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Bill Gassett
Top producing Realtor building lasting relationships through Real Estate
Top producing Realtor building lasting relationships through Real Estate

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The How and Why of Real Estate Round-ups
Real Estate Round-ups are a great way to increase the exposure of your own blog as well as celebrating the work of others.

The success you can have with Real Estate Round-ups, however go well beyond these two things.

Round-ups can ramp up your SEO, increase your social media exposure and grow an advanced list of people willing to follow you online.

Take a look at my latest article over at +RISMedia where I share all of the benefits for running a real estate round-up.

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#realestate #seo #socialmedia

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Does Sex Sell In Luxury Real Estate?
Here is an interesting article from +Xavier De Buck who asks does sex sell?

How about you - does this kind of marketing influence you in any way?

Take a look as the X man shares his thoughts along with some additional great articles on selling luxury real estate from: +Anita Clark +Paul Sian +Karen Highland +Debbie Drummond and +Kyle Hiscock.

If you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.

#realestate #luxury

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Do You Want to Learn SEO?
Are you unsure of some of the best ways to optimize your content when it comes to SEO?

Boy have I got a mega post for you! This article from +Ahrefs showcases an interview with some of the foremost SEO experts in the world.

If you want to learn SEO make sure you have a look at this fantastic article!


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Are You Using Social Media For Business?
One of the things I have come to realize is very few real estate agents understand how to use social media.

The typical real estate agent will post their latest listing like people want that as much as an ice cream on a hot summer day.

Sorry big turn-off. Nobody cares about your latest listing but you in social media.

The pros know what their audiences want to see and that is helpful content that inspires them. Content that gets shared across social media channels like wildfire.

Sorry a listing will never do that. You are boring and people are tuning you out.

In his latest article +Kevin Vitali says are you the life of the social media party or a party pooper? Don't be the typical real estate agent anymore.

See what it takes to be successful! In Kevin's article he has some great social media resources from
+Kyle Hiscock +Lynn Pineda +Anita Clark +Joe Manausa
Take a look and read each one of their articles. You will learn something guaranteed.

If you enjoy the articles, give this a share!

#realestate #socialmedia  

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Are You Ready For The Market?
Sometimes people are physically ready to sell their home other times they are emotionally ready.

Sometimes one, both or neither are the case. This of course is a mistake that you could end up regretting.

In his latest article, +Conor MacEvilly shares some pointed thoughts on what it takes to be ready to sell your home.

Take a look at his advice along with contributions from +Paul Sian, +Xavier De Buck, +Kyle Hiscock, +Kevin Vitali and +Anita Clark.

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#realestate #homesales

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What Are The Best Tips For Spring Home Sales?
Spring is just around the corner and that means it will be prime time selling season in many places!

So what do you need to do to make sure you get top dollar for your property?

Make sure you read these spring selling tips from +Just Close that's what!

See some great advice along with helpful resources from +Kyle Hiscock, +Luke Skar +Kevin Vitali and +Debbie Drummond.

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The Good and Bad of FHA Mortgage Loans
FHA mortgage loan products let borrowers purchase a home with a relatively low down payment.

A low down payment is in fact one of the better features of an FHA mortgage as it lets people get into homes they otherwise would not be able to.

In his latest article, +Kyle Hiscock explains all the pros and cons of FHA loans.

Take a look at Kyle's tips along with helpful resources from +Luke Skar +Anita Clark and others.

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#mortgage #realestate #FHA

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5 Easy Ways to Add Some Great Personality to Your Bath
-Will you be remodeling a bath in your home in the near future?_

Make sure you take a look at some great ways to add some personality. Over at the site they offer some great tips for those who will be doing some renovating.

Take a look and if you find the article helpful, give it a share socially.

#realestate #staging

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How to Screw Up Your Home Sale
_Selling a home is not always as easy as you think. In fact it is easy to make mistakes as pointed out via +Kevin Vitali in his latest article.

Take a look at what you should and SHOULD NOT be doing!

There are also excellent references to follow as well from other top real estate bloggers including: +Xavier De Buck +Anita Clark +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock +Wendy Weir and .

Take a look and if you enjoy the article, give it a share socially.


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Smart Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction
Buying a new home is so much different than buying a re-sale!

It is imperative when buying new construction to ask the right questions. Oftentimes you will be having an extended relationship with a builder.

It is critical to understand the builders reputation and they way they do things upfront before ever signing a contract!

In the article, you will see some of the must ask questions that should always be asked when building a new home.

Take a look along with helpful contributions from +Michael Roberts Construction, llc +Kyle Hiscock +Wendy Weir +David O'Doherty, REALTOR® and others.

If you enjoy these questions please consider sharing the article socially.

#realestate #newconstruction #newhome  
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