium expenditures for Florida’s homeowners, as well as choices that will allow them to customize their policies.  With these new options available, homeowners can choose to reduce coverage down to their value of their mortgage, excluding coverage for contents of their structure.  This will be a well-received break for Florida’s homeowners across the state. 
With major changes about to take place, it is a good idea for homeowners to contact their insurance companies to review their current coverage, and seek professional advice prior to making coverage adjustments. Here is some valuable information from for homeowners to consider as well: 
• It has been nearly 10 years since a hurricane has impacted Florida. This is highly unusual, and there is no telling when this luck will end.

• Florida has been hit by seven out of 10 of the most costly and damaging hurricanes in U.S. history. 

• Florida remains very vulnerable due to its geographical location, which allows tropical storms the ability to easily maneuver and make landfall. 

• There are eight named tropical storms, four hurricanes, and one major hurricane predicted for the Atlantic Basin this 2015 hurricane season. 

• It takes only one major hurricane, category 3 or higher, to devastate the Florida coastline. This possibility is still a threat. 
Because of the state's history, hurricane damage is now covered in all homeowner's insurance policies. However, flood damage is not. Flood insurance is usually covered in separate policies and covered by the National Flood Insurance Program.  For those that live in coastal areas, storm surge is the major cause of damage in most hurricanes; therefore maintaining flood insurance is critical. 
The Billiet Agency is South Florida’s preferred insurance agency, known for its extensive customer service and vast network of resources that include the nation's leading insurance carriers. The Billiet Agency offers premium coverage to Floridians, with a variety of comprehensive and highly reputable policies for their cars, homes, businesses and more.  Billiet representatives work with each customer to determine what policy will be most cost effective and beneficial for them, while providing the most value. 

Call today to review the coverage levels in your existing policies, get a quote for a new policy, and discuss your options with an expert Billiet Insurance Agency representative, at: (561) 734 - 2330 to reach our Boynton Beach office, or (954) 871 - 1201 to call our Coral Springs location. The Billiet Insurance Agency works hard to help Floridians protect their families, property, and other valuable assets. 

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