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Bill Slawski

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Looks like a fun idea.
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Nay Min
+Bill Slawski same thing with
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Bill Slawski

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This article originally appeared in WIRED. Jason Mars built his own Siri and then he gave it away. Mars is a professor of a computer science at the University of Michigan. Working alongside several other university researchers, he recently built a digital assistant that could instantly respond to voice commands—much...
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+Nick Eddy Google Now never really struggled to recognize me, like I said.
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Bill Slawski

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The Importance of Long Tail SEO

Google is starting to listen, think and respond like a human with a goal to deliver more relevant answers.

Ideally, you want YOUR content to be part of that pool of relevant answers.

Here's how you can do it, by using long tail SEO.

#SEO   #SearchEngineOptimization   #LongTail   #SEOTips   #ContentMarketing  
Are you optimizing your content for long tail keywords? If not, you're missing out on some big organic search opportunities!
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Bill Slawski

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Makes you wonder what's next.
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wow -
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Bill Slawski

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Is Google Getting Smarter, or just hiding more from us?
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Smarter and hiding more ;)
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Bill Slawski

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Do you have any answer box pages?
Site Gets Traffic Boost from Google Answer Box...And Then Makes It Even Better!

A very cool discovery and experiment by +Ben Fisher of +Steady Demand.

Last week I showed you how +David Kutcher discovered that a page on his site was getting a big traffic boost from being featured as the answer in a particular kind of Google Rich Answer Box.

Now Ben discovered his site was getting the same benefit. But then he decided to make some adjustments to the page to see if he could get an answer box for an even better performing keyword.

As they would say at +Upworthy, what happened next will amaze you!

#seo #plusonly
How I found an Answer Box, then changed a few on page elements and my Answer Box, in search, changed keywords.
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Thanks for sharing +Bill Slawski !

+David Iwanow - You can look for queries like, How to, what, (basically questions - and that will at least give you some indication), I agree it would be nice. 

But if you see higher CTR's than normal, that is another good indicator.

+Bill Bean While there was an exponential boost in organic rankings (see post) of other relational queries. I did not notice any additional benefit to G+ profiles . That would be more indirect correlation from shares of the findings.
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A New Microsoft patent attempts to identify query suggestions for searchers based upon semantic patterns and entities within queries.

#SEO #SemanticSearch #SemanticPatterns
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+Bill Slawski Greatly appreciated.
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Bill Slawski

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Good to see!
Go DeepMind, Go!

Just Imagine the potential breakthroughs as DeepMind and other AI services mature and we start to use them to solve grand problems.

This is a first step of many towards an amazing future.
Deep Mind, the London-based artificial intelligence start-up bought for £400 million by Google last year, is working on technology to fight cancer, according to one of the search giant's top executives.
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It can't even help us get the decent search results, let alone fight cancer...
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Bill Slawski

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Tomorrow's GPS doesn't use satellites....
DARPA has unveiled its plan for the future, and it includes a brand new global positioning, navigation, and timing system (GPS) that doesn't depend on satellites.
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Bill Slawski

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Intersting to see all the things come online.

As just announced via +The Semantic Web, The Graph of Things (GoT) has been awarded 2nd prize in the 2014 Semantic Web Challenge.

"This application pulls together real time data from the Internet of Things, visualizing the resulting knowledge graph in a dashboard."

You can explore the pilot yourself.  I generated the call-out screenshot by clicking on "Travel Camera" and zooming into and clicking on a camera in Calcada, Brazil.  You can do the same thing with other objects - for example, you can click on any plane in the skies and see what its flight number, model, departure point, destination, altitude and speed!

Very cool.  Here's the paper the initiative's principles submitted:

Enabling Live Exploration on The Graph of Things
Danh Le-Phuoc, Hoan Nguyen Mau Quoc, Quoc Hung Ngo, Tuan Tran Nhat, and Manfred Hauswirth
INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics
National University of Ireland, Galway
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Ping! +John Chvatal 
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Bill Slawski

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Does your site show a "Mobile friendly" line in its snippet in a mobile search?
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Handy tool +Bill Slawski 
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Bill Slawski

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How Yahoo uses information about named entities to show off real time results to searchers.
A Yahoo patent shows how they might keep an eye upon trending topics related to entities to use to suggest pages in search results to searchers.
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Interested in seo, search engines, searchers' behaviors, the future of search, the semantic web, music, the environment, and how the Web works.
I grew up in New Jersey and Ohio, studied at the University of Delaware and Widener University School of Law, and spend a lot of my time either doing SEO, looking at the code behind web pages or with my nose buried in a search-related patent.

I previously lived in the Virginia Piedmont, about 50 miles west of Washington, DC in a county filled with horse pastures and farm fields. I am presently relocating to Carlsbad, California.

I enjoy reading fiction and science fiction, listening to most types of music, delving into  the history behind small towns, out door photography, and exploring nature.

I am the Founder and President of SEO by the Sea, and I like working with people with their web sites, to help make them easier to find, and easier to use.

Some posts I've written in the past that focus upon analyzing patents from the search engines:

I am the Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital, on Google+ at Go Fish Digital

I am often called a patent analyst or patent expert or patent guru by many people and bloggers and media writers, but my job is not to analyze or interpret patents. I do that for fun, and to learn things about search engines and search that I otherwise couldn't.

I consider it performing due diligence and feeding my curiosity - the information behind many business models and algorithms that search engines use are being made public, and it's worth taking the time and making the effort to read through them and trying to understand what they say and why they say it.

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Reads patents for fun
SEO / Internet Marketing Consultant
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    Director of Search Marketing, 2013 - present
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