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perhaps a little overly-snarky but a good summation of the show.  It is probably the only reality show I've ever really enjoyed watching.
I have spent the last couple of days imagining scenarios in which one might need to scurry across slanted boards that are staggered like a jack-o’-lantern’s teeth. Maybe it’s good practice for trying to cross a stream without getting wet. What about swinging from a piece of fabric to a...
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I think being average sized has been the most helpful when I've watched.

Bigger guys get more fatigue in their arms from all the arm strength stuff.

Little guys have to stretch a lot more to handle the span of some obstacles. The rope net thing where they go under the rope and can't touch the water under them might be the one obstacle I can think of that favors short limbs.

Medium build guys seem to have the best power-to-weight ratio for the arm strength stuff (hands and fore arms seem to survive better) and they don't have long enough legs where they are in the way when low on an obstacle over water.

I'm always kind of amazed at how creative these absurd obstacles are.  It would be interesting to see what they came up with if punishing height were a criteria.
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Yeah, I guess I could have included that - it is in the article but not very clear.
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 I feel like this happens every few years.  Some politician uses a song by a band; they don't ask for permission, and the artist gets pissed.

Honestly, if the politician can't be honest enough to ask for permission to use a song (or pay attention to the details necessary to use the song) can you trust them with anything that's actually serious?
Donald Trump isn't the only GOP candidate who's run into trouble with musicians after using their songs
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This has nothing to do with copyright. Neil Young is upset that his music is being used in a political campaign he doesn't support, even though it was properly licenced. If the doesn't like it he should actually authorise personally all the licences for his music. No musician at his level does that because it would be insane: it would be so overwhelming that they would not get any music (or anything else for that matter) done. 
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A local band in Huntington, WV - Big Rock and the CandAss Mountain Boys playing at a cool burrito joint (Black Sheep).  I have a couple friends in the band and we (Lisa and I) don't get to get out to hear them play very often.  Last night was a good time.

The video quality sucks but their audio was solid.  
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Well this is absurdly cute +Emily Rawlinson​
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I was browsing my old wishlist on amazon and saw this album.  I didn't remember it so I just gave it a listen.

It deserved to be on my wishlist.  It's a damn good album.
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Cool to get some local talent from across the border.   #MarshallFootball  
Speedy RB and likely Mr. Football candidate was formerly committed to UK.
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Some info and a few photos of my most recent home brew

My daughter drew the cool beaver logo for the beer.
The brew life has been pretty slow lately and thus so has this blog.  I doubt it is going to speed up soon but you never know - with warmer weather may come more brewing. Logo by my daughter Sometime in the last quarter ...
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
The brew life has been pretty slow lately and thus so has this blog.  I doubt it is going to speed up soon but you never know - with warmer weather may come more brewing. Logo by my daughter Sometime in the last quarter of last year I bought the Midwest Sup...
The brew life has been pretty slow lately and thus so has this blog.  I doubt it is going to speed up soon but you never know - with warmer weather may come more brewing. Logo by my daughter Sometime in the last quarter ...
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I love that the photo that came through was the one with the logo my daughter drew.  Pretty cool
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pretty cool
The waters have been choppy, but things are looking up for the spacecraft that sails on sunbeams.
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Some interesting observations regarding the new #GooglePhotos  

1. I have never had a camera that took over a 16M photo so the "high quality" option pretty much lets me store all my photos for free.  I was paying Google for the 1TB/month google storage at $9.99/mo.  I can now pay for the 100GB/month at 1.99/month.

2. The google photos uploader app authenticated me using an IE7 view. I know this because google alerted me, within 30minutes of authorizing it that there was new activity on my account from IE (a browser I don't use much; and I certainly never use IE7).

I don't have IE7 installed (IE11 is) so I'm not sure what happened.  Chrome is my default browser at the moment.  Im curious as to why Google thinks I signed in with IE7.

NOTE: I know the login in question is from my machine based on the IP address.

3. The photo uploader is pretty slow.  Granted, it has 24.5k photos to upload but it feels like it is taking forever.  I'll be curious to see if it's finished by tomorrow morning.

4. Like in the mobile app I wish I could "zoom out" and look at thumbnails for a year or even a month at a time on the web app.
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Pretty authentic food. Tastes good and is made fairly quickly. They aren't very good about answering their phone for take out orders though. Staff is generally friendly but not always attentive.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Best pizza in town at the moment. I particularly like the chicken pesto pizza.
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reviewed 8 months ago
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Overall the food is standard Max & Erma's food. It's consistently OK. The atmosphere is pretty good and the wait staff is generally attractive and fairly attentive. Far better than Applebees..
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago