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Bill James
Eh? What? *tap* *tap*... is this thing on!?
Eh? What? *tap* *tap*... is this thing on!?

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I mean, I like beer, but this is a light pils for $120?

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This is the #Groovy   #Grails  BoF panel from last night at #s2gx.  Can you name them all?

Having a great time in Santa Clara at Spring One/2GX.  #s2gx Quite a few new features coming in Groovy, Grails and Spring right now.

Has anyone else noticed they know a lot more bald guys than they used to?  Is there where human genetics is heading?  #nohairnoproblem

Very sad to hear about Iain Banks.  RIP.   Our Culture will miss him.

Obviously someone at Google thought of this, or there'd have been more dead grandma's after entering "XXX Olympiad" in their search bar.

At dinner with my daughter and 3 of her friends sleeping over tonight, when suddenly one of them says, "Inconceivable!".   This is followed immediately by more #PrincessBride quotes:
"My name is Inigo Montoya..."
"Stop SAYING that!"
"No more Rhyming!"
"As you wish..."

That's just all kinds of awesome.

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This, my friends, is why pre-processor-based compile dependencies are evil: #includeisbad

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Lightning Brewery tasting room taps #Beer
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