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Excellent article by +AJ Kohn that gives some good insight into Google+ SEO specifically properly filling out your profile.
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This one is a long read but well worth it. You will learn things you didn't know without a doubt!
I cannot keep up with you!  Awesome and positive energy. Thanks for everything, Bill!
Read your AR post and now I need to get busy on G+.
This is GREAT.  I have to bookmark so I can read the rest when I have more time.  I already made a few tweaks on my profile.
It is a very good read but will take a little while to get through:)
Yes indeed. I bookmarked so i can read rest this weekend. Right now i have a ton of estimates to do.
+Bill Gassett That's a bit of an understatement. It might be the longest post I've ever seen. :) (Bookmarked of course).
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