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Google Author Rank

Did you know that one of the suspected Google author ranking factors will be who follows and engages with you?

Assuming for a minute this is true and one of the reasons you are using Google Plus is for business purposes, you will want to engage with those who have authority in your niche.

Using my niche for example ( #realestate ) You will want to engage with those who could be seen as authorities in the eyes of Google. Who would be considered an authority you wonder? Someone who consistently has their content shared and commented on would be a good place to start.

This is not to say that someone outside of your business who also has a high author ranking score would not be helping you if they shared and commented on your content. Quite the contrary! This is exactly what you want.

Using my favorite Google Plus Mogul +Mark Traphagen as an example - Mark is not in the Real Estate sector but certainly would be considered an authority in Google's eyes as his content is super popular.

Even though Mark is in the #socialmedia niche if he happens to share or comment on something I have written you can be certain this is a good thing!

So if you are here for business and want to be considered an authority yourself then engage with those you suspect already have some. Share their content, comment on their posts, give them a plus. BE A GIVER - NOT A TAKER. This is how great social media relationships are formed!

Eventually you may find you have gotten a few folks with authority following and engaging with you. Social media relationships are not typically made in one day.

You also need to remember that social media is not about selling or promoting yourself. Social media is about being social. Help others and I am sure they will help you! It is the formation of these relationships that can help your business and social media presence grow!

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There are so many that don't +Mark Traphagen. Like you I try to help when I can to educate people on how social media is supposed to work. Lots of folks in my niche are all about promotion and not about forming relationships. They scratch their head and wonder why very few people engage them. The answer is right in front of them if they want to listen:)
So true +Bill Gassett. I'm teaching a three hour course tomorrow night on Google+ for local business people. They're paying $60 a piece to attend, so I feel an above-normal pressure to deliver something valuable (though I certainly always try to do that, even for my free public talks). 

I'm planning to use most of the first hour not talking about Google+ (directly) at all. Instead, I'm going to try to inspire these entrepreneurs with the power and necessity of their personal networks in this connected economy. 

Then, and only, then, will I show them how Google+ is the most powerful tool available to do that. 
+Bill Gassett  I would never self-promote on someones page... That's just not my style... but I think you know that already...I am on the low side of social promotions but hey whatever works right? Just my two cents...
+Mark Traphagen if I was ever in your area I would certainly stop in and listen. I am sure I would get a ton of great info. Those in your area are lucky to have someone like you showing them the way!

+Bob Hammerstein I was not referring to promoting on someones page. Unfortunately in our business the first thing that comes into the vast majority of peoples minds is how can I promote my listing, my blog, my website. Have you noticed this is what most Realtors do Bob? They then wonder why they get very little interaction.

Thanks very much +Stephan Hovnanian 
I like them all +Ken Montville. I hope you were not arrested recently from one of those Staties with the boots up to their thighs. I could then see why the word authority would trouble you:)
+Ken Montville a friend of mine who is the social media "voice" for a big part of a major corporation, recently had her title changed to "Thought Leader." Whenever she sees me now she tries to pull Jedi mind tricks on me ;-) (And I like those terms better than "authority" too, although I don't think authority is necessarily a dirty word.)
Me not dumbo, that is why I am following you ;)
+Bill Gassett, I definitely think your observation is spot on. I'm anxious to see how Google+ and the Author Rank ecosystem grows in 2013.
+Bill Gassett, we are judged (right or wrong) by others (humans) based on whether we show value, engage and re-share info. Now search engines quantify that too which I think is pretty amazing.

The key is to take the next step and move to "belly to belly" sharing and engagement, and that's when the real reward occurs. I'm fortunate to live in the same area as +Mark Traphagen and I've seen and heard him "in action" and he's the real deal. By the way, if I hadn't made plans already, I'd be at Mark's course.
+Bernard Lopez I am as well. Hopefully when/if it rolls out those that are using, engaging, and providing valuable content are rewarded.

+Bobby Carroll I knew you were close based on the fact I follow you both. You are both top notch in my book. I can see why you would want to listen in that's for sure:)
Whew. Took a risk there at getting blocked and reported by Bill for spam ;-)
LOL - fat chance:) Just sent you an email. I am anxiously awaiting your guest blog!
Good Stuffs here +Bill Gassett Now I know why I'm following You! :-))
This all goes back to lessons learned growing up. You can be judged by the company you keep +Bill Gassett =)
Great post +Bill Gassett .  I wish I could interact more w/ those in my industry, but there don't seem to be many.  But, I'm happy to interact w/ the real estate gang.
+Bill Gassett Although I am not in the #realestate  community, you always share great content.  Hence the reason i follow you and comment of your stream.
+Stephan Hovnanian Yes, that is true. It would just be good if there were 1 or 2 others, so we could all help build each other up.
Fair point; feel free to bounce ideas off me if you ever need a sounding board. I kinda grew up in the real estate/homebuilding industry :)
+Bill Gassett Yes I have seen that but maybe I misunderstood you about this post then eh? +Debbie Gartner I agree with Bill that anything to do with housing is a good thing and you are the best person I personally have come across to be an expert in your field... Just sayin....
+Debbie Gartner I would certainly think that you and your business were a natural to interact with the real estate industry as both revolve around homes and home ownership.
+Bill Gassett the biggest issue for some is having the time to interact on a regular basis.  They end up running in fits and starts finding it difficult to hang in with their connections
That is what I thought +Bob Hammerstein when I read your comment. I am trying to point out to Real Estate agents that social media is not about dropping your content and then heading to the next site to do the same. There is very little benefit in that!

Agreed +Kathy Clulow anything to do with housing whether it is flooring, home inspection, staging, etc. They all can be considered as having a tie in to real estate.
Another great always.
Another excellent article that makes so much sense!
Thanks for the timely information +Bill Gassett. It's easy to forget that it's SOCIAL media, sometimes!
If it makes sense just do it and the way you lay it out +Bill Gassett just makes so much sense and should be pretty simple for us to follow. After all, engaging is a whole lot more enjoyable other than just posting and running away and the benefits we get from it is the added plus!
No doubt about it +Lynn Pineda you are very good at it so you will reap the benefits long term.
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