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Terrapattern is the first open-access visual search engine for satellite maps

Terrapattern is a amazing visual search engine for satellite imagery, and somehow the first of its kind. It's very easy to use, click on a section of the map, and Terrapattern will show you all similar geographical features or landmarks in the area. A football field, bus station, outdoor pool — it doesn't matter, Terrapattern can pinpoint the related image and location with surprising accuracy. The program was created by Golan Levin, David Newbury, and Kyle McDonald, with funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Terrapattern is built on a Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN), and has been trained to recognize geographical features within small squares in four cities — New York, San Fransisco, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.
Terrapattern is a amazing visual search engine for satellite imagery, and somehow the first of its kind. It's very easy to use, click on a section of the map, and Terrapattern will show you all...
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Bill Slawski

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An ad addition to Google.
#GoogleMaps will be offering #PromotedPins, so get your business On The Map soon!
Mobile's increasing dominance is reason behind more ad goo for Google Maps.
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Bill Slawski

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We had a discussion about patents. :)
We talk Google Search Patents and SEO with CEO of SEO by the Sea, Bill Slawski. Learn what to expect in the upcoming algorithmic updates and more.
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Bill Slawski

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The Mission San Luis Rey

This is in Oceanside; and was a Spanish Mission.

I'm going to have to tour some other missions, but this was a good introduction to California's history.
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Good hearing that the pictures looked good using your Nexus!

From reading Wikipedia, they filmed a Zorro TV Series using this mission as the setting, rather than a film.
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Bill Slawski

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Microsoft Academic has ended, and started up again working with Bing to show off Semantic Search capabilities. It's an interesting new project worth learning more about.  As they tell us in the blog post:

We’re also applying AI semantic search—which is contextual and conversational—to Cortana, Bing, and more.

H/t to +Gary Price  via
Microsoft Says Their Academic Graph (Bibliographic and Citation Data) is Adding About 1 Million Articles Each Week

#AISemanticSearch #MicrosoftAcademicGraph  
By Kuansan Wang, Managing Director, Microsoft Research Dr. Kuansan Wang is the Managing Director for Microsoft Research Outreach, responsible for overseeing research and innovation in the area of academic services. Photo credit: Scott Eklund, Red Box Pictures Progress in AI research and applications is exploding, and that explosion extends to our own team working on academic...
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Bill Slawski

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Thanks to +Barbara Starr for sharing this.
Tensor Processing Units (TPUs)
I'm very excited that we can finally discuss this in public. Today at Google I/O +Sundar Pichai revealed the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), a custom ASIC that Google has designed and built specifically for machine learning applications. We've had TPUs deployed in Google datacenters for more than a year, and they are an order of magnitude faster and more power efficient per operation than other computational solutions for the kinds of models we are deploying to improve our products. This computational speed allows us to use larger, more powerful machine learned models, expressed and seemlessly deployed using TensorFlow ( into our products, and to deliver the excellent results from those models in less time.

TPUs are used on every Google Search to power RankBrain (, they were a key secret ingredient in the recent AlphaGo match against Lee Sedol, they are used for speech and image recognition, and they are powering a growing list of other smart products and features.

+Norm Jouppi and the rest of the team that developed this ASIC did a fabulous job, and it's great to see it discussed in public!

Blog post:

Link to the part of the keynote where Sundar discusses TPUs:

WSJ article:

Edit: Added a link and some text.
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Certainly a lot more efficient than buying up all the graphics cards, which was one of the previous main solutions for machine learning application.
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Bill Slawski

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Having a chatbot based upon something you've written sounds like it could be fun. I'll look forward to it.
Ray Kurzweil is building a chatbot for Google

It's based on a novel he wrote, and will be released later this year. He said that anyone will be able to create their own unique chatbot by feeding it a large sample of your writing, for example by letting it ingest your blog. This would allow the bot to adopt your "style, personality, and ideas."
Inventor Ray Kurzweil made his name as a pioneer in technology that helped machines understand human language, both written and spoken. These days he is probably best known as a prophet of The...
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Exactly +Zara Altair I'm thinking of the possibilities of taking my current analysis and seeing what it does with it
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Bill Slawski

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Interesting new browser competitor could make things interesting for the others.
Opera Software, the Norwegian company known for its browsers and data compression technology, has received a buyout offer from a consortium of Chinese investors. #News #Opera #OperaMax
Update, May 25: As expected, Opera's shareholders overwhelmingly voted in favor of the buyout. The company announced today that over 90% of shareholders approved the $1.2 billion deal. Pending approval from regulators in Norway and China, a consortium of Chinese companies including Qihoo 360, Kunlun, and Yonglian will become the corporate overlord of the venerable Opera.Original post, February 10: Opera Software, the Norwegian company known for i...
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+Tadeusz Szewczyk That's scare me too.

I know that lot of devices (mostly AOSP) are bundled with some malware that sent data to their servers.
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Bill Slawski

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Join us in a conversation about Search and SEO
Bill and Ammon (+Bill Slawski  and +Ammon Johns   ) reprise their role as the "Wyld Stallyns" of SEO, with bodacious babe +Kristin Drysdale helping wrangle comments, and stop them chasing squirrels.  (okay, a more realistic goal: prevent them chasing too many squirrels).  +Terry Van Horne joins us to release more squirrels when Kristin isn't looking. Bodacious SEM babe +Jennifer Slegg has somehow been convinced that joining the band is a good idea.

(No squirrels are harmed in the making of this program)

About Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout
This is not a polished, planned and scripted event.  This is a casual hangout with old friends and new, shared with all.  Somewhere around the halfway point, we'll post the link for anyone who wishes to come and join us (space permitting) allowing us to meet even more old and new friends.

The idea of pre-planning, a set topic, or even simply knowing who will be on the show this week?  All totally bogus.

Free Air-Guitars to all attendees (exact model and colour may vary with imagination)

Our general style is to issue uninvited invitations, naming folks we think might like a chat, without asking first if they are available (or willing). 

No invitations in particular this week though, as we instead throw wide the doors, and invite anyone who wishes to join the conversation to do so - we'll post the link to join us live once we start.

We have no idea yet who will actually turn up, and that's how we like it.  

#beexcellent       #bogushangout   
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout #62
Tue, May 24, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Bill Slawski

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Beyond Ranking: Optimizing Whole-Page Presentation (pdf)

How much does the presentation of information on a search result page satisfy searchers and can it improve and enhance what a search engine does.  This explores the growth of SERPs beyond the days of 10 blue links.  What does it mean for site owners?
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+Ammon Johns Perhaps an element of growing important to SEO might be a greater understanding of the communication aspects of design; and an awareness of how to capture the eye.  I'm going to go work on that myself this afternoon, taking my camera to an old Spanish Mission nearby to capture what I can in photos.
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Bill Slawski

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How might Sentiment in reviews for reviewable entities be considered in search rankings?
Sentiment Phrases Back before there were Google+ pages for businesses, Google had Place Pages for those businesses, and Google would show off sentiment-rich snippets from reviews of those places, which I wrote about in Google’s New Sentiment Phrase Snippets For Google Places. I was discussing sentiment rich reviews recently with Barbara Starr, who pointed out …
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Bill Slawski

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Site Removed in Rankings for Being Considered "Pure Web Spam" being Litigated in Florida Court

This may be really interesting to keep an eye upon.

#GoogleGuidelines #GoogleManualPenalty  
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+Bill Slawski Hallelujah! I almost got my migraine back just from trying to grasp that. Good to know it wasn't wasted effort.
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I am the Director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital, on Google+ at Go Fish Digital

I am often called a patent analyst or patent expert or patent guru by many people and bloggers and media writers, but my job is not to analyze or interpret patents. I do that for fun, and to learn things about search engines and search that I otherwise couldn't.

I consider it performing due diligence and feeding my curiosity - the information behind many business models and algorithms that search engines use are being made public, and it's worth taking the time and making the effort to read through them and trying to understand what they say and why they say it.

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The Afro-American Historic Association of Fauquier County shows off images and artifacts from local people and places in the area. The exhibits stretch from Egypt to the election of President Obama. To me, the most powerful of the exhibit items is the Slave Cage outside of the museum from the 1850s, which is haunting.
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The best BBQ I've ever eaten was in a roofless wooden shack just outside of Dallas, serving ribs and pulled pork, brisket and chorizos, fried okra and cornbread, and more. It's a long way from Virginia to Dallas.Fortunately, the second best BBQ I've eaten is about a six minute drive away, at a truck stop down the Seminole trail. If you like BBQ, and you get a chance to stop by, you definitely should. It's not fine dining, but it's definitely good eating.I have half my meal left, and if I wasn't full, it might not last too long. Other reviews I've read have pointed out the location, decor, and atmosphere of the truck stop, and if you drive past, it might not be a place you'd consider stopping at. If you like ribs or pulled pork though, that would be a mistake.
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A great place to get local and healthy foods and produce, including farm fresh meats, cheeses, and many other products straight from the farm itself. I enjoy shopping at the farm market because I find myself wanting to sample everything I've purchased as soon as I get home and start unpacking my bags (sometimes I don't wait that long). The people who work there clearly love the place, and I'm usually asked more than once if I need any help, or have any questions. The store also includes lots of baked goods at great prices, honey and salsas and chutneys and many types of pickled produce from local manufacturers. They also carry organic goods and gluten-free mixes
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