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Bill Wood

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Bill Wood

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Bill Wood

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+Dennis Kenworthy Sorry for the late reply, Dennis.  There were billions of stars visible that night, but unfortunately the Milky Way was visible to you and not me.  Now it's mid-March here and the MW is above the horizon.  Hope to get to a dark sky out West as there are none around here.  Have a wonderful week, Dennis.
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Bill Wood

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One heck of a good group of photographers.  Circle them all to enhance your stream!  Well done, +Gorka Ortiz 
           (¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- JOIN THE FUN & SHARE -.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)


Please send me a FB friendship request Indicating your photography interests if you want to be added. ;-)

I'd like to enhance the quality of this circle by including only profiles with a person behind. If you choose to add the circle (which is up to you as always), I want it to be a nice experience, I don't want to flood your stream with ads or spam, that is why I weekly review the circle. Should you find any Copyright Infringer at any time, please, provide proper evidence and let me know ASAP in order to remove and ban the user. We support interaction and friendship not robbery! 

THANK YOU GUYS for all your plusses & shares, and for being there day by day, it is highly appreciated!

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B) Your page or profile mainly has spam links to some kind of business where they you lend money or stuff like that.

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E) People creating and selling their own stuff like their own Porcelain or Ceramic creations will still perfectly fit in the circle, I like promoting artists creating their own stuff, that is what we photographers also do anyway. I just want to keep away the spammers who flood our streams with lots of annoying ads and we all know how these profiles look like. ;-)

I want this circle to be more a community, a gathering than just a bunch of people who doesn't know each other.

Thank you very much indeed for your friendship and cooperation. One Circle for all and all for one Circle! ;-)

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Thanks Bill........though my system is down but I will try to. 
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You're welcome! Definitely my pleasure :-)
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Woow fabulas
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Very nice details and composition +Bill Wood​. Great photo. Seems like a7ii is pretty awesome for the resolution too.
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Good morning to all my friends at +Landscape Photography.  This is the Oregon Coast near Canon Beach.  The setting moon and far-off ships at sea provide the wonderful light.
Click on image to get large view and see the billions of stars.

Sony A7II iso 3200 24mm F/4@25sec. Processing in Lightroom 5

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+Bjarte Wergedahl Thank you, Bjarte.  I appreciate your support.
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Bit of a close encounters shot there Bill :) , reminds me of the movie :)
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Oh, thanks so much Bill!! I've been fortunate in the past to have great friends who introduced me to Yosemite in 1982. One dear friend in our group had hiked up Half Dome a few times and really encouraged me to do it. He knew I wasn't a quick hiker, but that I really wanted to, so I got to go up with him and his older daughter.
Back at the campsite (a big waterfront one in Upper River - it was 1991) he'd set up his telescope to look right at the very tip of Half Dome. He knew I wasn't too speedy, but that when I made up my mind to do something I give it my all.
We left our site@5:30 am, filled our giant water containers with ice at Camp Curry and continued on. The shuttles weren't running at that time in the morning, so we walked to Happy Isles where we put powdered Tang in our water containers, then as much water (last drinkable water then) as possible. They were patient with me when I had to stop to breathe every so often, but I never complained. The hike was amazing! Passing so many different kinds of terrain at every turn!
That was also when the bathrooms above Nevada Falls were under construction,,lol. I got 9 mosquito bites all along the center of my back, so for a while, I'd have to stop briefly every 2 minutes and ask his daughter to "Scratch please!". I just kept focusing on what I was seeing and approaching.
For some reason, despite having great hiking boots, I wore my very old tennis shoes I'd worn during p.e. from 6th grade thru high school..and they had no tread! So, in the next to last stretch, just before the saddle, I slipped and skinned my knees, tho not badly. But it shook me up, as that granite was very slick. My friend was like my big brother, so when he heard me being kinda whiny after that, he told me he could make my knees not hurt anymore. Like a sucker, I held out my hands, palm up as instructed. Then he gave them the hardest slap ever!! Oooh, did that really hurt!! And he got a kick out of it as that was his "unique" sense of humor. Tears filled my eyes as I gasped, while he was laughing, and then he said "Bet your knees don't hurt anymore!". He was right but my hands...owww!!
I'm afraid of heights, but for some reason love skiing, despite hating being on the lifts high up. It took a long time to not holler when taking the lifts, lol. Well, the last stretch up the cables was quite challenging, as many were going both up and down using the same two cables. After a bit, it got more & more strenuous, as we had to then pull ourselves up by the cables only, as it had gotten very steep...and it was a long way down. But we made it, a huge victory for me! It's huge at the top! Unbelievably so! We went to the tip, where those rocks are jetting outward, kinda piled up a bit, to rest. I'd brought a tiny mirror in hopes of signaling those back at camp. I flashed it, reflecting the sun's rays towards where I knew our campsite was, and the telescope. In a couple minutes, we got a flash back! Apparently his sister had a mirror & signaled back to us!
During our hike there were a few who really didn't think I'd make it and hadn't expected to see me in the telescope. They were really surprised when they saw me, along with my friend and his daughter,13, on top! I couldn't look down much because of my fear of heights. We also met a very friendly, fat not so little marmot. He was hoping to get food from us, but we didn't give him any, as he needed to take care of himself.
We were at the top from I think 12:30 to 1 pm, Then the way down. I found that crab walking, and kind of sliding on my rear while holding onto just one cable worked just fine. Once down, everything that ever had been injured or similar, hurt like crazy on the way down and all of those stairs (Vernal Falls) were torture! Both knees (mostly my left), hips and one big tow all really hurt, so I had to walk weird to get down to the bottom, we soaked our feet in the river in Little Yosemite Valley. ..refreshing. ..then continued on down. We got to the last shuttle before it left. Oh, I couldn't imagine walking much more!
We got off at Camp Curry where I got bottles of orange juice and Poweraid. I didn't know if I could make it to our campsite, but after having lots of both, I did. I'd packed stuff for the Camp Curry showers ahead of time, so I didn't have to fumble around in my tent. I got teased a little, in good humor, but all I could do was to groan in reply. I hobbled to the showers and sat in line. I just had to get a refreshing shower in! After, I felt improved but couldn't stand very long in the shower. My knees.... (from falling twice years earlier while skiing, trying to turn while doing the snowplow...fell both times with knees facing each other. No medical insurance at that time, so I piled snow on them both times, then finished skiing down)..were awful. I hobbled back to camp and I think had some of what I hadn't eaten in my fanny pack, and went right to sleep.
Very painful, but triumphant! Very much so for me! Despite still having bad knees I couldn't wait to get the tank top that says "I made it to the top!". And a day of more sleep and rest.
I've always loved Half Dome & have taken many photos of its many moods over the years, which I enlarged , along with others, framed and put on my wall along my stairs. I still stop and gaze at the various pictures and remember those great times. For me, that was my Everest!!
Hey! When you and Lisa are in this area, let me know ahead of time and I'll make those cookies for you both!!😀 I have many favorite recipes, my most favorite are in my little covered recipe box. I have an awesome recipe for pecan pie (among other things) too!
How awesome to be able to see so many wonderful places. I've always loved driving trips and my vacations were never restful, as there's so much to see!! My California, OR, NV and AZ all have made for very active vacations. Back when I was 15 there also was that once-in -a-lifetime trip to Europe with my parents, thanks to my Mom's brother who knew me well and really wanted me to have the experience of a lifetime. And 13 rolls of film with what then was popular, my cheap 110 camera my parents got me. Back then 35mm was way too expensive, though I really wish I had one.
If I could, I'd go to many more places, and revisit my favorite ones.
Maybe your vision of that beautiful scene you happened upon might be described as Way Beyond the Imagination. It's so great you've been able to take its photo and so many more, very beautiful photos during your wonderful travels!! To me that sounds like a dream come true!
No worries about the long post. As you might have noticed, when I feel passionately about a subject, I end up writing...nearly volumes! Just let me know when you both will be in the area and I'll get to the cookies!! :-)) (I also make a mean brownie!) Thanks so much for all of your very wonderful, very kind words!! :-)) ~ and a big hello to Lisa😆!
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I am slowly learning what it takes to develop a vision.
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Columbus, Ohio, USA
Landscape and Black and White Photographer

     G+ has given me the opportunity to study the images of amazing photographers and seek their council.  And each one of them has responded with insight, compassion and encouragement far beyond my expectations.

     If you are new to G+, do not be concerned, there are many talented photographers more than willing to share their knowledge with you.  Study them and interact with them, you will become a better photographer for it.

     As you develop your skills, which  can only come from continual practice and experimentation, post your work on G+ and participate in some of the many wonderful Daily Themes and Communities.

  Learn from the feedback you get and give kind and gentle feedback to others.

     Above all, have fun, share your images and interact with others.  And practice, practice, practice.

     Enjoy the journey.


Curator of the Landscape Photography Theme by Margaret Tompkins

Former co-curate  #SacredSunday  with +Charles Lupica and +Manfred Berndtgen 

Former co-curate #MonochromeMonday with Charles Lupica and Hans Berendsen



  • Xavier University
  • University of Colorado
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