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Bill Strathearn
Father, Engineer, Cyclist, Runner
Father, Engineer, Cyclist, Runner

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Badminton, CrossFit or Zumba? Whatever gets you moving, #GoogleFit has you covered. #FitFriday

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I finally got around to writing up a trip report for my multi-day bikepacking excursion. It was quite an adventure and I'm looking forward to making this an annual occurrence.

Pleasantly surprised with how good the writing experience at is. If the tooling didn't make formatting good looking content so easy, I would have given up on this publication long ago. Thanks +Dan Pupius! 

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Transformation complete. From mild-mannered commuter to fully-loaded touring rig. 25lbs of bike and 45lbs of gear. Packed and ready for this 6 day tour from SF to SLO:

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Realtime indoor cycling competitions. Sounds like good winter fun!

Does anyone know how to fool the bios into thinking there is a valid HDMI or displayport connection when none is available? I'd like to run my ASUS panther headless, but SeaBIOS waits indefinitely for connectivity to a monitor before proceeding to boot. I'm running whichever version of John's SeaBIOS is currently available. 

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Google Fit REST API client libraries are now available in Java, Python and .NET. PHP, Javascript, Node.js and Ruby are already covered by the generic Google APIs Client Library for those languages.

Is there another language that you'd prefer use?
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Is there any way to rebuild and have chrubuntu make use of a 3.8.11 kernel with some additional modules added? I'd like to have a kernel with the devicemapper thin provisioning module, but the stock kernel that comes with 14.04.1 LTS 3.8.11 x86_64 doesn't seem to have it. 

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The Fitness REST APIs are now available for prototyping and exploration in the Google APIs explorer: 

Unlike OAuth Playgroud, the APIs explorer uses it's own client ID, but I've found it to be a really easy to way to test out a query and results before codifying it. 

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Suddenly, every gear/cat combo I've ever pulled seems weak when compared to Fillmore Street being briskly ascended with a fixed 46/14t

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25 Hours of Camaraderie: Introduction
Full post:
Earlier this month, I traveled north to shoot the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, an endurance car race that welcomes both pro and amateur teams to run through day, night, and day again before they see the checker. I shot the race last year, and wrote it up in two parts: a more visceral reaction in "A Night of Rolling Thunder," followed by a more analytical piece, in "How to Survive an Endurance Race."

This year will be an experiment. At every event I shoot, there are a hundred different stories transpiring all at once. They're all interesting, but I generally pick one and run with it. But for this race, I'm in the unique position of having witnessed a couple of them from beginning to end, and also in having the time to write about a number of them. So why not?

I'm planning to publish a post every day for the next couple days. The theme is camaraderie. This post will be an introduction of sorts, and then each of the next posts will focus on a different team, and a different story which somehow illustrates that theme. Here we go!

As always, you can get the best experience by reading the post on the blog:
Otherwise, each image should have the matching caption, so you can read through that way as well.

A Night of Rolling Thunder:
How to Survive an Endurance Race:

#25hoursofthunderhill +Thunderhill Raceway Park 
25 Hours of Camaraderie: Introduction
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