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Some interesting observations regarding the new #GooglePhotos  

1. I have never had a camera that took over a 16M photo so the "high quality" option pretty much lets me store all my photos for free.  I was paying Google for the 1TB/month google storage at $9.99/mo.  I can now pay for the 100GB/month at 1.99/month.

2. The google photos uploader app authenticated me using an IE7 view. I know this because google alerted me, within 30minutes of authorizing it that there was new activity on my account from IE (a browser I don't use much; and I certainly never use IE7).

I don't have IE7 installed (IE11 is) so I'm not sure what happened.  Chrome is my default browser at the moment.  Im curious as to why Google thinks I signed in with IE7.

NOTE: I know the login in question is from my machine based on the IP address.

3. The photo uploader is pretty slow.  Granted, it has 24.5k photos to upload but it feels like it is taking forever.  I'll be curious to see if it's finished by tomorrow morning.

4. Like in the mobile app I wish I could "zoom out" and look at thumbnails for a year or even a month at a time on the web app.
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as much as I like #GooglePhotos   I wish they would give you the option to just delete images off your device and not have it delete from the cloud.  Because of this one limitation I keep gallery on my phone so I can delete local photos after they've synced to the cloud.
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Under the overflow menu (top right) there is a "Delete device copy".  This also works for multi-selected photos.  Is that what you're looking for?
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The actual singing starts at about the 15 second mark.  My daughter, Shannon, is the first girl singing a solo.  I felt like the crowd responded audibly to her singing.  The whole mood in the room kind of changed.  It was pretty cool.

Overall I thought the whole chorus sounded pretty good and the teacher did a good job of arrangement.  I do wish Shannon could have done both parts of the opener though.  The other girl was asked to step in when the girl who was supposed to sing that part didn't make it.  It would have been cool to have had Shannon sing a little extra :O)
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she still needs to actually go to a voice coach but I think she and Lisa and working on the planning of that (time constraints and all).  While I like hearing her sing I can certainly tell there is ample room for improvement.

Her classmates all seem to really like her voice too which is pretty cool.  A couple created a "fan page" about her on instagram :O)
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This is a newer, more rugged version of my bike. 
The Suzuki #V-Strom 650 occupies the middleweight niche between lighter dual-sports and larger adventure tourers.
The Suzuki V-Strom 650 occupies the middleweight niche between lighter dual-sports and larger adventure tourers.
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yeah, this one is more rugged than mine.  I have an older, 2011 Vstrom 650. I don't have the adventure; so I've got the cast wheels and exposed parts issues.

I do have some upgrades on mine such as engine guards and hand guards.

I agree it's not a much of a review of the current bike.  
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I've had some kind of chest congestion thing for a couple weeks but went for a run last night.  A slow steady 4 miles with a goal of keeping my heart rate around 155-160.  

It felt good to get back out and do SOMETHING.. anything.  I really don't enjoy slow runs - they hurt my knees more than the flowing longer stride I normally have.  But I'm still glad I got out there and did it.
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I don't have a lot of things I would put together in collections at the moment so I figured I'd go with one of my hobbies; Motorcycling.

I figure this will mostly hold photos from trips I take on the bike and maybe some photos of the bike as I add new farkle overtime.
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This looks perfect for a #geocache
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Another post from last year about my bike.  This shows the change in windscreen.  I was pretty pleased with how easy it was to swap out.
One of the biggest issues I've had with my new motorcycling experience has been the wind noise.  It's been really really loud - even at
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I got an Amazon Echo this week and, while I think it has some real potential, my initial experience with it leaves a bit to be desired.

#amazonEcho   #amazon   #echo  
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Remembering my motorcycle trip of last year:

I actually created a new blog recently at
my old blog still exists but I imported all the content to the new one.  The old blog post is already on G+ somewhere.. 

Anyway, with the beautiful weather we have right now I'm itching to take a nice long ride.
This past Friday I took a day off work so I could go on a motorcycle ride with my friend Jeff. ;Jeff has had a
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+Lisa Rawlinson made this awesome cake for our daughters birthday.  

She got the idea from this page:

I think she did a pretty stellar job - especially considering she's never worked with fondant before.
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Pretty authentic food. Tastes good and is made fairly quickly. They aren't very good about answering their phone for take out orders though. Staff is generally friendly but not always attentive.
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Best pizza in town at the moment. I particularly like the chicken pesto pizza.
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Overall the food is standard Max & Erma's food. It's consistently OK. The atmosphere is pretty good and the wait staff is generally attractive and fairly attentive. Far better than Applebees..
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