Real Estate Agent Social Media Fail

The following is a list of the top ten things that so many Real Estate agents do with social media that make them look totally clueless. If any of these social media blunders are what you find yourself doing please STOP!

Help clean up our industry and share this with those you know who make these mistakes.

Facebook Social Media Fail - Inviting the entire 3450 people on Facebook who follow you to your Pancake social event. No I will not be hopping on a flight clear across the country to be at your event. Send invites to locals please! Getting your foolish invite is SPAM!

Google+ Social Media Fail - Sharing your post directly with me everyday. I am tired of getting your posts. If I want to read them, I will from my stream. Sending me your posts everyday is SPAM. Sharing a post directly with someone should be reserved for your very best work not a daily event of every post you create!

Linkedin Social Media Fail - Groups on linkedin are NOT for listings! Seriously why on earth do you think someone in Massachusetts would want to see your 3 bedroom Ranch is Georgia? THEY DON'T. A professional group where you discuss ways to improve your business is not an open invitation to SPAM your listing.

Share Button Social Media Fail - Real Estate agents are notorious for hitting social media sharing tools to send their content to various networks and then doing nothing else. Social media is about being social! It is NOT about personal promotion. Stop dumping your content and doing nothing else. Interaction and reciprocation is what makes social media work!

SEO Social Media Fail - Dropping your URL like this -------> <----- all over the internet every time you make a comment like there is some kind of SEO benefit. This does nothing for you! It is just another form of SPAM.

Blogging SEO Social Media Fail - Making every other sentence on your blog bold because you think this some how makes you rank better. Folks it does not and makes your writing look completely ridiculous. Stop listening to people that don't have a clue about SEO!

Adding Widgets From Zillow and Trulia to Your Website - When you do this you have effectively helped these companies rank for YOUR local keywords on Google. Just plain dumb!

Twitter Social Media Fail - Sending your listings to Twitter and then when someone asks you a question you don't respond. If you don't use a social media tool on a daily basis then DON'T use it at all. Again dropping your content and doing nothing else is not what social media is about.

More Facebook Social Media Fail - Please stop telling the world how busy you are in Facebook. When I checked your stats it said you have sold 6 homes all year. Stop making yourself look silly because your competition certainly will point it out.

Social Media Reciprocation Fail - Social media is not all about you. To be successful with social media you need to reciprocate! When someone makes a comment on Google+ do you visit their stream and comment back on something they posted? This is how you make connections with people. It is how you grow your followers. Again stop thinking about social media as place to drop your content and you will be far more successful!

If you these are the kinds of things that annoy you too please share this with anyone who makes these mistakes.

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