The Google Plus Circle Jerk

Circle me and I will circle you and tomorrow we will wake up and be oh so popular together. Are you a circle jerk? Unfortunately if you look around you probably have noticed Google Plus has become one big circle jerk.

I am quite sure when Google Plus made this platform their intention in having shared circles was to allow people to become familiar with others who shared their interests.

If you are a photographer, I am sure that having the ability with others who are in that field is a good thing. Same thing goes with just about any industry you can think of whether you are real estate agent, SEO expert, or a dietician.

Having circles is a great way to categorize interests along with people in general. That part of Google Plus is genius. Unfortunately there is something else going on that quite frankly takes away from the platform.

The Race to Be Popular

This is the part of Google Plus that sadly most people don't understand. Most mistakenly believe that having more followers somehow propels their social media efforts. If I can add thousands of followers my popularity is going to grow and grow. Suddenly everyone and their brother is going to be commenting, sharing and plussing my content.

Sorry if this is what you think you are 100% WRONG! Your popularity in social media grows from two things:

1.) Exceptional content
2.) Strong social media engagement

You can add a couple thousand followers tomorrow and none of them are going to interact with you unless you meet the two above criteria.

When I first started on Google Plus I participated in a few of these Circle Jerking exercises because I didn't know any better. What has it gotten me? Absolutely NOTHING!

I probably have around 100 people that I consistently engage with over the course of a week. That number has increased slowly over time since I joined. Those that engage are not coming from some SILLY Circle Jerk.

"OOOH OOOH please circle me up shared circles."
"PLEASE ADD ME Full Circle I am a top quality Circle Jerk"

This is what you see in the stream daily from people that think they are going to become Johny popular by being added into the Circle Jerk chain.

Google Plus Author Rank

Hey Circle Jerk do you know what author rank means? I suggest you educate yourself on the subject. This is what you should concentrate on if you really want to be popular. Take a look at the link to the post below on author rank.

Do you realize when you share a bunch of meaning less circles littered with the Scumboo of Google Plus you are hurting yourself? Scumboo is spammers, blue heads, people that don't put out anything of quality.

They destroy your authority.

The Mastered Game Of Circle Jerking

Do you want to know what the masters of circle jerking do to increase their following? They create circles and watch all the SUCKERS add them. As soon as the growth stops they collapse the circle and you are gone just like that.

So you have added them to who you are following and a few days later they have DELETED you from their circles. Guess what the JOKES on YOU!

So what's my advice? Give up the circle jerking. If you have a quality circle of great folks you want to share by all means do so. This is what Google intended for circle sharing to be.

If you want to be popular in social media it takes effort. There are no short cuts. Social media is about being social and delivering content that makes you think. It is not about the race to see who can have the most followers. That is a losing proposition!

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