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Penguin and Panda go sledding...
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Funny graphic. Nice one!
That sled should be pulled by another black-and-white animal... a Dalmatian!
+Jonathon Colman Sounds like a good name for the next Google update. If they name it that, I'll update my picture. :)
I like my slopes a little steeper than that
Now a Zebra would be fun, too. Thanks! Google might run out of black and white animals sometime soon.
+Pedro Matias Wow. and the definition's actually a pretty good one, too. Good thought, though. :)
Kinda like "updating" from Win XP to Vista (open cheek, insert tongue)
We'd better hope they don't run out of black & white critters anytime soon... when they do, the next one may be the Velociraptor.
They aren't going to stop with new updates anytime soon. Maybe I should start working on my pictures of Velociraptors. :)
Velociraptors hunt in packs... that's all we need
All I know about Velociraptors I learned in Jurrassic Park, and those were supposedly too big and didn't show the feathers. I would be a little worried if someone at Google decided to choose that as a code name. :)
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