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The Enterprise. In Christmas Lights. #startrek  
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Is that the ship from STAR TREK :o
Wow how many crismas lite is that
Ram Rod
That is so kool
It's ironic that the futuristic is framed in the past - there's a lit caboose in the background and what looks to be a real RR junction lever in the lower foreground.
Is this in the USA? Wow I can't imagine the electric bill
You need to become a artist you did a great job on the lights god bless you and may God bless your family too and have a great Christmas
+Marc House Actually, it's "NCC-1701." Two "c"s.

I have won the battle...but who shall win the NERD WAR?!
LOL funny, Nash
Make it so! ........The neighbors are jealous!
I keep wondering when Trekkie nerds will run out of ideas.
I bet you someone is gonna do a millennium falcon decoration
+Regina Robinson I cant even began to tally up that bill...factors of killiwatts..hours..times service...too much to guess!! .taz..
All I want for Xmas is a ride into space on the Enterprise :)
Kirk says, Ok, Everyone, Remember where we parked!
The Wrath Of Kahn..... Watch Out For A Bird Of Prey Attack!
Space the final frontier
these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. .....
Let's get on board disappeare off into space.
I cannot wait for the day when spaceships and shuttles enter and exit Earth as frequent as our planes and helicopters take off and land on Earth.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
Its mission: to explore space and go where no man (human) has gone before... such a lofty ideal it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!

My son loves the Star Trek soundtracks (old and new), and we play those in the car everyday, full-blast of course. I don't get tired of it at all.
I've given her all she's got captain... she can go no brighter. You need to pay the electric bill!!!
Too boldly go where no lawn decoration has gone before... what's next - An Xmas Xwing?
The Festival of Lights annual Parade of Lights covers three miles of Washington Street starting on one side of the city and ending just past downtown. The parade features floats shaped entirely from lights, including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the chopper motorcycle float illuminated with LED lights, a 70-foot long float of the famous Clydesdale horse team pulling a delivery wagon, Frosty the Snowman, the starship Enterprise illuminated with 48,000 LED light bulbs, and the 95-foot-long smoke-spewing China dragon.

2013 East Peoria Festival of Lights Promotional Video

2012 Festival of Lights Parade

Festival of Lights Parade 2011 Filler
Want this for the Christmas Flotilla in the Intra Coastal Waterway!
Mr Sulu, set the Electric Meter to warp 8. Engage! REALLY cool though! 
Our mission: To boldly glow where no one else has glown before.
FUCKING............................................................................................  .AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do people do that now everybody can see it up on the sky
To boldly go where no electric bill has gone before.
I live near this. I visit the festival every year and it's every bit as cool as it looks. There's an Xwing a tie fighter and more Christmas themed things than you can possibly imagine. It's really beautiful and a great tradition in the Peoria Illinois area. 
hooolly crappp best decoration EVER!!!!!!!!!
Rent a car company enterprise 
Not even a star trek fan but this all types of awesome 
Not really a Start Trek fan, but that is awesome
Very nice. I can't say nice enough!
Awesome. I know where I need to go this winter. :)
That is great.............just hate to see the electric bill. :-) lol
I have the sudden urge to go watch the movie again.
itssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss so lame my is better
that is the best thing I have ever seen
I would be the number 1 volunteer even on an experimental journey. With just a little help I could pass as a really good klingon!
"Use the force, Harry" - Gandalf
oh my god I'm in heaven! beautiful! exceptional! fantastic !
I think I have found my theme for next xmas
I want to see a Millenium Falcon done that way. :)
Haha, me too. Im a Trek fan from 69, this is awesome. :-)
Wow I need that on my front lawn lol....
Oh my god! Its full of stars!
That's awesome, must taken plenty of hours work.
And when the star ship takes off and flies away, you know you've done something right.
Want one but sorry can't have one :D You can try and draw one :-)
Thats looks awesome all lit up WOW!!!
How many dilithium crystals did this kill?
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