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openGL programmer needed for DC-based Burning Man art project

I'm working on the The Pyramid of Possibilities art project being built in the DC area for Burning Man. It will be a 30' high structure with 84 platforms connected by ladders. Each platform will be outfitted with a teensy microcontroller, an accelerometer, a speaker and 220 individually addressable LEDs, each 24-bit RGB, updated at 800 Hz. The platforms will all be networked together, allowing for lighting and sound patterns that play out across the entire structure.

We need lots of volunteers to make this awesome art happen, including people to work on the woodworking, logistics, electronics and software. 

At the moment, we particularly need someone with openGL experience to take on the following task. We have cross-platform code that determines the values for 18,480 LEDs, updated at 800Hz. We also have a Sketchup 3d model of the entire pyramid (but without any lights). We need someone to write code to merge those two so we can visualize what the light patterns will look like, since the entire pyramid won't be assembled until Burning Man. We'll use this to experiment with and refine the lighting display and interaction patterns. You don't need to be in the DC area to work on the software for the project.

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Added photos to University of Maryland SF Bay Area Alumni Networking Reception.

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Reception by the UMD College of Computer, Math and Natural Sciences for alumni and friends. 

Join fellow Bay Area alumni at the Computer History Museum for refreshments and a talk by alumna Pooja Sankar, CS MS '04, as she discusses her company and building the infrastructure for the future of learning. 

FREE and includes an after-hours tour of the museum!

UMD Hosts -CMNS Dean Jayanth Banavar, Computer Science faculty Samir Khuller, Chair, and Professor Emeritus Bill Pugh, Physics Chair, Drew Baden and Entomology and National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center Director, Margaret Palmer.

More info at

RSVP by March 15: Kelly Terrill ( 301.405.0486

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I'll be in the SF Bay area March 18th-21st, and rather than try to individually get together with all my friends in the Bay area, I decide to just schedule an open get together and invite them all. Discussions about FindBugs, Marmoset, and my work on a new iPhone app are all fair game.

We'll hold this at Tied House: better for people just showing up whenever. Feel free to show up anytime between 6 and 9pm.

Anyone have suggestions for a site for listing a bay area UMD alumni event, primarily to allow those people who wish to do so to list their attendance to encourage their fellow alumni to attend and to facilitate follow up contacts with people they meet?

LinkedIn killed their events app, and I don't want to assume that everyone uses either Facebook or Google+. My current thoughts are,, or just have a web page somewhere without any social links. 


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appengine, why do you torment me so?

Can't download data from Google app engine.
Running on OS X Mountain lion, Python 2.6 if it matters. 

fancy_urllib.InvalidCertificateException: Host returned an invalid certificate (_ssl.c:480: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed): 
To learn more, see

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Heading to Burning Man this year. I'll be camping at BLD, near Click Click's RV. We are supposed to be at the NE corner of 3:30 and Geranium, but that may change when we get there. Who else will be at BM?
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