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Ha ha , it looks like cantaloupe to me
they arnt watermelons oh i must have been the only one
GM ?
Laughing my ass off at this one! That watermelon sure looks like corn even though it says watermelon! My goodness bless that persons heart! Me
It's that new GMO watermelon - looks like corn, tastes like melon.  Next up, pumpkin-carrots and potato-grapes...
If it says Watermelon it IS watermelon .. :) . 
theirs cotten candy flavored grapes
MELON!!!!! must smash! wate a min. that's no melon. ?????
stop trying to trick me!!
Those are Monsanto watermelons they just were modified to look like corn
-_- ... wow... really?
Shit! I put the wrong tag! It was supposed to say banana!!! D:
I would have said grandmas teeth
Lol!! Genetically made..
presenting the new veggie fruit.. (Cornmelon) or (Meloncorn)..
I thought those watermelons tasted a little off least he was able to put the sticker in the middle of the product. Can't expect too much from someone that works in the produce aisle at Vons. I'd be smoking lots of weed outside by the recyling bin too if I was that kid then come back inside and label everything wrong.
Someone needs to get with the program !
Kevin A
the future of evolution
Love how the label says "compare food"
That is corn? My guess would have been cherries. (^u^)
Thats Monsanto's corns:)
I work at a grocery store and this is actually pretty common. There will usually be unused tags, and it's much more convenient to use a tag with the same price rather than find the code for a new item, enter in the quantity/weight and then reprint a new one. Besides, I would estimate over 95% of people don't care what the tag says, they are just concerned about the price.
I think I have done things such as this befor AT least kinda .
takes to customer service
Me: But-
"To my fellow Spanish speakers out there"QUE VERGA!!!"
Si comes eso, mañana te salen granos. Cuidate.
Translate example of overlooking simple things in life...
ROFL...sure like anyone would ever notice :P
ter nea
This is America. Illiteracy is okay! Just don't ask for a living wage or benefits...
I'm just guessing that on top of everything else, the price per pound for watermelon is lower than it is for corn on the cob.
YUP..... I SAW THAT....ONE BIG MELON.....right.....???!!!
I believe it.... Especially these day...
I guess this is what a GED gets you...
Human error. ..we not perfect. 
Angel Devillle...Small creatures always put aside. 
what a mess.... physically present but mentally absent or MAYBE it was called like that in there mountain...who knows
God is looking down at us right now saying:
"Why didnt I evolve the bears instead of these apes? Only God knows, oh wait shit!" Watermelons...yellow...B-)
but the stickers labeled, "watermelon"...
Watermelon? Looks more like corn! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
Another example of public school failure. Sadly, I seem to see it way too often.
This here corn was packaged by a leader of tomorrow...
I liked corn....i hve a lot in my place corn......
We hve also coconut a lot in the phil.
Can't differentiate melon to corn.
Could be a special type of corn with watermelon flavor :)
Just keep reading the sign while eating and it will feel like watermelon
funny, but easy to make this mistake..not reading the label, being in a rush....
Well if you squint your eyes and look kind of looks like a...
Please do not misguide especially the young ones
i would eat watermelon corn
Its done on purpose what matters is the price they wanted on it, Century 21 Dept. Store is like that too.
Whatever u say, you will pay this for watermelon. . Haha
Nobody reads labels anymore anyway ...notice how much larger the price is than the object description.

Maybe he is just really bad at spelling.
Wow, can you pop that watermelon, too?
Pretty sure my friend is responsible for that.
We must hold hands, close our eyes and forgive him!
Is this a metaphor for Congress?
Now that's funny, yet sad. Multitasking may have shut down the store. : ) 
I could totally go for some grilled watermelon. I'll eat it right off the cob!
What if the watermelon was behind and the corn comes for free?
Um... I had a tiring... night? And they looked like watermelons!
Angel R
He / she really needs to ask for an appointment in Specsavers 
Angel R
But that.s what they do to recycle and old tag instead of doing a new one , that has happened to me.
As a Nebraskan, I find this offensive!!!
Perhaps English was NOT the first language of the person packing this, or he/she might have been functionally illiterate.
Dude when I looked at it,it was corn you should know that
Durb... Yeah...uhmmmm... YOU JUST LOST YOUR JOB my nigga. For real you must be high on some strong ish
lol....................... government shutdown.:(
what if it is a watermelon and we were wrong all the time ?!
I don't understand, that looks like a watermelon to me.
Shop two your. Love. Who is your for love. NO
This is most likely someone trying to get a whole watermelon for 1.49 but was unable to distinguish a watermelon from a ear of corn.
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