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Head of state-owned Sberbank, German Gref, warned last month of a "massive" banking crisis.

About one quarter of Russia's banks could require extra funding this year amounting to over 1.3 trillion rubles ($20.9 billion) rubles, according to Oleg Solntsev, a banking expert at the Center of Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting in Moscow.

Other analysts have warned that as much as $40 billion might be needed.

Bankruptcies are likely to be concentrated among privately owned mid-sized lenders whose failure will not have too severe an impact on the economy.

The government is less willing to save banks than during the 2009 financial crisis because of more limited resources, according to Ivan Tchakarov, chief economist at Citibank in Moscow.

"The government will be much more selective in its approach," he told reporters Wednesday. 
Mid-sized Russian lender FundServisBank was put into administration Wednesday by the financial authorities as a crisis in Russia's banking sector grows amid a stagnating economy and high interest rates.
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Frank H
America, UK and European banks are all bankrupt as their debts are not repayable without  indebting our children and their children.
To do this they all PRINT MONEY which in today's world is worthless, confirming they are broke.  Change your perception look to the future.
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Interesting Message from concerned Crimean Students
Also see
Russians Increasingly Worried About Foreign Military Threat The Moscow Times  Feb. 23 2015
Russians Say They Fear Hunger, Unemployment and Nuclear War  Jan. 30 2015
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Net neutrality cleared a major hurdle today when it was approved by the Federal Communications Commission, however it doesn't mean the new rules classifying broadband as a public utility will immediately go into effect.
Net neutrality cleared a major hurdle today when it was approved by the Federal Communications Commission.
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""When the program of quantitative easing of money printing  was going full blast in the United States, we did not see high strengthening of the dollar neither against other currencies, nor against Euro in particular," Maksim Shein, chief strategist of BCS Financial Group, told Pravda.Ru.

"But as soon as the program was scrapped in the U.S., and it is still going in Europe and Japan, and their Central Banks continue to print money, then in this situation we see strengthening of the American dollar, respectively. Moreover, rates of economic growth in the United States are higher than in Europe and Japan. Accordingly, it leads to strengthening of the American currency," the expert said."
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The USA is buying their own bonds to keep the dollar strong
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It is rare I find agreement on this matter.
Here are two more:
The immense increase in suicidal attacks has raised many questions on law and order situation of Pakistan across globe. Attack on S.P CID and PM’s adviser Ameer Muqam are recent activities in this cause. Let’s discuss th...
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Bill R Painter

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“There was a sense in the anti-war movement that it was being infiltrated by spies, by informers, but there was no evidence,” Medsger told chief arts correspondent Jeffrey Brown during a recent conversation.
And what happened to the unlikely group of burglars? They were never caught.
“They went back to living their lives and for those who were middle-aged that meant continuing with their work as professors and raising their children. For the ones who were younger, it actually turned out to be more difficult because they had dropped out of school to work so strongly to stop the war. It was more difficult and they had to rebuild their lives.”
h/t  +Sharon Sinéad Gaughan 
A change of historical pace it is for tonight.  Tonight on PBS News Hour there was a quick mention of a new book about the paranoia that the FBI had instilled into the protest movement back at the peak of the Vietnam War.  Any group involved in antiwar protests back in the late 1960's and early 1970's quickly got to feeling that there was an FBI spy or an infiltrator in every office and on every corner.  They knew that somehow our government was following them.  They began to realize that this might well be illegal because the vast majority of the people involved in protest were not doing anything illegal or committed to any violent action against the war.   They were just voicing their democratic right to speak out; to protest; to tell our elected leaders that they had gone to far.

A group of eight everyday, average citizens hatched a plan.  Remember this was before the day of our electronic networks and big data.  Everything was paper and some audio tapes and a few videos here and there.   They decided that they would develop a plan to take every document out of a small, local FBI office and see what the FBI was up to.  On the night of the first Ali-Fraser Fight back in 1971, the plan went into action.  If you know about America, almost everyone was busy that night listening or viewing the "Fight of the Century".  Nobody was much around to witness much of anything on that night. Our thoughts were elsewhere.   The theft of all those files from the FBI office went off without a hitch and gradually the documents started to appear on the desk of trusted reporters.   The secret and dark side of the FBI was revealed.  Ultimately J. Edgar Hoover lost his job and the FBI was reformed.  Our intelligence communities were reformed for a little while.  This book is the detailed story of how this heist happened and what it led to.   What changed?   The Church Committee for example was supposed to stop domestic broad stroke spying forever.   This should sound familiar.   Now our entire country has repeated a cycle and were starting down the same road again.  Over forty years later, we have another big problem with government overreach.

This interview I want to share with all of you contains a fascinating interview that Jeffrey Brown of Public Television did with Betty Medsger author of this new book just recently.  It's a very concise 6 minutes and part of a very important set of stories that Public Television has covered in its News Hour nightly television program.  It's also part of the Art Beat section of Public Television's web site. Jeffrey Brown covers art, history, and culture and of all the people on Public Television, his segments are usually the most thoughtful and well done.

The book is: The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI.   Betty was one of the reporters who received many of these files and reported on some of them over the years as a Washington Post reporter.  I want to give you an Amazon Link for the book too.  It is rated extremely well. There's a nice article here:    Here's another good link.  It's from a book talk that Betty Medsger gave recently.   She's the former Department Head of the University of San Francisco Journalism Department and an excellent speaker:  Book TV: Betty Medsger, "The Burglary."
I also thought I would share a link to an introduction to Betty at a lively bookstore in San Francisco where she gave a talk:       If you do this little search on Google, a lot of excellent hits will pop up:
betty medsger journalism     The first one is this link which was darned interesting:          

You'll find her background fascinating along with the fact that I bet she had a very good and helpful reader right at home as she drafted and edited her book.  Her husband was Presiding Justice of the California Court of Appeals.    By the way, the burglars were never caught.  They all went back to their lives, never spoke with each other again, but they struck a resounding blow for our Constitution and Citizen Rights.   This sound like it is a fascinating and enjoyable read with many lessons for us.

#jedgarhoover   #governmentsurveillance   #domesticsurveillance  
#citizenrights   #firstamendment   #governmentoverreach   #billofrights   #governmentsecrecy   #surveillancestate  
“There was a sense in the anti-war movement that it was being infiltrated by spies, by informers, but there was no evidence,” said Betty Medsger, author of "The Burglary." In 1971, a small group of unlikely individuals -- including a physicist, a religion professor and a college dropout turned cab driver/lock picker -- took it upon themselves to prove it. Continue reading →
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Wikipedia donations
Please donate some cash to the wikipedia (yes the 'maybepedia' but still – it's an awesome resource...)

I hope you're all well!

Cheers, Adrian
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Bill R Painter

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CIA vs. Greek Democracy, the Magna Carta, the Constitution, the Father of Free Market Capitalism and the U.S. Judicial System
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The "awful-itial narrative is being destroyed day by day by it's own proponents:<)! C'est La Vie!:<)
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Bill R Painter

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"“ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies,” Clark admitted on Tuesday, using another acronym for ISIL.

The only group that will fight Hezbollah is ISIL because they are “zealots” and resemble a “Frankenstein,” he said.

General Clark did not specify exactly which US allies were involved the creation of the ISIL. But he said the terrorist group is part of a strategy to destroy Hezbollah with an army of extremists."
A top retired US general has admitted that Washington’s allies created the ISIL terrorist group to confront Hezbollah.
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excerpt  23 Feb 2015
The Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) jihadist group is reportedly planning to declare an Islamic emirate in Lebanon, security sources told a Lebanese news outlet.
ISIS may face resistance from the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon.
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Let's Not Repeat Past Mistakes - Restricting Free Speech will Fuel Radicalisation

Thomas Hughes of Article 19 discusses how the Charlie Hebdo attack is being used to crack down on human rights, especially free speech (regardless of the public show put on by politicians in support of free speech following the attack).

He notes that EU and US talks have resulted in calls for internet providers to create a means for 'swift reporting' and removal of material that aims to incite hatred and terror - a 'reporting' mechanism which could be used to stifle legitimate, albeit often highly distasteful or offensive, speech without due process safeguards.

And in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to block online messaging services which offer encryption, if conservatives win the upcoming general elections.

He notes that not only will this make internet users vulnerable to interception of their communications by criminals, it will also expose them to routine surveillance by domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.

He argues that this latest crackdown on freedom of expression and privacy isn't new. In times of crisis, public officials often make promises to increase security in response to public fears and indeed their own need to be reacting to the crisis. The most notable example in recent years was the introduction of the US Patriot Act after the 9/11 attacks. But too often, this means greater State control over our lives and less accountability for that increased power. In our experience, anti-terrorism and security laws are often far too broad, and not narrowly tailored to specifically deal with genuine threats to national security. They restrict freedom of expression or justify State intrusion to our lives when the cost to our liberties far outweighs any supposed benefit.

Read more on this here:
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From the Arab scholars ( Muslims) who gave us ALGEBRA

Anyone can be a savage/barbarian it has nothing to do with race or religion.
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