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Bill Slawski
Interested in seo, search engines, searchers' behaviors, the future of search, the semantic web, music, the environment, and how the Web works.
Interested in seo, search engines, searchers' behaviors, the future of search, the semantic web, music, the environment, and how the Web works.


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Navneet Panda has co-invented a new patent for Google on predicting site quality scores, based upon ngram phrases which appear on pages, and which can influence the rankings of web pages.

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Do you have a knowledge panel showing in Google search results for your business? Here are steps to take to make it happen.

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Good to see schema continue to expand. for Tourism.
Enhancements to the TouristAttraction type plus many examples have significantly improved the capability for describing Tourist Attractions and hopefully enabling more tourist discoveries.

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I was interviewed during the Edge of the Web podcast on Search, SEO and Patents.

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I was in the first Facebook Live AMA (ask me anything) in the White Hat SEO group.

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Join us for a conversation about search and SEO.  If you have questions about SEO, ask in the event thread, and we will try to answer you during the hangout on air.
Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout is a weekly chat and discussion event. The main crew are #SEO and #marketing folks (of some note) but guests come from all sorts of jobs and interests and our discussions may meander onto all sorts of topics.

The norm for discussion shows is to carefully pick guests and topics. That's where this show is most Bogus. This is a casual chat between interesting people and whoever joins is welcomed. Serendipitous chaos is our USP.

Our habit is to simply throw out a few invitations to guests without much (if any) ado, often without asking them in advance, and simply seeing who is free to turn up.

Regular crew:
+Bill Slawski-
+Ammon Johns-
+Kristin Drysdale-  
+Terry Van Horne- 
+Jennifer Slegg-  

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Some words have more than one meaning. Search engines will cluster search results you see based upon those different meanings. So, in results you see for [Java], you will see clusters of results for the programming language, for the drink, and for the island in Indonesia. The percentages of results based on different meanings may be based on a percentage of results that overall cover that meaning. So, if 70% of [Java] results involve programming, then it's possible that 7 out of the top 10 results on page 1 have to do with Java the programming language.

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This is the neighborhood I lived in when I was in Warrenton, Virginia (northern Virginia) before I moved to southern California. I took a walk around the homes, and the stores that surrounded town. Some of these homes were historic buildings that had served as schools, hospitals, and served other purposes. Walking around town was a lot of fun.
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Google has come up with an innovative way to include controls in textiles and plastics. After reading a news story about it, I searched for patents associated with the approach, and found a couple. I posted the images from one of them in this post, because they do a good job of showing off how well the controls will work.

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I will be on the Edge of the Web Pocast tomorrow at 12pm (PST), which will be showing on Facebook live then, too. It should be fun.
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