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If you are like me then anytime you discover something great that can extend your reach online it is a good thing! will do just that.

If you are not familiar with it is a tool for curating your content. You may be asking yourself what in the world does that mean and how can it benefit me?

Essentially is a very powerful social media channel that is designed to discover and funnel content you are interested in. Of course if you create content yourself, it is a place you want to be.

So how does it work? Everyday people share their best content here on Google Plus. The premise at is exactly the same.

Let says you wrote this fantastic blog article and you want to get in front of as many eyes as possible. More than likely the first thing you do is share it on G Plus first and then maybe some of your other social sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

You would do the same at If we are connected I would very easily be able to see your article and at the click of a button can add it to one of my "Scoops".

My three areas of interest at the moment at are Real Estate, Social Media and SEO. Like Google Plus the topics for which you can create a page are endless.

One of the questions that always comes to mind when people hear about sites like is how can taking someones article and scooping it not be considered duplicate content?

The answer is it would be if that is all you do is copy onto your page! The value lies in what thoughts you add regarding the article you  shared.

Here is an example of what I mean - lets say +Rebekah Radice shares this killer article about the 5 things you can do to make a kick ass Linkedin profile. I come along and Scoop her article by adding it to my page, however before I am done I add 3 more tips that I have found will be beneficial to whoever is reading.

I add a couple hundred words of additional advice. Now what I have shared is no longer duplicate content as I have added additional value to the original post.

While the main benefit is of broadening the viewership of your content, there are also SEO benefits as well.

When you go for a PRO account which I would highly recommend - you have the ability to add "do follow" links within the body of your content! The cost for a PRO account is $129 for the year. You can't beat it for getting a years use out of another fantastic place to share your content.

The other benefit of when you go pro is that you can recommend people's content. Recommending comes with it some huge benefits.

When you get recommended by enough people your page will have a clear ribbon next to it.

When even more people recommend you there will be a gold ribbon. Earning a gold ribbon means your content is considered to be the best of the best on the site. Your content will be elevated within the platform and even more people will see it.

I am now using daily and am loving it. There are a number of people I recognize who are Google Plus mavens on already but just as many I am surprised are NOT there.

Here is my address:

If we follow each other here I would love to connect there as well.

Pinging some of my favorite folks here who I don't believe have joined to give it a look: +Mark Traphagen +Eric Enge +Gerald Weber +Wade Harman +John Paul Aguiar +Jeff Sieh +Rob Thomson +Debbie Gartner +David Amerland +Dave Gormley +Daniel Sharkov +Lori Thomas Dickert +Stephan Hovnanian +Bobby Carroll +Blair Warner +Keith Bloemendaal +Andrij Harasewych +Kristoffer Howes +Dustin W. Stout +martin shervington +Neal Schaffer +Frank Gainsford +Daniel Imbellino +Luis Galarza +Joshua Berg 

H/T to +Martin W. Smith and +Neil Ferree who turned me onto

#scoopit #contentmarketing #contentcuration  
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Finishing up a presentation, but will save this to look at later, looks kinda interesting!
A pretty good synopsis +Bill Gassett and yeah, the Insight we add to the curated story not only removes the duplicate content issue but let's us frame the piece and advise on the 5 W's and when appropriate add a call to action that puts a nice ribbon on it.
Good mention +Bill Gassett about the duplicate content, makes sense.  I'm there, as you know, and I'm going to go Pro too this week; it's on my "to do" list. Thanks for reminder.
Thx for doing the full detail on this +Bill Gassett .  I did check my project list and it's on there for March and so glad you mentioned the pro acct. That sounds well worth and I do have some money set aside to do a few things like this.  Good call on the added value at the beginning.  I will be following you on there as well as scooping some of your articles. Thx.
Its not rocket science but like we do here with G+ Communities, the Name/Title of your Topic matters and how you configure the manage sources module for content curation helps one to curate top shelf stuff
+Neil Ferree I have a question - how do you add your twitter handle so when someone shares to Twitter you get credit for it. I have noticed a few people who have their handle within the posting.
If I understand your question +Bill Gassett you edit sharing options and link your specific topic to a specific Twitter account.

The same thing goes for LinkedIn only with LI we can select a specific LI Group and our LI Business profile page in our default synd pkg
I have done that +Neil Ferree. So when you share one of my posts and check to send to twitter is my @massrealty handle there when you share?
+David Amerland sorry I missed your comment. is the perfect place for someone like yourself who has exceptional content. Make yourself a and I am sure you will have all ten results instead of nine for semantic search:)
+Bill Gassett, thank you for taking the time to share what you're learning. I appreciate that about you.
I agree +Bill Gassett! is a powerful content curation tool, and the better the description you include in your posts there the better the effects on SEO. What many don't realize is that, Google doesn't just look at links, they look at the content that surrounds them, taking into consideration the quality of content, relevance between the link and the text, etc. Relevance between links and content, and good descriptions drive quality pagerank!
I love it when +Bill Gassett shares all his hard work. I'll try to get over there once we get done setting up our new case management system.
+Bill Gassett I have experimented with it, but have not found time to use it more just yet.  Hopefully, sometime soon!
Great write up +Bill Gassett glad to have turned you on to such a great #cooltool , a "do more with less" tool that I love too. My is: and hope more great +Google+ mavens will see their way to using too. The two tools are HIGHLY complimentary thanks to +Guillaume Decugis & +Ally Greer &'s team's design of as a HUB capable of sharing content across blogs, social nets and G+.

PS Agree about the dupe content issues and I don't use to move content to my blogs without either extensive rewrite or quoting the block from out. M
+Brian Yanish Brian is one of the most skilled content curators and users I know. Glad you met +Bill Gassett BY as he is a great curator too, a leader in real estate content marketing and a generous and great guy. Glad to have him and MaximumRealEstateExposure as +CrowdFunde beta partner. Marty
+Martin W. Smith I checked out +Bill Gassett sites, etc. He can totally benefit from as could other realitors.

This month I started working on a sales funnel for one of my real estate clients.
+Bill Gassett
Thanx for the ping, how ever I have a bit much on my plate right now to take on a new platform.

I have added this to my to do list for early to mid March, when I will have some tme to take a deeper look.  this sounds like a great platform that will add extra SEO benifit to ones work, and sounds loke it will fit in with the #FUFISM approach to marketing.

shared and then will share again from +fufism profile.

enjoy the rest of the week..
Hey Bill!
Sorry for the zippy comment in another post. I was commenting that I hope to someday have enough on-line presence, relevance, and curratable content to rank a recommendation for pinging by you.

So far, I know I'm in your circle(s) but don't have the wherewithall or gumption to do nearly 1 1000th of what you do on a daily basis!

I'm ADHDDHAD or whatever it is and know I don't have the guhzoombahs to follow through with any integrated and consistent interest in this new social media required world.

Real estate sure has changed! BUT...I'm trying, and tho all this is overwhelming and new, I am starting and trying.
Ok good to know +Fulton Gaylord based on that comment I saw, I thought you were mad at me for something.
Good stuff +Bill Gassett. I love I simply enjoy the platform to find and share good content that I can add .02 cents to. But I see good amplification and traffic benefits to it as well. 
+Jamie Seaux take a look at my scoops and you will see how I add something to them. You essentially add value to a post by sharing your thoughts and opinions.
Okay +Bill Gassett I was finally able to restore the follow/no follow option on my menu bar (I lost it a couple of weeks ago due to a "glitch.").  Now I can see which are followed links.  So, I went back to the real estate ones and added some follow links for you and +Lynn Pineda .  This weekend, I'll have to look at the flooring ones to make sure I did those. 

Getting the hang of it...little by little.
Glad you re-shared this excellent post today +Bill Gassett. is a powerful "get more with less time" #contentcuration tool for realtors as you know. is so powerful we are looking hard at using their API (Applications Program Interface) for +CrowdFunde  Marty cc. 
Ping +Bill Powers to read this excellent piece on why and how plays a central role in the social content marketing model we've been discussing of late.

Even though +Bill Gassett is a real estate pro, this CC app and process is portable and applicable for lawyers and seo pros too!

I'd go so far as to say its worth your time to inspect how guys like  +Martin W. Smith and +Steven Sweat and myself use this powerful content curation and syndication platform to grow our online visibility and influence.
Hi +Martin W. Smith I didn't reshare it someone just commented on it today bringing it back to you. You and +Neil Ferree are right though this is a can't miss site.
Hello! I'm not from your circles, but found this and I've seen your page: you have 3600 views and 7 today.
 - Since when you started doing
 - Well, don't you think that reach is small?

I have 2 topics and the older has a total of 9 views. I will try your idea of adding value to the topics, but I don't think is worth. Even if I get 7 views per day is really really little reach. I have a G+ page which has +1M views in 3 months.
 - I can't say that this converts in traffic or money to my site, but shows how many people see it.
 - I only have 200 followers (hard earned ones).
+PlaysZone G I agree with you. The big topics over at are social and seo related. There are not many active in the real estate sector which is why the view count is so low. I was trying to get more Realtors to join when I created this hoping to add more value. I do think can work well if you use it like Google Plus - i.e posting daily.
+Bill Gassett Thanks for your reply (: I've been posting 10 at the time but not every day. 2-3 per week and only 9 viewes. Maybe there is no gamer community there... What should I do? Keep trying or no? Any other techniques?
+PlaysZone G have you check to see who is following your page to see if they are other gamers? If there are try using the suggest post  button to put your articles in front of them. You need to attempt to get others to share your content.
+PlaysZone G that is why you don't have any views! Just like any other social platform you need to get people following you.
+PlaysZone G it could be there are not many gamers. I honestly don't know as I don't have that interest. If there were however you would do what you do in other social networks - Engage, engage engage!
+PlaysZone G
The actual size of your reach  within SCOOP.IT is only part of the issue.

The fact that you have a coop it profile needs to be added to your profile on G+ and make sure that you put the necessary links in your profile. as this builds up your semantic foot print and adds many new SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Variables) into the Google algorithm for you as an individual.

As far as engagement goes, you need to ensure that you are targeting the correct social group with your message.  If you target old grannys at church meetings with messages about dating issues for homosexual types you will not get any engagement, and you may find yourself being reparted fro posting inappropriate content.

targeting the correct social group is essential to meaningful engagement.  you do this by frequenting communities that discuss issues related to your message, and joining the conversations. once you are comfortable and have established some credibility within th community, then start slowly introducing links to your message.

building relationships is a very time consuming business, and should not be rushed.

+Frank Gainsford Hey, Frank! Thanks for your insightful response.
About targeting: I'm only targeting those who have tags about #gaming   #gamers   #games  so it's quite focused.
Today, I don't know how I got +3 views and some share from a lady, which also tweeted about.
+Bill Gassett Thanks for your help, but enganging doesn't help much on After days of likes more than 1000, no engangement at all, is really really bad. Or I don't know nothing about scoop :/ I'm reconsidering if it's worth or not to waste time there.
+PlaysZone G it's not about likes. You need to share and comment on content just like here at g plus, you will never build relationships by plus ones.
+PlaysZone G is a great resource, but it also requires time as +Bill Gassett says above.  I have hardly used as the time factor is an issue for me, but the little that I have used it, did some great stuff to my SERP's

Not sure which analytical tools you use to check up on the impact of your social media on your blog or web site, but you do need to do this so that you can see where your visitors truly came from. 

see this HOA for tommorrow which may be helpful.

enjoy and thanx for adding value to this thread.
+Frank Gainsford For now I don't need any other metric than the ones provided by 15 views + 0 today in a month. This is almost nothing when I have +100 visits per day.

I don't know how many views has your blog, but getting 10 from scoop is almost nothing, right?
+Sanket Shah there  really isn't much value in that. When curating content it is about adding your thoughts and opinions about the subject.
+PlaysZone G
the actual views from are not the issue at stake here. the #SEOVI   or Search engine Optimisation Value Indicators that come along for the ride are the main issue. 

Just two comments is enough to add some extra value to your personal authority as an author and the related publisher values, if you took the time to add this to your G+ profile through the appropriate steps,. so do not discard the value of so quickly with out taking all factors into account.

Once you started using did you monitor your standard metrics and see any improvement in your bounce rates and your total visitor numbers to the pages where you made your entries from?

this is where you judge the input of your efforts any way, not from the actual interaction on but on your web site visitor numbers.

enjoy the rest of your week end...
+PlaysZone G
once again I have used very little, but the impact has been noticeable. is not an instant power boost for your site, and if not used on a regular basis at least once a week, preferably more, then it will not be that effective.

That being said you do need to understand where your visitors came from, and if at all possible see which source of visitors has the lower bounce rate average.

Getting visitors from any individual source is appreciated, how ever some sources have bad visitors while other sources have quality visitors.  The quantity of visitors is not the most important metric, and the quality of your visitors needs to be established, especially if you have a poor bounce rate.

It has been alleged that visitors from the platform have a very low bounce rate and are of higher quality than most other sites, but I have no way of confirming this at this stage, perhaps +Bill Gassett can help,out here, as he is a more seasoned user of than I am.

metrics  are nice to have, but they may be difficult to interpret without clear guidelines, on what is being measured, and how the measurements are being taken, as well as the actual source of the metrics.

Now I am not sure which metrics on you are referring to, and without a link, I am unable to help.

just the number of visitors without additional supporting data can be very misleading.
+Frank Gainsford I have found that most people using are pretty professional and understand the purpose of content curation. The site is not one of my top performers in terms of traffic but it doesn't have to be:)
+Bill Gassett good point about "top performers". As long as you are "getting more with less" by depreciating content you either already created or are thinking about then is nothing but additive. Someone like +Brian Yanish has figured out how to make his main engine, but it doesn't have to be that for everyone. At 34,000 I have the biggest community I've been able to build online with +Pinterest coming in a distant 2nd (6K), so that benefit + ability to test content BEFORE putting someplace important creates sufficient value for my investment. M 
+Martin W. Smith I am not surprised to hear Pinterest is working well for you - it is the #1 traffic source to my website!
+Martin W. Smith   Now we just need to figure out how to better connect to the 30,000+ followers.

I'm now testing a newsletter signup popup on my topic. So far I'm liking the signup results 1.89%ctr. I sent out my first newsletter on Sat with a 40+% open rate. 

+Bill Gassett I don't know why other bloggers don't suggest their content to users on Great for building traffic to their blog.
I think +Brian Yanish has hit the nail on the head. Without a signup mechanism I have no way to reach, other than ongoing curation, followers on Look forward to Brian's write up of what happens with his signup and newsletter communication since that feels like a must to knit the tribe together. sends a confusing signal too since MyStats shows my following at 34K but "community" puts the number much lower. Moot if they don't sign up, so hearing Brian's almost 2% ctr is encouraging. M
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