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Facebook results surge as ad revenue keeps climbing. #facebookmarketing   #digitalmarketing  
The social network displayed new evidence of its advertising momentum, posting a big increase in first-quarter earnings that will give the company more resources to challenge bigger players in the technology industry.
Add a comment... was very happy to attend and sponsor the +Sitelink Software by +SMD Software Inc User Conference this Year.  The SiteLink self storage property management system conference saw record numbers this year.

Story from Storage Talk by

SiteLink User Conference Reaches New Heights

This year, SiteLink reached new heights at their User Conference in Las Vegas. Over 500 storage owners, managers, and partners attended this weekend conference. During the conference, SiteLink provided valuable insight into their software to help SiteLink get the most out of the software and improve operational efficiency.

While some attendees of this year’s conference might have traveled a significant distance from within the United States, others traveled even further. Operators from Australia, Asia, Latin America, and Europe made their way to Las Vegas to attend the conference.

“This year’s conference outweighed all other conferences,” said Dallas Dogger, a representative of SiteLink International.

During the 2014 User Conference, SiteLink also unveiled a re-branded logo, which can be seen here. The new logo was designed to show how SiteLink helps operators by automating the daily operations that are part of running a storage facility.

At this year’s conference, SiteLink users were able to better understand the ways that they can get even more out of using the SiteLink property management software. A panel of industry experts and SiteLink users discussed customer experience, software enhancements, and even provided demonstrations. SiteLink partners demonstrated the benefits of integrating their products/services with SiteLink, and SiteLink technicians did question-and-answer sessions to help attendees learn more about their software.

“Our User Conference grows quickly because we listen to our customers,” said Markus Hecker, Chief Operating Officer at SiteLink. “We invited SiteLink users to share real-world scenarios; the attendees responded well to many tips they are ready to implement.”

“The new format of the User Conference was so valuable. Having the storage operators demonstrate SiteLink’s software added great value, and it showed me how to easily implement new features into my operation. I recommend this conference to everyone in the business.” said Dawn Tangvald, President of   +Northwest Self Storage.

#selfstorage   #propertymanagementsoftware   #SiteLink  

The 2014 SiteLink User Conference had over 500 attendees, including a couple employees.
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+Uncle Bob's Self Storage Opens New Downtown Chattanooga, TN Self Storage Facility.

A brand new self storage facility has opened in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. The building, operated by national brand Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, was built by NitNeil Partners and has a contemporary design to fit with the aesthetic of the area known as the Southside Historic District.

“The Southside Historic District is transitioning from industrial to vibrant and welcoming, and we are excited to be part of this movement,” said Nitesh Sapra, principal at Nitneil Partners. “This facility has been designed to a high architectural standard and will fit right in with the aesthetic of the area.”

The storage facility is three stories tall and has 582 climate controlled storage units. It also includes Wi-Fi access, video surveillance, and 24-hour access upon request.

This facility marks Uncle Bob’s sixth facility in the Chattanooga area and is one of over 450 storage locations across 25 states for Uncle Bob’s Self Storage.

#selfstorage   #chattanooga
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Google's Universal Analytics, which was recently brought out of beta and launched full-scale, is better equipped to measure website data in today's multi-screen, multi-device world. 
What are some of the new features of Universal Analytics that can benefit your business?

User ID: The biggest and most notable change from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics is User ID. With this feature, you'll be able to measure interaction with your site across different devices, allowing you to better understand your consumers and their web traffic behaviors. For example, before, a user could visit your website on a phone, a laptop, and a tablet, and each visit would be considered unique. With Universal Analytics' User ID, you're able to see that it's a returning visitor using multiple devices.

Time Zone Data: Currently, Google Analytics is set to Pacific Standard Time (PST), which means users outside of PST have lagging data. Now, users are able to set their time zones to see data in their time.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics: Instead of using the default dimensions and metrics, you can now create custom dimensions and metrics with Universal Analytics. This is great for collecting and analyzing data sets that are specific to your business's goals.

Although Google Analytics is still being used by many users, Universal Analytics will soon become the standard for all users. If you're ready to upgrade, you can visit the upgrade center:

Universal Analytics is the new operating standard for Google Analytics, and it provides more in-depth measurements for your website.
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Thank you +UpCity for including link to the +B2 Interactive article.  

"Getting noticed on the local web isn’t as difficult as think, considering it conceptually. You just need to add local indicators to your website (that should also be mobile optimized).  Bill Hipsher provides more tips on your business’s local SEO - "
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No problem, +Bill Hipsher! Thanks for sharing our roundup.
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Bill Hipsher

Shared publicly  - Launches Inaugural College Scholarship Essay Contest is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural College Scholarships.  The annual scholarship essay contest offers three $2,500 scholarships for college students.

The scholarship contest is designed to give students around the nation an opportunity to acquire a scholarship that relieves some of the financial pressures of college. College students are frequent users of self storage, and wanted to find a way to give back.

“Paying and packing for college can be a challenge,” said Nick Bilava, Director of Sales and Marketing for “We’ve seen college students around the country use to find additional space for their things because of this.”

“Giving back to our many, many self storage renters that have a need for self storage in college was a key reason for building the annual scholarship program,” said Bill Hipsher, CEO of “Going to college can be stressful on so many fronts, logistics and financial aid being two major stresses. The scholarship can alleviate some of the stress on both of those fronts.”

On April 17, 2014, launched its inaugural college scholarship contest in which three scholarships, each worth $2,500, will be awarded. The three contest winners will come from different applicant categories:

-    a current high school senior enrolled or enrolling in a college or university in the fall of 2014
 -   a current college student who was enrolled at a college or university in the spring of 2014 and will be enrolled in the fall of 2014
 -   a parent/guardian of a student enrolled or enrolling at a college or university in the fall of 2014

Applicants must submit a 250 to 400-word essay in order to be considered for the scholarship. Applicants also have the opportunity to create a one to two-minute video to supplement their essays. “The video supplement to the scholarship application is strongly encouraged,” said Hipsher. ” Technology makes adding a video to the submission so easy today. The video portion allows our judging panel with an opportunity to get to know a bit more about the applicants via video and not just written word.”

For current high school and current college students, the essay question is as follows: “Given that you already have the necessities for college, if you could only take what fits into a backpack with you to college, what would you bring?”

For the parents/guardians, the essay question is as follows: “In a perfect world, when your child moves out for college, what are you going to do with their bedroom?”

In addition to answering the primary question above, all Scholarship contest entries, whether from high school students entering college, current college students, or parents of students, should include no fewer than 50 words and no more than 150 words about why the student deserves the scholarship (e.g., academic achievement, civic contributions, etc.), and/or how the scholarship will benefit the student (e.g., how the scholarship will contribute to their future).

The winning essays will be selected after two rounds of judging. In the first round, the top 20 essays from each of the three applicant categories will be chosen by the Scholarship Committee. During the application process, all essays and video submissions will be available for review on and will have the opportunity for social sharing, promotion, and voting. Should there be any ties in first round voting, social votes may be used as a tiebreaker, giving the public a chance to weigh in on who they think may be most deserving.

In the second round, the Scholarship Committee, which consists of storage industry professionals, both past and present, will evaluate the essays chosen and select the three winners.

The application period for the Scholarship ends at 12:00 AM CST on July 31, 2014. Applicants who have made it to the second round will be announced on’s website and via e-mail by August 7, 2014. Winners will be notified on August 15, 2014.

Applicants seeking help or more information can call the Scholarship Hotline toll-free at ​866-826-6915.

High schools, college, university and other financial aid professionals wishing to receive more information on making the scholarship easily accessible to students or prospective students can call the Scholarship management team at 866-670-4182.

For more information about’s college scholarship contest, including contest rules and how to enter, visit

Three students will have the chance to win $2,500 in's Inaugural College Scholarship Contest.
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+Justin Van Nostrand at +Hurrdat shares what you need to know about coming changes to #twitter  profile changes.


Twitter has announced the new Twitter profile design, featuring a cleaner, more visual approach. The redesign comes soon after recent changes to Facebook’s newsfeed and the impending overhaul of Facebook Pages.

Not only is the timing close to Facebook’s, a lot of the design changes look eerily similar to what we’re used to seeing on the world’s largest social network.

Like Facebook, Twitter is moving to a more visual look for their profiles. Profile photos are larger and header images span the entire width of the page with a new recommended resolution of 1500 x 500 pixels, up from 1252 x 626 in the old layout.
The tweet stream is also seeing a few visual changes. Now you will be able to easily filter between tweets, tweets with photo/videos, or tweets and replies. This used to be a feature that was reserved for verified users, but with the new look Twitter appears to be opening it up to everyone.

Users with new profiles will automatically have their most popular tweets enlarged on their page to increase visibility. Tweets themselves take on a card look, with the number of retweets and favorites shown directly on the tweet, a move that’s pulled straight from the recent redesign of Twitter’s mobile apps.

Twitter is also introducing the ability to pin tweets to the top of Twitter profiles, another feature that seems to be taken directly from Facebook.

For now, the new Twitter profile design is available to a few, select users, but the changes will start to show up for everyone “in the coming weeks.”

To get a firsthand look at the new Twitter profile design, check out these profiles:
• Film stars @zacefron and @channingtatum
• French TV host @nikosaliagas
• Australian Football League @AFL
• First Lady Michelle Obama @flotus
• Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter @gilbertogil
• Boxer @FloydMayweather
• TV star @kerrywashington
• Musicians @JohnLegend and band @weezer
• Mashable editor @mattpetronzio

The post Everything you need to know about the new Twitter profile design appeared first on Hurrdat Blog |

#socialmediamarketing   #digitalmarketing  
Twitter is giving user profiles a fresh coat of paint in the coming weeks. Learn more about the changes in our blog.
Following up the recent changes in Facebook’s newsfeed and the impending overhaul of Facebook Pages, Twitter has a new Twitter profile design.
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Bill Hipsher

Shared publicly  - 
B² Interactive has an opening in content editing and creation.  Contact +Aaron Mackel or +Bailey Hemphill.   #omaha   #jobs    #editor   
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Bill Hipsher

Shared publicly  - 
Happy Friday +Brandon Taylor +Charles McCullough and the rest of the b2 interactive team.
How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? #LoL  
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Building B² Interactive, enjoying tech-startup life - focusing on our search engine marketing services
After many years of off and on building an idea born more than a decade ago I decided it was time to start working on something new.  Still working with the last project but my eye is on the future with  Our first year flew by.  We have built a solid web presence for dozens of businesses in Omaha.  We also brought together 3 great national self storage websites,, and, all to be operated by B² Interactive in Omaha, NE.  

B² Interactive is a website development and internet marketing firm founded in 2012 by Brandon Taylor and I.  We build fantastic websites for Omaha businesses, yes.  Just as importantly we work to make sure they are found.  I head up our internet marketing and business development side of our company.  
3 Daughters, 1 Son all between the ages of 6 months & 15 years.  An incredibly supportive wife who allows me to work at building what we are.
I have been involved with the development of storage related websites since building the first shop and compare self storage website nearly 15 years ago.  That grew up into the largest website and it is something we operate again.  Things really do tend to circle around in business.
Been working for the last 15+ years in various business development roles including website development and real estate development (mixed use, multi-family, hospitality, municipal).
Love travelling with my wife, throwing darts with my brothers and being perpetually disappointed in the various sports teams I follow (Huskers, Blue Devils, Lakers, Yankees).
Also, I possess a fantasy football curse similar to the Madden curse.  For the last 8 years a minimum of 2 out of my first 3 picks has had a season ending injury within the first 2 weeks of the season.  We may start an NFL players insurance fund where for a small fee any player can ensure that they will not be picked by me, thus protecting them from the Hipsher fantasy football curse.
Bragging rights
We not only survived first year of tech start-up life but flourished. Things are looking really good for B² Interactive.
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha
    Real Estate & Land Use Economics, 1993 - 1997
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Dr. Vondra was very attentive to my needs. I have a severe dentist-aversion problem that he helped to quell. Service was quick and the entire staff was very friendly. Everything that I needed, my options and post treatment expectations were fully and clearly explained by Dr. Vondra.
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