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So it looks like the painting I found at a rummage sale for $25 is likely an authentic painting from Haitian artist Jean Baptiste Jean, and likely worth over $1,000, after checking with an expert on Haitian Art.

The scene (23x29 1/2) appears to be Camp Louise in Haiti.

It shows off the kind of local history about a place that I really love.
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Hmmm, maybe I should start lurking around rummage sales.
It's like feeling life if I imagine to be a part of scene..
+Thomas P. Maybe. :) There were a couple hundred pictures and paintings there, but this was the only one that stood out for me. So you have to get there early.
+Sunita Biddu I really like the image of the person at the bottom center who is looking out at people looking at the picture.
Might be the owner of the field :) I have seen a similar scene (minus horses and cows) in paddy cultivations when I was kid...
+Sunita Biddu It's possible. The expert I talked to suggested that this was likely an early painting from the artist, probably in the 70s, and I suspect a scene like the one shown wasn't uncommon.
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