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If you are like me then anytime you discover something great that can extend your reach online it is a good thing! will do just that.

If you are not familiar with it is a tool for curating your content. You may be asking yourself what in the world does that mean and how can it benefit me?

Essentially is a very powerful social media channel that is designed to discover and funnel content you are interested in. Of course if you create content yourself, it is a place you want to be.

So how does it work? Everyday people share their best content here on Google Plus. The premise at is exactly the same.

Let says you wrote this fantastic blog article and you want to get in front of as many eyes as possible. More than likely the first thing you do is share it on G Plus first and then maybe some of your other social sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

You would do the same at If we are connected I would very easily be able to see your article and at the click of a button can add it to one of my "Scoops".

My three areas of interest at the moment at are Real Estate, Social Media and SEO. Like Google Plus the topics for which you can create a page are endless.

One of the questions that always comes to mind when people hear about sites like is how can taking someones article and scooping it not be considered duplicate content?

The answer is it would be if that is all you do is copy onto your page! The value lies in what thoughts you add regarding the article you  shared.

Here is an example of what I mean - lets say +Rebekah Radice shares this killer article about the 5 things you can do to make a kick ass Linkedin profile. I come along and Scoop her article by adding it to my page, however before I am done I add 3 more tips that I have found will be beneficial to whoever is reading.

I add a couple hundred words of additional advice. Now what I have shared is no longer duplicate content as I have added additional value to the original post.

While the main benefit is of broadening the viewership of your content, there are also SEO benefits as well.

When you go for a PRO account which I would highly recommend - you have the ability to add "do follow" links within the body of your content! The cost for a PRO account is $129 for the year. You can't beat it for getting a years use out of another fantastic place to share your content.

The other benefit of when you go pro is that you can recommend people's content. Recommending comes with it some huge benefits.

When you get recommended by enough people your page will have a clear ribbon next to it.

When even more people recommend you there will be a gold ribbon. Earning a gold ribbon means your content is considered to be the best of the best on the site. Your content will be elevated within the platform and even more people will see it.

I am now using daily and am loving it. There are a number of people I recognize who are Google Plus mavens on already but just as many I am surprised are NOT there.

Here is my address:

If we follow each other here I would love to connect there as well.

Pinging some of my favorite folks here who I don't believe have joined to give it a look: +Mark Traphagen +Eric Enge +Gerald Weber +Wade Harman +John Paul Aguiar +Jeff Sieh +Rob Thomson +Debbie Gartner +David Amerland +Dave Gormley +Daniel Sharkov +Lori Thomas Dickert +Stephan Hovnanian +Bobby Carroll +Blair Warner +Keith Bloemendaal +Andrij Harasewych +Kristoffer Howes +Dustin W. Stout +martin shervington +Neal Schaffer +Frank Gainsford +Daniel Imbellino +Luis Galarza +Joshua Berg 

H/T to +Martin W. Smith and +Neil Ferree who turned me onto

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