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Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct according the latest review of animals and plants by the world’s largest conservation network
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I really hate people that do what they want.
People who hunt endangered species are just pieces of shit.
Aidan W.
That's a shame. It shouldn't have died
Lets be more pro active and educate more people on the need to conserve the remaining Rhino and African elephant population
Sean G
All a part of the evolutionary process. Our time will come.
Holocene extinction. Get used to it?
Humans suck. We take this planet for granted & we'll regret it one day. 
No doubt hunted to extinction on a ranch just outside of Dallas, Texas. 
Andy Cwikla
This is terrible news but it's the cycle of nature. Animals went extinct long before man walked on earth. 
the lessons we have to learn remain on the backs of us as a single unit.
What happened? Rest in peace.
Jess Cole
How am I going to sleep knowing there is no more rhinos!
I'd be smiling my ass off if humans were to extinct (yes I'm a human as well and all that) I mean...first of: humans are the ones that's already declared (by me) as endangered species! And also ever since we existed...throughout the whole time had more than a thousands of species had been far from extinction because of human's a true and live with it, we're the most terrible species not on earth but In the whole universe...whether you like it or not...
Zain Abid
Why why why waaaaaaa so sad . Dum poachers what if lions killed them for there skin or something lets see how they like it
The human species can be jerks.
What did people have to do with it? The species obviously couldn't compete so it lost out. Don't hate the players, hate the game! In the meantime do you have any ground rhino horn stashed away? My supply is running low...

We have the DNA and RNA of black rhinos.

They may not be wandering around, anymore - but they aren't extinct so long as humans can clone 'em.

We're fixin' to clone a woolly mammoth - what's the problem?
:( :( :( :(:( :(:( :(:( :(:( :(:( :(:( :(:( :(
Mark S
That sucks
I guess tha Black man's next on ur list....huh?¿:(
Jane C.
Source and verification please....not some according to.... Give evidence.
Because everyone thinks rhino's had a purpose outside of charging at us and overgrazing on grasslands.
these things were useless and a danger to humans and the enviroment if you think about it.
(( wow that is something i did not know, thank you. ))
DX NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cry
people should be sorry this poor animal is dead and its our fault we should feel bad!!!!!
We seem to be getting pretty good at causing extinction. ;(
That is very sad on the part of humans. ..With all the money and technology floating around you would think that people and governments would be able to put a stop on this....NOPE.. Their to busy drilling for oil and minerals and destroying the enviroment...wait I lied...they do have time for greed and corruption. 
Now hold on, if we could get some DNA from this creature, couldn't we clone it? DNA doesn't fossify for thousands of years
it isn't too late, all they need to do is freeze some of the dna and save it until our technology advances and then clone more!
That's so sad //: look how cute the tiny baby is ):
I honor these extinct animals. I always have and Always will.
i don't see how rhinos dying is our fault. to be honest i also don't see how rhinos show so much of importance to us? 0.o it's sad they died but uh..
What? That's depressing. Sad. Just sad.
I bet that most people here can't recite the differences, without looking them up, between a Black and a White rhino.
I cried when I say the baby rhino😭
And I never even got to taste one :(
Jane C.
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! sniff they were endangered and are now gone! sniff  they are one of my top 5 favorite animals! :(
Is that "extinct in the wild" or everywhere in the world?
+clifton robinson
What for? So we can slaughter them all over again? What's done is done. Move along, nothing to see here.
Wow, that's just sad. You would think by now we would have learned
Jane C.
IDK... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Rhinos dying off is entirely mankind's fault, because we HUNTED them into extinction, for their Rhino Horns. Ostensibly to increase penis size.

Now, if we could only get people to believe that Poacher's testicles make your cock bigger. 
Matt Haynes
It's NOT the "circle of life"! If a species goes extinct without human interference, then THAT's the circle of life. Hunting to extinction for alleged / unproven medicinal purposes is just tragic. I don't even blame the poachers so much as they have f**k all and are in some cases just trying to put bread on the table. It's the demand source. C**ts! I'm a tad angry now. Are we going sit back and watch the elephants go next? Or millions of acres of rainforest which could kill off countless as yet undiscovered species and even true medicinal cures. Shite, shite and shite!
The people on this planet have alot to answer for,maybe if we were extinct the animals would have a better chance!

+Michael Tilton right - because no other species on Earth causes another species to become extinct, right?

We still have plenty of other rhinos.

The forest pygmy rhino is my favorite - because they're cute.
Slowly the word is losing every thing that makes it so amazing. Very sad to hear. People hunt Rhinos for only one thing and that's their horn. They cut it off to sell and leave the rest to rot.  
well... WE didn't hunt them. people in africa did to you know.. possibly eat, and such. they were probably pretty freaking useful. so i still don't see why everyone is making a big fuss over this.
Now what will the poachers hunt? Hopefully each other -_- 
No. No. That's not true. That's impossible!
Search your feelings, you know it to be true!
No! No!
(Quote from star wars)
1 more to add to the never ending list caused by people
we have only ourselves to blame!Our kids will not know what they looked like in their habitat....AShame!
+patrick hunter do you realize that every day, something like 1000 species go extinct on Earth?

Why not bemoan those?

Oh I know why: because bacteria can't play the drums, right?
The odd thing about this story is that the Western Black Rhino disappeared about a decade ago.

+Fess Parker traditional Chinese medicine isn't evolutionary. If anything, it's devolutionary. 
So very said. Poaching is a poor excuse for a living. 
OMG I LUV ANIMALS I CAN't BELIEVE THIS OMG GUYS I AM GONNA PRAY " dear god plz do let the magestic animals be extint let live 1 or 2  and let them reproduce amen
why is everyone caring so much about this? one of the things i ponder in life.
Leo P.
Ahhh, why does everyone have to keep killing things. What will you do when the human race starts to become extinct hmm?
What has this world come to!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's sad. But the earth is still more resilient than we are...
Lets hope it's mankind next....
I guess the Chinese will have to come up with a new way to float their boat. Pretty silly to slaughter an entire species for sexual stimulants.
All those saying "Circle of life", well, the circle of life didn't have us humans screwing around with it. "Circle of life" is natural selection, where an animal that can't survive is killed of naturally, not by intelligent life forms that should know better than to kill off other species. Losing another great, majestic animal to the hands of poachers seems sad, but look at the bigger picture: We have caused the extinction of an entire SPECIES. Open your minds, people. How many more animals have to die for us to finally realize that humanity is the singe worst mass-murderer ever to exist? "It wasn't me," you may protest, "It was poachers." But take a look around your house. How many animals lost homes to create the palm oil just laying around? What was wasted to make the simple things spread around you? Where will all your garbage go? Think about it. Humanity, YOU, have created a problem in this marvolous world. Fix it. Fix it the best you can.
Where were you all when they were endangered and could have done something.  Too late to be upset about it now.
:| Who killed the last one of them? Poachers, disease, etc.?
awwww they would probably be adorable!! 
+KARKAT VANTAS thnx. its a tragedy though. poor black rhinos. standing there thinking rhino thoughts like: hey whats that on my horn, or mmm! delicous grass. then BAM! shot dead by a stupid poacher. 
well we cant cry if our race did that its our fault..
NOOO! This actually made me cry. I am CRYING right now because of this
Jehovah God didn't mean for us to be like that. Its because Adam and eve sinned but I agree, humans are terrible! +Syed Nadim
This is not the cycle of nature its the cycle of man. Its not just sad its discusting and shameful. I myself would have no problem with an open season on poachers along with the people that make their acts profitable!!!!!
if there wasn't RICH GREEDY SPOILED RETARDS who bought the products made from animals, there would not be a market, and thus, no animal would be harmed.
if there was no evil society which conformed to a system of illegal money making and immoral corporations, no animal would be harmed.
if there wasn't billions of retards supporting the evil society which accepts atrocities across the world, life would be a paradise.
This very sad because we are the most feared predators in the world. If only our greed didn't get to us so often. :( 
omg i cant belIave that and the look so cute too:D
Oh no! How awful! I hope poachers are happy w/ themselfs, the dumbasses. Now there are no more of these magnificent creatures on our planet. :'(
Hai sorry its not meh fault that i love animal u little baby u must be single and have no friends ............................... HATER
The irony is that when a species is put on the endangered species list, they become more valuable on the black market... Humans need to have #empathy for all living things! 
99.9% of all species of life on this planet have gone extinct...
I don't believe this! Humans don't care for nature enough
Dam that's extremely horrible did we humans made it go extinct or something else
My parents are so upset about this. Mom's from Africa. So sad. Shame on humanity. I though we were HUMANE. I'm gonna cry.

+KARKAT VANTAS what is your problem? A whole species died and your saying its not a freakin big deal. You have to realize that we won't see these animals ever again. They're gone! You won't find them! A whole species for crying out loud.  So ur saying if they are useful you can just go ahead and take all those lives and act like nothing happened, nothing died. I cant believe you think this isn't a big deal.
Don't they have Rhinos in the zoo? i mean there has to be a least 50 leaf.  If it was up to me i would say  in danger,  but u say it's extinct 
95 percent of all life that ever existed on this planet is extinct.... All we can do is try to save the ones that are left .. Or we can start cloning.
This hurts my heart what a shame 
Way to go, humans. Are we proud of ourselves now? 
This has broken my heart!

Why people! When there are so many good people in the world how can this happen!!!

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with I just hope she knows who the good people are!!!

I don't understand why someone would do this? 
Yeah, but it actually was declared extinct in 2011. CNN just updated their original article, now people think its just happened. Sure its a shame, but if everyone was genuinely concerned they would probably know this, rather than reacting to a post on the internet.
Actually, these were declared extinct on Nov. 10, 2011 by the IUCN. Also, keep in mind that this is a subspecies, there are still Black Rhinoceros still alive (not to minimalize the extinction of any species, just to provide accurate and informed information.)
dang them joints biiigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Keep up the good work. Next let's start some rumours in Asia that eating polar bear testicles and ovaries will insure virility. That should finally knock those suckers off the endangered edge. And with less to combat seal over population in the north, we'll be that much closer to wiping out the base of marine life. But, in the interm I'll make a killing with investments in cod futures ;)
well there goes something else the future generation won't see.
The rhino have been in extinctipn since before the wars and Mandelas ' release from resson it is said that war is hell........
+KARKAT VANTAS Yeah, but they're still beautiful creatures that we destroyed because of our greed. They are sort of a symbol of the stupidity of greedy people, aru.
people see this, half of them wont even care. people hear twinkies going extinct, they go batsh*t crazy! what's the world coming too?
Humans! >:(  Those poor animals, suffering 'cuz of us! Wow just wow! Thanks humans!
no, i for-one live all animals no mater how cute or ugly they might look their all he for a reason an people are taking that away. so the question is are u one of those people?
This is just to preserve order, one gets extinct and then 2 or 3 new raise from nowhere.
Stupid rhino stupid humans were all stupid
No I just studied them they are really neat
aww so sad...their so beautiful...
Too bad the same can't be said about the rinos in congress 
Not to worry.  Humans don't reign supreme over the natural environment as many wish to think.  The ecosystem that is the Earth will correct itself and extinguish the human race.  Only a matter of time.
Awww I wanna cry y font people take care of da world like wtf
Way to go poachers, you guys suck balls! 
To bad we cant go back in time yet
How did it come to this in this day and age?
Rip I'll miss you!
See what us humans DO?!
I believe that poaching should be penalized with death. 
To Cormac Camphire, you are an ASS HOLE, you SON OF A BITCH!
oh my god !! sooo sad !! R.I.P
Score another one for humankind
oh crap..... fuge you people for kill rhinos you lil sun of a shoes black nicka stupid white pengas!!!
That's should tell us to wake up see what's going on the world as we let us to believe
All for their horn that does absolutely nothing.I'ts on demand in some parts of asia that's how this happened.
it went extinct in 2011 guys...
And some times mother nature brings a species to a end. It's happens all the time in natures history. 
f*ck dem azzholez who killd da cutie
How terribly tragic! Echoing thoughts of others, I cant understand HOW this could be allowed to happen!
.... I dont really have much to say on the matter but, I do think that this is sad but we caused this..
How. Sad for such a thing to happen 
The majority of White folks always destroying shit...
+Chris Francis Greed. Pure, and simple. Its sickening, but many people have this superiority complex. So sad. :( 
Wow......  This is extremely saddening news... and what's even more saddening is that we are just now learning of this when they've been gone for a decade...
The oceans are next. The senseless killing of whales, dolphins and other marine life. 
So one day when all the rhino horn and elephants tusks are gone ( a sad time).. Poachers do what for a living and special remedies use what ingredients? Let's hope that education and awareness win before then.
i did a project on them when they were still alive. thats so sad
Whyyyyy poor rhino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Didn't the scientists save the DNA, they can clone a sheep why not a Rhino???
Congrats human race. Your accomplishments are endless.
I legitimately understand the word "Extinct" but with gene splicing, cloning, and replication and artificial mutation of DNA and all that other stuff we're able to do there NO possible way to bring this species back?...Like anything that they left behind?...Maybe a blood sample...hairs...a tusk?...Anything?!...At all!?!?
Sorry for your loss of the western black rhino
Where will I get meat for my world famous rhino nuggets?
What! For real? What big loss to nature,,,Man's fault!!!
That is unacceptable,couldn't someone saw that coming and did something ?,anybody knows how many species we have lost in the last 100 years ?.
;( oh mankind why? We see bad things happening everyday; we talk about it everyday but we don't take one step forward to make it stop.
Very sad and angry to hear this.

One day we will extinct ourselves too. Humans are like cancer for this planet. Very sad. 
With all the stuff we do to ourselves, how come we are not extinct.
For the right amount of money, I would be willing to put a serious hurt on poachers.
aaww that's sad.. whay do people do that people who kill animals  are pieces of crap. animals  do not deserve such a terrible life. poor animals... whhyy   :(
Lots of crocodile tears on here, considering they were declared extinct in 2011. 
That's so sad what a terrible loss
Hey dumb fucks Google shit before you comment they have been extinct since 2003
The punishment for poachers going after endangered species should be death by their own gun/trap they are using to poach these animals. 
Sad that we being humans are so inhumane!!!!
Another beautiful treasure from nature... gone. Shameful
Human race have a lot to answer for in the way we have not cared for our home. We are most to be pitied.
+Jess Cole have respect for people on this Google + page. Not everyone is dumb like you said it. Can nature survive without humans? Hell yeah. Can humans survive without nature? Hell nah. Simple as that
I am going to do some reading tonight regarding this. But my money is on British colonization. When you land on a foreign shore, tell them they are poor and then destroy their entire way of life and economy...This extinction event started long ago. Big game hunters descended on this continent killing everything in sight for sport and pleasure. It continues at this very moment. For the right price you can go to Africa and kill whatever you want. There are also lots of people who would pay a kings ransom just to be able to brag about eliminating a species. If you think I am full of it...go to YouTube and see for yourself. Many hunters are quite proud of causing extinction events among species. The Japanese are at this moment attempting to eliminate whales. MacDonalds has boats in the Alaskan waters attempting to turn every last fish into a sandwich. We are all dirty in this. One day the scale will tip and it will be too late. Not in our lifetimes maybe but rest assured nature will correct things.
Could anyone else tell +Jess Cole came from Facebook? He has that mouth breather quality to him that is so often found in Facebook, YouTube or any news site's article comments. 
The Bible states we are the caretakers of the Earth. We sure are doing a lousy job of it!
No no nonononono! NOOOO! WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!! :,,, (
Nice fucken job human race.......if we can't get our shit together it will say RIP humans 
It's so sad to see what we humans are doing to the climate and other species of animals & plants with which we share this planet.
grrr... wish I wasn't human right now. Feelin' suckish
Why dont they just grant us responsible gun owners (a poachers hunters license) that way I can help make poachers extinct

that is heartbreaking :(
When money doesn't matter this wont either. Honestly why care everything will die no matter what we can't change that. Its kill or be killed or starve. what kinda jobs do they have in Africa anyways? I bet hunting rhinos will bring more food to the table then I dunno probably any job you can have out there?

Why do we baby animals just to eat them? Who fucking cares? Oh right Peta cares.
And yeah let's clone it so the poachers can can provide for there family's again I dunno

Man killing animals is survival its nature its happened since the beginning of man, so if we kill something that is the circle of life. War and greed are not, man killing man is not the circle of life how about we forget about this bullshit, and work on world peace?
But hey I'm young probably ignorant.

But how many of you have encountered a black rhino? None? That's how many of us this will effect.

Keep calm and carry on?
this is sad as a Zambian it hurts to see
Sad...this is a terrible news...i feel like shit...and you all should feel sick...our hands are filled with blood...
another accomplishment by the human race. i guess it will not be the last. 
Its a shame man is so damn stupid!!!#
| We found a poacher. 
Exitnct Insects & Bugs

Here find out about Extinct creepy-crawlies that grew to stunning sizes, such as a 1 metre long dragonfly and giant scorpions.

Who + 1'd ?????
They should have done whatever they could to save it
Ain't that bull... just saw them for the first time and there incredible... 
That's very bad!!! May God save the earth and it's inhabitants 
that is to bad i heard that they were a good afrodisiak 
Mankind will never learn!........ Sad.
We need to save the animals before more come extinct!!!!
+Tylor Gransbergen Rhinos are poached for their horns, not thier meat. No black rhino was killed to feed a starving African family.
shut up, these poor animals got killed and it's our responsibilities keep your comment to yourself!
they're all gone???
Wow! What a nightmare. People are so heartless. 
This is only the beginning of many other species that are headed for extinction. We have to do better. 
I would like if you can share more with me
Awwww noooo :( so sad 
yes, it's really a shame it has come to this.
While I understand the tragedy, it's a little weird seeing some people here wanting humanity to go extinct next. They must be aliens because they'd also go extinct with the poachers otherwise.
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