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Fingerprinting Spam

A new Google patent describes how they might work to identify and fight spam on a social network, and other user generated content.
A new Google patent describes an approach it may follow in identifying Web Spam in a social Network.
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Bill Slawski

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The roots of Memorial day are interesting to revisit. Thanks to all who sacrificed to enable us to exercise the freedoms we have.
Weekly Theme - Branding Memorial Day

The origins of what we Americans celebrate  today as Memorial Day are many. But almost since the first person decorated the grave of a Civil War dead soldier, the meaning behind the war veteran's death has been branded in such a way as to erase a common understanding of what it is we're honoring.

The closest common answer likely to be heard today is we're honoring the ultimate sacrifice of those Americans who died in combat. But as at least a dozen or more states officially honor Confederate war dead, we can't accurately say the federal holiday honors those who died fighting for our country.

Despite one of the more notable points of origin for Memorial Day, the May 1865 ceremony by Charleston's African-American community honoring more than 150 Union troops who died, the theme of justice overcoming the evil of slavery was soon eclipsed by Grand Army of the Republic's increasingly political image of Memorial Day honoring the lives of Union soldiers who died to preserve the union. Period. 

As wars in which American's died became decidedly undemocratic in the makeup of not only those who died, but those who sacrificed by paying for wars, (let alone sending a family member to fight), Memorial Day" has been re-branded as an extension of the hollow cliche, *thank you for your service, or the equally meaningless bumper sticker, we support our troops. 

It's trite, I believe, to focus on the Monday off from work or the family cookout as the real concern as to *Memorial Day's meaning. What I believe should be the focus is what it is we're really honoring as we remember our war dead. 

If we, as Americans, can't honor something even greater than the ultimate sacrifice of war veterans, I believe the meaning of this day will further lost to nothing more than the marketing of endless wars.

What are your thoughts on Memorial Day?
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Thank you +jd quinitchette​ Appreciate you comment very much, and agree with your thoughts.
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Bill Slawski

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The Lycos Patents

Lycos is selling their patents. I found a list, and links to them, and took a look, and I suspect that they will sell quickly. Some of them look like they are worth pursuing by a Google or a Bing, like a recent one on finding the most useful resource in a set of collections (Google did publish a couple of patents on Collections recently).
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Thinking about visiting this and taking some photos.
Welcome to the wonder of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. This 400-acre lagoon is home to a wide array of flora and fauna and invites us to appreciate our water resources through such uses as a YMCA day camp, recreational boating, a mussel and oyster aquaculture facility, a white-sea bass hatchery, ...
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This development story is a positive one. I'm looking forward to how it aims to improve the ecology of the nearby Lagoon.

More details in this news story:

Billionaire developer has eyes on Carlsbad

It appears that development may need to be approved by the City Council or by the community:

‘Destination’ Mall Proposed For Carlsbad Lagoon
Carlsbad. What if we could improve, protect and conserve it? What if we could create new open space access with miles of new hiking trails and gathering places for Carlsbad families? Protect the health of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon? And ensure strawberry farming and coastal agriculture are ...
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It does need to be said sometimes...
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Bill Slawski

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Join us for today's conversation!
Bill and Ammon (+Bill Slawski  and +Ammon Johns   ) reprise their role as the "Wyld Stallyns" of SEO, with bodacious babe +Kristin Drysdale helping wrangle comments, and stop them chasing squirrels.  (okay, a more realistic goal: prevent them chasing too many squirrels).  +Terry Van Horne joins us again to release more squirrels when Kristin isn't looking.

(No squirrels are harmed in the making of this program)

About Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout
This is not a polished, planned and scripted event.  This is a casual hangout with old friends and new, shared with all.  Somewhere around the halfway point, we'll post the link for anyone who wishes to come and join us (space permitting) allowing us to meet even more old and new friends.

The idea of pre-planning, a set topic, or even simply knowing who will be on the show this week?  All totally bogus.

Free Air-Guitars to all attendees (exact model and colour may vary with imagination)

Our general style is to issue uninvited invitations, naming folks we think might like a chat, without asking first if they are available (or willing). Of course, these are completely uninvited and unexpected invitations to those named, so any or all of them may be unavailable.  That's just another part of the chaos.

Of course, another notable part of our style for this show is a complete disregard for planning or preparation, so we haven't sent out any invitations in advance this week.  We'll see who jumps in to join us.

As ever, we'll open up the invitations to all for any empty seats once the hangout has begun.  Feel free to jump in and not only join the conversation, but help steer it.

We have no idea yet who will actually turn up, and that's how we like it.  

#BeExcellent   #bogushangout   #all
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Bill and Ammon's Bogus Hangout #26
Yesterday, May 26, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Ndale vo!
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Google+ is having Photos split off

Auto-Awesome has a new name, an is more selectable, Photos are more draggable.  These seems like a positive change.
We've been hearing for a very long time - virtually ever since Vic Gundotra left Google+, with more rumors springing up recently - that Photos would be spl... by Liam Spradlin in Exclusives, Google, Leaks, News
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Hard to say what the patents for sale cover; I don't see a list of them, wondering if all the patents they hold are up for sale.  There may be up to 28 granted patents for sale. These are the ones assigned to them at the USPTO:

1 9,015,176 Automatic identification of related search keywords
2 8,266,162 Automatic identification of related search keywords
3 8,171,009 Method and system for performing a search on a network
4 8,082,587 Detecting content in files
5 8,082,516 Preview panel
6 8,046,375 Geo targeted commerce
7 7,962,463 Automated generation, performance monitoring, and evolution of keywords in a paid listing campaign
8 7,716,340 Restricting access to a shared resource
9 7,664,770 Smart browser panes
10 7,620,627 Generating keywords
11 7,606,809 Method and system for performing a search on a network
12 7,548,913 Information synthesis engine
13 7,406,508 Capturing advertising requests from a user
14 7,389,307 Returning databases as search results
15 7,299,270 Inferring relations between internet objects that are not connected directly
16 7,228,493 Serving content to a client
17 7,224,297 Compressing log files
18 6,944,609 Search results using editor feedback
19 6,775,664 Information filter system and method for integrated content-based and collaborative/adaptive feedback queries
20 6,775,661 Querying databases using database pools
21 6,742,176 Secure flexible plugin software architecture
22 6,701,309 Method and system for collecting related queries
23 6,640,218 Estimating the usefulness of an item in a collection of information
24 6,314,420 Collaborative/adaptive search engine
25 6,308,175 Integrated collaborative/content-based filter structure employing selectively shared, content-based profile data to evaluate information entities in a massive information network
26 6,029,161 Multi-level mindpool system especially adapted to provide collaborative filter data for a large scale information filtering system
27 6,012,053 Computer system with user-controlled relevance ranking of search results
28 5,983,214 System and method employing individual user content-based data and user collaborative feedback data to evaluate the content of an information entity in a large information communication network
Lycos was once a pioneer of Internet search. Sold during the height of the dot-com boom, it’s today owned by an India-based digital media company and is hoping to cash in on its past by putting a bunch of search, online advertising, and gaming patents up for sale.
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It is because you are Geek dude :) who would not want to get your notifications ... 
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Nice to see this photographer's successes with the phography he loves.
Photographer Carter Warden Shares How He Got His Flickr Photos into National Geographic

★ Like this?  Sharing is caring!★

#Tutorial #MCphoto <— Click for my previously posted photo tips. 
#Photo #Photography #Photographers 

#TravelPhotography #NaturePhotography #UnderwaterPhotography 

★ W A N T  M O R E  like this? ★ Add me to a circle! ★

Besides photo and photoshop tutorials, I also post photography, travel ideas, quotes, and music!
Carter Warden is a photographer very similar to the rest of us; he captures the world with a lens to his eye because it is a hobby that brings him joy. How
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This isn't a surprise; who is the mystery head of Web Spam at Google?
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This looks like it be a good meal.
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The Afro-American Historic Association of Fauquier County shows off images and artifacts from local people and places in the area. The exhibits stretch from Egypt to the election of President Obama. To me, the most powerful of the exhibit items is the Slave Cage outside of the museum from the 1850s, which is haunting.
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A great place to get local and healthy foods and produce, including farm fresh meats, cheeses, and many other products straight from the farm itself. I enjoy shopping at the farm market because I find myself wanting to sample everything I've purchased as soon as I get home and start unpacking my bags (sometimes I don't wait that long). The people who work there clearly love the place, and I'm usually asked more than once if I need any help, or have any questions. The store also includes lots of baked goods at great prices, honey and salsas and chutneys and many types of pickled produce from local manufacturers. They also carry organic goods and gluten-free mixes
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The best BBQ I've ever eaten was in a roofless wooden shack just outside of Dallas, serving ribs and pulled pork, brisket and chorizos, fried okra and cornbread, and more. It's a long way from Virginia to Dallas.Fortunately, the second best BBQ I've eaten is about a six minute drive away, at a truck stop down the Seminole trail. If you like BBQ, and you get a chance to stop by, you definitely should. It's not fine dining, but it's definitely good eating.I have half my meal left, and if I wasn't full, it might not last too long. Other reviews I've read have pointed out the location, decor, and atmosphere of the truck stop, and if you drive past, it might not be a place you'd consider stopping at. If you like ribs or pulled pork though, that would be a mistake.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Poor - FairService: Very Good
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