Sometimes You Get What You Ask For, with Google's Social Analytics Tools

Last week, I hunted down the PostRank patent application describing the company's PostRank algorithm, which was co-invented by one of PostRank's founders, Ilya Grigorik.

PostRank and the Importance of Social Engagement Metrics to SEO

I wrote in my post:

It would be a little disappointing if the only thing to come out of the PostRank acquisition would be some analytics reports in Google Analytics. Is it possible that members of the team might be engaged in other areas of Google as well?

Yesterday morning, the Google Analytics Blog announced some additions to what we see in those social reports, including Trackbacks. Here's a snippet:

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which sites are talking about your content, and in which context? Well, a problem no more: now you can see all the backlink URL’s, post titles, and more right within the new Social reports.

Fun thing is that the author of that post is Ilya Grigorik, who came over to Google when they acquired the company. Sometimes (but not always), people at Google who work upon something get the chance to write the announcement about it on one of Google's blogs.

Looks like these new social reports may be that something else I was asking for. :)
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