My 14 yo knows that it would be time to replace the hard drives at the least. I say it is time to repurpose the chassis as well.

Sell it on ebay to some construction company and buy new. Call it a loss.
I adore this comment from a reader: "Anyone got the name/number of MIB there? He looks HOT - he can install a trojan in my back door any day :-)" I said, surely you must recognize Jason Bourne? Matt Damon, oh yes! (you have to watch the surveillance video: shows the FBI agents IN BLACK TIES AND JACKETS, yo, full FBI drag! reinstalling the snatched server. humina humina humina mmmm yum)
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"Look at the atrocity of them going in and taking a computer ... and disrupting all this information, and potentially getting all this information from hundreds of people not even accused of a crime. ... This is serious ... for people all over the world who depend on this stuff for their day to day work. To have it taken away by some other government, it's really unfair to them in every conceivable way."

But there is a silver lining. MF/PL came through, evidently, with shining colors. No user's anonymity was compromised.
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