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Real Estate Agent Social Media Fail

The following is a list of the top ten things that so many Real Estate agents do with social media that make them look totally clueless. If any of these social media blunders are what you find yourself doing please STOP!

Help clean up our industry and share this with those you know who make these mistakes.

Facebook Social Media Fail - Inviting the entire 3450 people on Facebook who follow you to your Pancake social event. No I will not be hopping on a flight clear across the country to be at your event. Send invites to locals please! Getting your foolish invite is SPAM!

Google+ Social Media Fail - Sharing your post directly with me everyday. I am tired of getting your posts. If I want to read them, I will from my stream. Sending me your posts everyday is SPAM. Sharing a post directly with someone should be reserved for your very best work not a daily event of every post you create!

Linkedin Social Media Fail - Groups on linkedin are NOT for listings! Seriously why on earth do you think someone in Massachusetts would want to see your 3 bedroom Ranch is Georgia? THEY DON'T. A professional group where you discuss ways to improve your business is not an open invitation to SPAM your listing.

Share Button Social Media Fail - Real Estate agents are notorious for hitting social media sharing tools to send their content to various networks and then doing nothing else. Social media is about being social! It is NOT about personal promotion. Stop dumping your content and doing nothing else. Interaction and reciprocation is what makes social media work!

SEO Social Media Fail - Dropping your URL like this -------> <----- all over the internet every time you make a comment like there is some kind of SEO benefit. This does nothing for you! It is just another form of SPAM.

Blogging SEO Social Media Fail - Making every other sentence on your blog bold because you think this some how makes you rank better. Folks it does not and makes your writing look completely ridiculous. Stop listening to people that don't have a clue about SEO!

Adding Widgets From Zillow and Trulia to Your Website - When you do this you have effectively helped these companies rank for YOUR local keywords on Google. Just plain dumb!

Twitter Social Media Fail - Sending your listings to Twitter and then when someone asks you a question you don't respond. If you don't use a social media tool on a daily basis then DON'T use it at all. Again dropping your content and doing nothing else is not what social media is about.

More Facebook Social Media Fail - Please stop telling the world how busy you are in Facebook. When I checked your stats it said you have sold 6 homes all year. Stop making yourself look silly because your competition certainly will point it out.

Social Media Reciprocation Fail - Social media is not all about you. To be successful with social media you need to reciprocate! When someone makes a comment on Google+ do you visit their stream and comment back on something they posted? This is how you make connections with people. It is how you grow your followers. Again stop thinking about social media as place to drop your content and you will be far more successful!

If you these are the kinds of things that annoy you too please share this with anyone who makes these mistakes.

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That's a good primer on how not to succeed with social media!
Very good, Bill!  Learn, learn, learn! Thank you.
Good move +Connor T. MacIVOR. From now on I am going to send the link to this post every time someone invites me to their event and they are in another state. I am also going to send it to people who send me their G+ post. After a while you would think those that do this will start to catch on.
Ahhh HA! I get to send this to my first person who just shared her listing with me here. This should be fun!
Oh so true +Kathy Sperl-Bell! Common sense and social media do not go hand in hand in the real estate industry.

+Rich Cederberg this is someone who is in my market. Hey the more I can help people not make these mistakes the better it will be for everyone.
+Michele Miller you are very welcome and thanks for being a sport:) I know if I was doing something that really was not proper etiquette I would want to know!
interesting post, probably applies to me! lol - still guess I must try harder having read this... Although I'll just add I am not a realtor - but a content dumper!
Great tips, Bill. Unfortunately, the worst offenders won't ever get it.
+Mark Muller don't feel bad there are so many that do these things. There really should be more classes taught on social media and what proper etiquette is all about.
+Roger Johnson I am going to do my best to help stop it. In fact whenever I get a Facebook event out of state or someone shares a direct post with me here I will just send them the link to this post:)
Well yes I guess, but being a very small game dev, dumping is pretty much the only way to try and enlighten people to my offerings (look ma, no content dumping... first lesson learnt!)
+Mark Muller trust me you will make far more connections and possibly sales when you actually engage those who are on social media sites.
I wish more people would figure out about the links to T & Z. You're sabotaging yourself!
Let's hope so, however I find its a double edged sword... If I don't mention the content people don't know what I am about... If I post the content then kaboom I'm a content spammer!

Absolutely +Lyn Sims! Most do not have a clue that what they are doing is not how things are supposed to work.
Can I assume it's okay to circle you?
+Mark Muller I am not saying you don't want to post your content. You absolutely do want to post your content! The missing ingredient with many is interaction. If someone comments on your content and you want to build a relationship with them you should comment on something they posted. At the very least you could at least G+. It takes two seconds and it is something people appreciate. Reciprocation goes a long way in social media.
I do believe that most that do it just have no idea what they are doing .... it does take a bit to figure it out and most are not willing to take the time to do so.
Of course +Mark Muller  and I just circled you back. I do this with people who interact. If you look at my ratio of people that follow me to who I follow back there is a big difference. I follow people who interact and reciprocate. I don't follow someone who just posts their content only unless it is exceptional and I learn something from them daily.
So post(spam), read, post(spam), reciprocate(spam some more). I see lots of spam potential here ;) kidding by the way...
+Janis Borgueta you are right. This is not complicated stuff . It is basically common sense. A lot of people just have not been taught that social media is not a content dump!
+Mark Muller indeed in every platform there will be spam and sometimes there is not much you can do about it:)
Indeed Twitter spam (twipam... Maybe...) Is the worst of it but unfortunately, the best message transit an individual can also get at the moment. I had one tweet reach 120k people once before due to RTs ad saw a huge bump in daily stats :l no other network has been able to compete so far. So it's a case of living with the tweetline spam for now.
+Bill Gassett  LOL I am building a new web site and I can not get IDX market statistics ( that is another story) so I decided to add the Zillow plug in. Oops, I have not gone live and just sent the Zillow remove request to the builder. Guess I am going to have to do it the old fashion way, write good content with market trends and post to my blog. Any suggestions on offline tools to best show local market trends.
Yes Twitter is a great site. Congrats on getting a post to go viral that is awesome! This is another site where many fail because they fail to respond. If you post something there and someone responds to it asking questions what good does it do if nobody answers back?

+Fred Carver thanks for the comps - much appreciated!
+Joel Reyenga I am not sure if the plugin would cause the same problem as a widget would. This would be a good question for a webmaster. Any thoughts on this +Dave Keys? I am thinking that a plugin may not be like acquiring a link and there may not be an SEO benefit for Zillow. It would depend whether the plugin created a link that could be seen by a search engine.
Brilliant advice here +Bill Gassett . You may want to do a post to AR to help shout it to the world, too.  On the FB invite thing, people could easily solve just by creating a local group and only send invites that way.  But, I guess that is too much work for some.  

The trulia & zillow widgets just boggles my mind. Not only are you giving them link juice and losing some from your site, but why on earthy would you want to send a customer away from your site...and why on earth send them to the competition.  Idiotic.
+Debbie Gartner exactly and I didn't even touch on the fact that you don't want people leaving your site. Believe me I have thought about making this post on #activerain . Some of the biggest culprits are there that make these mistakes.

Honestly I read some of the dumbest things there on a daily basis in regards to social media. The latest was a post from someone who said they never accept a linkedin invitation unless they know the person! WTF??

Seriously if you wanted to know how to put your website on the first page of Google and a well known SEO specialist asked to be a contact you would say no because you don't know them? What is wrong with people?
+Bill Gassett if I'm ever in your market, or know anyone that is, they and I would be honored if you'd be our Realtor of choice. 
+Bill Gassett has a great point. Share of course but share wisely. Not about how successful you are but how you help out your buyers and sellers. That's the solution. 
+Bill Gassett I haven't been spamming you lately because I accidently deleted my main real estate circle.  Was trying to clean up my circles.  They are really clean now.  lol   You are now in a special circle.
I have dumped my url all over the place - that is the only thing I am guilty of, I think.  I won't do it anymore, I promise!
Great info! The sharing with me in G+ is the one that makes me most crazy!
+Virginia Hepp I don't ever remember you making any mistakes here at G+:)

+Melissa Marro it really is annoying when people share things. Do you know why they do it? Nobody interacts with them! They don't get that reciprocation is what makes social media work.

+Connor T. MacIVOR thanks for the comps man!
+Melissa Marro if you make a post public there is no need to also send it to individuals or groups as well. When you do this people get notified via a notification and an email as well unless it is turned off. Like I said some people totally abuse this and post this way everyday. If you want to send to an individual it should be something special not a daily ritual.
Yes, he when you share a post w/ a circle...i.e. if you select email to the circle. That really annoys me too.  And, usually, I will ignore those (except if they are new and don't know any better and then I'll try to help.

What annoys me the most is when I get notes from people that are not even in my circles.  When that happens, I go to their page and mute them, so never again!
Right +Bill Gassett. That's what I thought you were talking about. I think +Virginia Hepp thought you meant sharing by with circles. At least that's how I took her comment.

I feel exactly the same as you about that stupid checkbox.
Exactly +Debbie Gartner! It is funny because I have seen some of the top social media "influencer's" on here give some people that do this a total public beat down. Nobody wants or needs spam. There are times when I get these and just let it go. I am so tired of it now. I am just going to send this link every time it happens from now on.
+Bill Gassett While I agree w/ what you are saying here, on lInkedIn, I generally only accept invitations from people I know.  On LI, they have your email addy, and I don't need any more spam.  I generally make exceptions if local real estate agents invite me since a) they are valuable for me and b) I have spoken at many meetngs, so more people know/recognize me rather than vice versa, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt since it's mainly upside.

That aside, I think i have over 1,300 connections on LI...and I know 95% of them (some better than others).
+Melissa Marro I don't ever remember you doing this and if you did, you know I would have had your back and told you it was a mistake:)
+Debbie Gartner what kind of spam do you get? I have that many connections if not more. I occasionally get a spam email from some SEO guy in India trying to sell me on his services but other than that not much. Those emails may happen once every couple of months. Not a big deal to me at all. What do they say about 6 layers of connections? For me the more people following me the better. Every follower is another opportunity for a like, a share or a comment. Remember how important social signals are becoming? The signals count everywhere not just here.
I try never to check that box. I feel the same way when people pin things & check the share on FB box. Then it clogs my feed.
That's just not how I want to use that network. It's a strategic choice.  On a slightly separate note, I started to get my strategy across channels on paper (or really the computer I guess).  Can't finish...I have to get back to my estimates.  I expected to be slow this week...and the opposite happened & already have a bunch of appts for next week.  Weird since this time of year is usually very slow.  not so this yr.
Awesome +Bill Gassett Look what you got going here! I like this: "Please stop telling the world how busy you are in Facebook. When I checked your stats it said you have sold 6 homes all year." That's below average transactions per nar stats. BTW, when you send me that link, be specific and I am more than happy to try to tweak my use. Life is a learning experience.
Normally I am not that suspicious of a plug-in misbehaving, especially when it comes from a reputable source, but on the other hand, I am very suspicious of all of the syndicates including Zillow. They are all after your market. They do what they can to get agents to unwittingly help them to out rank them in their own markets. That suspicion doesn't mean the plug-in is automatically a bad deal but I am automatically defensive on this one.
+Dave Keys I don' trust it either and am sure that if there was a way for it to benefit Zillow from an SEO perspective they would do it.
OK, I confess, I have a Zillow and a Trulia account. But I don't put their badges on my sites anymore. And for that reason. When the seo result was explained to me I got it. Not to mention they charge for everything. The problem is the consumer is using the site. BTW, I am so glad this does spell check!
Great tips +Bill Gassett  I typically sent local information only to folks who I have listed as locals. If I spammed folks before I think it was done unintentionally and intend to pay attention to detail. 
Thx +Bill Gassett I sort of want to continue, but I also need a break to recharge as I'm exhausted.  hoping that these are serious buyers.
+Dave Keys +Bill Gassett   Thanks for the Zillow answer, I think I am going to unplug, and figure a work around. Dave I feel like this is a mega special answer as you should be doing something fun in Maui, my family spent a week in Kihei a few years back. Loved that place.
+Bill Gassett More good advice that should be common sense unless you are brand spanking new to social media.I too abhor direct messages here on G+ but, if nothing else, it has helped me clean up my circles by tripping my intolerance meter!
Bill good points it does piss you of thou doesn't it?
I got a kick out of this post, particularly the photo.  :-)
I almost missed missed this +Bill Gassett .Some very useful info as usual, as I continue to try to get it right! Thanks #lpbm  
Oh, love your post Photo too! :)
Bill there are certainly a lot of real estate agents that should be following your advice!
+Melissa Marro - I was sending public posts to circles, which creates some extra notifications. I accidentally deleted my real estate circle that Bill was in, so he wasn't getting notifications. I think.
Mind if I put it on my blog too and give you credit for it, and link back to your FB page, website, or G+?
Good post Bill,in the learning curve of Social Media I have done some of these things.
+Terry Geary I think everyone is probably guilty of at least 1 of these things, but that's what makes social media so interesting...learning something new and better every day!
Sure +Lori Thomas Dickert please link back to G+:)

+Terry Geary don't feel bad there are many that have done numerous things on the list. I have been trying to help do my part with educating people on things I have learned along the way.
+Bill Gassett Actually, I don't know how to post on FB, etc without a little button to click to send it there.  That is pretty sad, huh?
+Virginia Hepp you just copy and paste the link onto your page if you are at Facebook. There is a box on your page that says what's on your mind. You just put the link in the box and it will auto-populate the post. Same thing on Linkedin from the home page and Twitter as well.
Thanks Virginia. You can also straight up link to the article from a blog or a website as well:)
Such great and pertinent advice. I'm sure everyone's committed at least some of these in their social media life. No excuse to keep doing so, though!
Everyone has +Michael Kara no doubt. It is the learning part that so many seem to want to avoid. They just keep treating social media as self promotion platforms and never learn from the mistakes they are making.
Mistakes, who makes mistakes ;)

Thanks +Susan Milner it is more the fact that I took an interest in social media early on before everyone else was really using it.
Wow something weird has happened, I've come back to a post 24hrs later and it's still active. +Bill Gassett you must have hit the nail on the head... :) but have you all played Asteroid2012 or floozled yet though... lol!
I think that is a huge part of the issue of people doing it wrong. They just showed up and just don't know. When I first set up my FB account all we did was share gifts with each other lol. Then everyone else arrived and we had to figure out what the 'point' of it all was.
+Mark Muller yes there is quite a lively discussion on this subject. After a while those that have been doing social media and know how it works get irritated by those who don't take the time to learn it. Reciprocation and socialization should be common sense but unfortunately they are not.

+Susan Milner I remember those days of games and having to block all the thousand of apps that were going around. Now I just have to deal with the spam of being invited to the Realtor in Florida's pancake social:)
+Janis Borgueta I love pancakes and also Florida especially when I am eating them in front of an ocean view. I just want to be able to eat them when I want, where I want:)
Actually +Janis Borgueta I would have been with the same hairy guy from GEICO - it was the same pancake social - LOL
+Bill Gassett, getting a handle on the how/why of the various social media platforms is a daunting task for many without adding in the netiquette, engagement, and reciprocation aspects BUT the more times a message like this one (excellent btw) goes out, the better opportunity there is that more will see, learn, and comply.    
+Anita Clark much of what you learn about social media is from your peers if you think about it. It is not like they have mandatory classes you have to take. The auto response from so many is that social media is about promotion and not interaction. Those that figure out that is not the case can really make it work for themselves!
That is so true.  Perhaps there needs to be mandatory courses for those with a license and modules taught during RE school for aspiring agents.  It won't solve all the issues but it would provide more awareness. 
+Anita Clark I think it is really needed and actually would be more interesting than some of the stuff they teach!
In some states (like FL and SC - both places I've lived) marketing is not allowed in board classes
I don't know. My home staging training company has tried to get classes for CE through, but they have told us that all marketing classes, which is what they consider staging to be, are prohibited. They will only consider classes that they consider to protect the interest of consumers. I find it fascinating that an agent knowing how to market their product and sell it for more, or to reach a broader audience is not for the protection of consumers, but that's their ruling.
they have designation classes, but the state says no marketing classes... and staging, even our designation classes, do not apply because they are about marketing.
Somebody must have done some circle sharing I'm getting inundated with new circlers today. 
wow 118 comments, 57 plusses and 18 shares.  Way to go Bill.  I just shared on FB and tweeted.  Apparently when I reinstalled the do share button I did an extended version that allows to tweet and share on FB.  I highly recommend that extension.
Thanks +Debbie Gartner I saw the Facebook post and left you a comment. This has been my most active post to date:) I guess there are quite a few others who get irritated by stuff on my list!
Good for you +Bill Gassett and well deserved.  I still think you should put on AR (and link back here).  thx for the comment back on FB...and the heads up since I barely use it.  LOL...I guess I'm guiltyr of what you said on twitter but for FB.  Oh and yes, we all get annoyed by this stuff.  You just expressed it well and all together.
+Debbie Gartner I really want to create a post at AR, I just need to find the time. Thanks again for promoting this on Facebook!
I did on Twitter too but I'm having problems w/ speed right now so I didn't include your name...I was just happy for it to post.  But, you've got a link back here.

Definitely do on AR...just copy/paste and then add an intro paragraph.  Oh, and I can so relate on the time thing right now.  so busy...but I'm too tired to think now, so estimates need to wait until tomorrow...and now it's g+ time + bath time.
Some of this stuff really ticks me off.  I probably don't do enough because I'm afraid of annoying people as much as I've been annoyed.  I'm just starting to try to interact on twitter a little more.  It is kind of fun.  I much prefer it for business over facebook.  I'm so over facebook...
+Rich Cederberg +Bill Gassett I just looked at circlecount (based on your comment above on getting more followers today.  I did, too...I got 144 "today.'  Now what's weird is that "today" is December 18...not sure which planet...LOL.  I could have sworn I still have 3 more hrs left on 12/17.  wonder what time zone they are on.

Anyway, yes a bunch of circle shares, I believe.
OMG +Bill Gassett, this is the funniest post I've read in months! If I do none of these things it's only because I refused to wade in until after this all became taboo. It wasn't long ago that every post from an agent was about one of their listings, how many homes they were selling or that they were at Starbuck's?$?%?#$  Thanks for reminding me what not to do!  Brilliant.
If monitored I wish most recent comments were at the top of the stream.
Is this the kind of engagement you mean +Bill Gassett ? 129 posts  in this thread and still counting! And for the most part it's on track.
+Bill Gassett you know what you're talking about!!  Good tips.  Hope everyone is not only reading, but also following them
+Tracy Otsuka it really is annoying isn't it? You can copy and paste the ULR for this article and send it to that person every time they make a post like that:)

+Debbie Gartner the circle count has always been a day off.

Everyone else I am glad you have continued to enjoy the thread! Keep it going:)
+Bill Gassett Out of all the social media platforms I find Google+ the hardest to figure out. I think it's the navigation. Unfortunately it's also the one with the least number of learning resources directly related to real estate. Can you recommend any good books, webinars, articles so I don't make all the mistakes cited in your post on Google+ or do I just learn by doing? I'm most concerned about the etiquette. Thanks!
+Tracy Otsuka I would highly recommend you read +Guy Kawasaki book on Google+ that you can find in bookstores. The other neat way of reading all about Google+ is to just do a search here on G+ with the hashtag #googleplus in the search box.
+Joel Reyenga good one! If you are planning on having a business page showing proper etiquette is important there as well.
Bill, great list. You have told me a few of these already. I took all zillow and trulia crap off my sites a long time ago. (OMG, I think I did, LOL) Linkedin is not my strong point. I usually accept, but not all. The guy dressed in a Speedo from Europe ... never mind. Anyway, I have on my list of things to do ... to stop the auto feeds to all these places. I want to do it myself. But, don't laugh... .please... I have to find where I set it all up. (I am older than you, give me a break here) (I think... LOL) Anyway, I try not to ever spam, I don't send invites out, I will rarely link unless I know the person or it is useful for some reason. I do try. Things should get better as in the team this is what I am responsible for. I am trying to be more responsible.... :D  Thanks for the heads up by the way! Now I am off to drink more kool aid....
Oh, I almost forgot, I bold things for emphasis only, not for Google. And sometimes I do it for aesthetics. I did get that erroneous information from an SEO expert.... I found out it was a load of cow pies.
Take a deep breath +Andrea Swiedler we are all in the same boat.. and I think that Google is watching  +Bill Gassett and is gonna pull a fast one and change all the rules on all of us.. and him too! LOL
+Bill Gassett you should make the title of this more generic... It applies to most business uses of social networks! Promote, spam, promote... But forget to interact = fail... We shall see, as I now actively look to participate on the important networks
+Mark Muller yes this is very true. There are tons is business who do social media wrong. In fact some of the social media pro's who profess to tell the rest of us how to do things are some of the worst offenders when it comes to SM.
It amazes me when I share one of their articles and it goes silent. No thank you - no nothing!
Thanks for the card too Mark - nice touch!
Excellent information here +Bill Gassett!  Some of the comments (and ah,... no!  I didn't read them all) are equally as helpful.  So, REALLY?  You aren't coming to my Pancake Breakfast?  Here I was making snowman pancakes with a bacon scarf!
Wait +Laura Baker ... why didn't I get an invitation? I LOVE pancakes and bacon, and I mean to make snowmen out of them is super creative =)
Ha ha +Melissa Marro!  You know your invitation is always open,.... of course you will have to deal with our 25 degrees and 6-18" of snow that is on the way!

Okay I hate to admit this,.... but do you think Bill wrote this after following me a few days? 
Ok, change of plans then... you join me here in sunny FL for snowman pancakes with bacon scarves =)
Now that's a plan!  I will when I'm done with my current training and ready for your training!!!
Ok +Bill Gassett Finished Chapter 1 - love it, +Chris Brogan 's new book.  It does not tell you how to Google plus - it tells you why...  titled "Google plus for business" - I have it in audio book form...  FYI
Oh gosh +Melissa Marro, I know you would never do that.  That was all me!  And yes, that would!  LOL! 

Have you read +Chris Brogan's book?
It's good. I need more time to read this rate by the time I finish, Google will have completely changed. 
Laura, if this is for everyone - it is good - but I think +Chris Brogan , who has a different mission for his tribe, has what I need more as an "Trusted Real Estate agent".
Oh no +Rich Cederberg !!! There are so many comments that now I don't know what I'm supposed to be sure of!!
Oh right... yeah. As a matter of fact I know they've added communities since then =)
+Laura Baker  and +Melissa Marro  if you throw in an ocean view with the pancakes I may consider coming. Can you also try to talk the Geico caveman  into coming along?

+Connor T. MacIVOR I heard the book was pretty good for the business page side of things?
The Geico caveman Bill?  What you need someone else there with hairy knuckles?  Pancakes and bacon aren't enough?
He won't be attending the pancake social you know +Laura Baker and I was looking forward to seeing him:)
Sorry, +Bill Gassett The Geico caveman is having a toga party this weekend, he just invited me on FB.
Dam I blocked him last week on FB because he had sent me an invite to his 3rd cousins pig roast three days in a row!
+Virginia Hepp I'm hurt. Geico hasn't invited me to anything. Well, except to spend 15 min to have the privilege of paying them to insure my car.
I took me 5 minutes to scroll through on my phone to get to your comments Dave & Connor!
+Bill Gassett You have 177 comments for this post, and none of them from me, so I had to stop by and remedy that!!!  Clearly, you've touched a chord.  It really is all about reciprocating and conversation.
What an incredible stream of comments, +Bill Gassett !   You really got us all going with this one.  I need to use all of these medias a little more -  What I dislike is when I get Google +Invites and they go into my Google Calendar and cannot be removed - that's when that person gets hidden... or muted.
Thanks +Dagny Eason. I think those who are really using social media as it was intended are getting a bit frustrated by those who just don't want to learn it. For some reason in our industry it has been engrained that everything we do should be about personal promotion. The problem is it doesn't work that way in SM.
Thank you for the refresher! :)
Happy Holidays everyone!
Bill, wow, what a great post! My gmail inbox now looks like my account that I reserve for spam - retail coupons, etc.
+Sharon Alters thanks! It really gets tiresome trying to explain to people how social media works.
Bill, These things bug me too. I like the pancake breakfast comment the best. Happy Holidays.
LOL, this was good.  Were you a little frustrated when you wrote this haha.  
+Annie Maloney this is one of my favorite posts +Bill Gassett shared. I need to put this in one of the Real Estate communities. There are many Realtors that need to read this!
+Adrienne Hollis I just sat here and chuckled as I read every point.  SO many people do this.  Tell you what, you post it in Al and Bill's community and I will post it in Elias's.  ;)
I worked with an agent who never emailed but called all the time and would fax me everything. He didn't have text but did have a cell phone. I emailed everything back so I guess he had someone to assist in getting the documents. It drove me crazy. Time to retire buddy.
+Bill Gassett  thanks for the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY on the do's and don't of social media platforms
You are welcome +Sonia Figueroa. A lot of social media is common sense once you realize it is not about advertising but about relationship building.
Glad I found this, great link to share. 
Thanks +Missy Caulk this is an oldie but goodie for sure! Of course I continue to see these things being done on a daily basis and agents continue to wonder why there are crickets chirping on their content.
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