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Google+ Influence Scoring

Do you know your Google+ influence score? +Michael George introduced me to this site tonight called Google Plus Data. You can go to the site here  and you will find loads of data about any Google plus user including a metric the site uses called "Pluskred".

Pluskred measures your influence on Google+. While I am not sure exactly how the score is calculated, it presumably takes into account how active you are and how much your content gets commented on, shared and G plussed. It also could take into account your follower to following ratio but looking at some of the profile scores it doesn't look that way to me.

As far as I can tell I have one of the top ranking profiles in the #realtor and #realestate categories with a score of 32.6.

I checked who I felt should have a great score on Google+ like +Mark Traphagen and +AJ Kohn and sure enough they both had scores in the 50's.

Is this somewhat like what your #authorrank could look like? Possibly who knows.

Micheal had talked about this site for a different reason and that was to find people on a local level who you may want to have in your circles. The ability to search profiles from this site is outstanding. I like the statistics the site provides on each user. Could be great to use as a tool to find those who have Google plus influence. It is definitely worth a look!

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That's funny Bill. We looked at this from different perspectives. And, I didn't even look myself up before I made the video for Zillow. Thanks to you, I just did-- and I found out G+ thinks I still live in Michigan. Hmmm... Now to go fix that.
Michael I know I was surprised you never mentioned this scoring feature which really had me intrigued. The site also picks up your keywords under your profession. I only had Realtor so when I searched under the keyword "real estate" I was not coming up. I went back and added that word to my occupation!!
Not surprised you are doing so well for Real Estate +Bill Gassett. Where did you find the PlusKred on their site?
+Mark Traphagen just type in your name in the search box at the top and it will take you to your profile. You will see tons of amazing data including your score. It ranks you for a whole ton of things. You will love it!
I see several charts but no PlusKred score.
Never mind. It's in the Profile, not the Dashboard.
It is on the right side next to your Bio. Your score is 59.4 one of the highest I saw. Do you see this below your profile? I just copied a few.

Ranked: 2nd in North Carolina Most Engaging This Week (by Shares)
Ranked: 3rd in North Carolina Most Engaging This Week (by Total Reach)
Ranked: 3rd in North Carolina Most Engaging This Week (by Comments)
Ranked: 3rd in North Carolina Most Engaging This Month (by Shares)
Ranked: 3rd in North Carolina Most Engaging Today (by Number of Posts)
Ranked: 3rd in North Carolina Most Engaging Today (by Shares)
Yeah I found it. I expected that info to be on the Dashboard, not Profile. This is a very useful site indeed. Thanks for sharing it!
Sure thing +Mark Traphagen I just started to fool around with it and really looks like a great tool to find those who have influence on a local and categorical level.
Wow, that is humbling and I mean humbling in a humble sense of the word. A score so low I'm embarrassed to report. 
+Al Remetch you are probably in one of the most competitive industries of all considering this is a social media/SEO platform.
I just checked.. i'm a 7.1. not sure why? or what it means.. but that is the magic number of the evening for me.. I have some catching up to do...LOL
+Janis Borgueta it looks like it takes into account how much your content gets shared, commented on and G+. It also possible could take into account your following to follower ratio.
The site actually backs up what I have been preaching about social media being about being social. I am quite sure some of the same metrics this site uses will be in the author rank algorithm.
+Bill Gassett - Clearly, I did not look up my own score because I am so humble. You see, I just want to help the average man- commoners such as yourself- with valuable information. This puts me close with God, who speaks to me about SEO directly, because he likes humility. And it is with this great humility that I will continue to throw tidbits of information at the feet of those smart enough to listen.
And, also, fix my profile so it doesn't say I live in Michigan.
I'm guessing it also includes reach, since that's a metric used elsewhere in the site. Reach would be how far your posts likely or potentially were seen (based on the networks of those who reshared your stuff)
LOL +Michael George. I am really glad you found this one!

+Mark Traphagen that makes a lot of sense. I am sure that is a big reason why you have such a great score as many are apt to share your excellent content.
You will be depressed if you have not been engaging but that can all change - right?
I had to wander back over to Facebook to check my Klout score, to massage my bruised feelings.
One think I discovered look at the stats for people that circled me and those that uncircled me is I get the most uncircles on days I clean up my circles, which means a number of people must be running software that immediately uncircle people who don't have them in circles.
It's also not based heavily on following since there are many people with less followers than me with much higher scores.
+Al Remetch I noticed that about the total amount of followers. There are some that have a lot more than me yet I have a much better score. I suspect engagement is weighted the most out of all the possible factors.
+Bill Gassett i really think it is all about the lack of sleep that you get.. a less sleep and more engagement ... it is based on that ratio is key... Google is now monitoring your sleep patterns. People on Google+ don't sleep much.. ??
+Janis Borgueta after I was fooling around with this last night I couldn't seem to get off of the computer and go to bed:)
I could tell.. you guys were up so late!! and here again so early =)  When do you sell houses?? LOL
I see that when you uncircle people that your rankings go down immediately, but i bet they go back up quickly if you stay engaged. and yes.. this is an addition.. at least it does not involve large amounts of weight gain.. +Bill Gassett 
last night on your gplusdata i was a 7.1... i was uncircling a bunch of people after that and poof... 5.3 in only 7 hours.. i can't imagine that was not the reason for it?? or maybe you think otherwise
at least i'm not zero... LOL  and these were people that i never engaged with and never circled me back.. 
Wow that is very interesting +Janis Borgueta! I wonder if any of them uncircled you and if they did how influential they are? I would imagine who is following you would be weighted more but who knows for sure. Let me know when it changes again.
That's something to work on...mine was only 10.6... I'm now going to watch this closely....thanks again +Bill Gassett ....yours should have three digits...
I will let you know  +Bill Gassett i thought it interesting too.. but these people were all old circled people from when i started and never engaged with.. (NOT the idea of SM.. but that is just how I learned and navigated to get where I am)  I doubt that they were doing much but just adding people and playing with a few... not all business people either. 
+Barbara Todaro your score is high compared to MOST!! a lot of people are seeing zero and they have followers.. so you must be doing something right!
+Barbara Todaro that is not bad considering you have not been active all that long.

+Janis Borgueta the question though was were they influential. Even though you didn't engage with them or vice versa if their influence level was high that could effect your score. I am speculating of course:)
what comes mind initially is that I follow every lead I get from +Bill Gassett ... I know how he works.... I know how he produces and it's more than anyone in our firm (and my team produces too but always a step or two behind +Bill Gassett ....that's why I follow his tips.
I went on that site, Bill, and it's asking me to log in to G+ and GPlusData is requesting permission to:View basic information about your account, View your email address, Know who you are on Google
Allow access  IS THIS OK - Do you know?
seemed to me that they did nothing much.. it was a lot of photographers that just posted things.. and did not do much else.. or Realtors that were new and did nothing. I  guess when uncircling paying attention to their influence might be worth looking at better..I will take note +Bill Gassett when I'm cleaning house again..... It will be interesting when you delete your non followers..
+Wendy Rulnick I did not need to do that to get the data I was looking at. I saw what you are talking about but didn't do it.
+Janis Borgueta I will see what happens when I do the cleaning:)
I wonder if it will change for you.. but I still have more to get rid of and move around in my circles.. yes it was a mess.. and new people to add.. =) and people to engage!
Keep us posted +Bill Gassett 
I will re-check my score after I purge and let you know in the next few days:)
oh the forces that be.. you may rock the universe with your delete button
Yikes I am looking at it now data overload!
Yep, I'll admit it, I'm a zero. I thought I had been engaging with others. Wah!
Fascinating site +Bill Gassett !  What a great way to find others locally that are using Google+.  Everything else just tells me I have a ton to do with +Ralph Henze and my profiles/circles after Christmas!
+Bill Gassett Not sure how that happened, but I just put in your name and you now have a pluskred # of 45. Apparently this cool tool jumps about a bit.
That's nice Bill. Your score is going up, but if you would've shared my vid on this post, then my pathetic score would also be going up! I see how that works!
+Janet Henze  it is very cool and a great way to find locals!
+Cardinal Realty I have some possible thoughts on that. Could it be the fact I mentioned the site? Could it be this post was shared and liked a number of times by with some folks of high influence? Then again it may fluxuate a lot. Who knows but speculating is fun.

+Michael George I know I am a meany:)
+Rich Cederberg, engaging with others counts, but the big thing is how do they respond. Are they commenting, plusing and rue sharing your posts. 
Very true +Al Remetch . I would imagine getting your content shared matters quite a bit in the scoring.
Not only finding locals but who are the most active locally. I found a local photographer who is VERY active on google+ through your link and a local landscape photography community. Could come in handy. 
Exactly +Janet Henze you can use this as a search tool to find out who is influential in any number of categories.
Yes +Bill Gassett The Great part of sharing the tool is that it leads us to think out of the box in using these them.
Too bad you can't change pictures as I have jumped to 45 (:
LOL +Janis Borgueta. It just goes to show you how much comments and sharing matter! I have another theory though as well. Could the fact I linked to the site have helped...maybe hint hint:)
+Bill Gassett as I said in our other thread, I highly doubt linking to them raised your score. That should not be a factor at all, and if these people have any integrity and want to provide a useful engagement score, they would not do that. 

More likely scenario is what I can easily observe: you had some highly engaged posts yesterday, and some of that engagement was from influential users. That should raise your score.
You know what +Mark Traphagen  that is probably right given it is done on a daily basis. I forgot that the other couple of posts yesterday also had a very high level of engagement.
I think the answer is in the word.Plus Kred
Credibility based on pluses.  
Although I think a ratio may also be a factor.
10 pluses from 100 followers has to mean more than
10 pluses from a 1000 followers.
+Al Remetch I am sure a plus is a factor but would be willing to bet comments and shares hold more weight. It is way too easy to plus something.
Yes, these guys seem smart enough to know that +1s are the least meaningful engagement signal. It's named PlusKred because it's connected to Google PLUS. Pretty simple.
Hmmm.  My score is pathetic.  Absolutely pathetic.  I would have thought it would be better since according to circle count, on average, I have 5 comments, 1 reshare, and 6 +'s.  I also have over 4,000 followers and close to a 4:1 ratio.  

Not sure why my score is so awful (as well as lower than some listed above who are newer and have less engagement.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong...or if it's just not accurately capturing.

+Debbie Gartner I would have thought your score would be better than that as well. The site does not seem to have much data on you on the statistics section below your profile description.
I doesn't look right. Last night, it was in fact blank saying no interaction.  It's also odd that some people are having #'s fluctuate so much over such a short time period.
+Bill Gassett & +Michael George Ok, I'm going to turn off all the lights, grab a box of chocolates and go hide under the covers.  I'm at 0.0 Zero nothing dada!!!  I can't believe it!  I thought I was a chatty Kathy.  I engage, I comment, I'm shocked!  Ok, I don't post as much as I should, and don't have many shares.  This sucks! 
In studying the data more I do not think the follower to following ratio of even sheer # of followers matters. It looks like it really matters how many comments and shares you are getting on your content. I looked at some of the profiles in the real estate sector that have many more followers and I am kicking their butts!
I think you're right, +Bill Gassett.  I need to ramp up what I'm producing.  A great wake-up call for sure.
+Sally Weatherley just remember that you don't need to just post your own content. There are thousands of great writers on here that would love you for sharing their content!
+Janet Henze it could be that you are being scored against those in Canada and not the US.
That would definitely make more sense. I've been too busy getting ready for Christmas to do much on google+ lately but I know the others have been posting steadily.
I'm going to treat this like I treat my Klout score, with a grain of salt. 
In case you are wondering here are the ranking factors:
 Total Reach
 Average Reach
great information to remember every time I'm on this site....
+Bill Gassett I saw this the other day and checked it out the information they have does not seem curent +Rich Cederberg a big grain of salt it does not have much on me and even less on my two pages and what it does have is not accurate.
+Kathy Clulow the site does not have enough info on you. The information it does have is taken right from your profile word for word.
I was referring to the statistical information. A search for uxbridge real estate brought up my page and it said I had no followers
I'm a little confused on how it ranks in score. I have two other G+ sites that I have not posted on in over a year that rank higher than this one. 
+Sean Young what I have found is that if the site does not have a lot of info on you it will throw off the scoring.
I'm 24 today.... I've been on this site most of today....
I am not sure I see that correlation +Al Remetch?

+Barbara Todaro that is a pretty decent score! You will see it bounce around daily. It will also average your score over a certain amount of time so if you were active everyday the score would rise and not fluctuate as much.
+Bill Gassett You said:
I have found is that if the site does not have a lot of info on you it will throw off the scoring.

And in SEO if you have backlinks coming in from what Google considers to be dubious sites it can do more harm than good.  
Very true but in this case it could be either the person has only recently become more active or for some reason the site has not picked up on all the persons data. There is a means of logging in which allows the site to access everything you have done. I am wondering if it will help those that don't have much data make their score more accurate.
+Bill Gassett no, I logged in and still have the same crappy score.  I don't place much faith on this one given that a) it seems to have a lot of scores that don't make sense - on many people that have been active (myself included...I'm not saying I should have a great score, but it should be decent and it shouldn't suck)...there are several of us who have been active and have pitiful scores.  And, 2) if all these scores are fluctuating so much, that to me questions the validity big time.  You and +Mark Traphagen and +Barbara Todaro flucutated big time in 24 hrs...and others like +Janis Borgueta lost some traction within a day.  Doesn't seem right.

Anything that google ranks (e.g. page rank) really seems to be fairly steady over time and only gradually changes...and published less frequently.

most other tracking/scoring mechanisms such as Klout or the ones for pinterest are very gradual.  so this makes me suspicious.

I don't mean to burst your bubble.  I know your score is outstanding..and you are doing great here.  You are getting more followers, more interaction, more important followers commenting, and that is what counts.  You know you're doing well and keep up what you are doing.  You don't need this to tell you that.  I would pay more attn to circle count to look at average comments and shares per post as those are the right signals (and you are prob. improving on all of these measures). 

I would use this took to gain inisght on posting times and to find others locally or by topic who have a lot of followers.  That to me is action oriented and over time, those right actions, and then interacting w/ those influential users will catapult you higher.

Just my 2 cents.
+Debbie Gartner I experienced the same thing, like my score was stuck on zero.  Then it jumped up to 29 overnight.
+Debbie Gartner I also ranked 4th in Massachusetts for average reach and engagement yesterday....I spent alot of time on this site yesterday...
I think part of what some people are forgetting is that if you post one article for example and it does well for commenting and shares, ect that is not the same thing as the person who posts 4 articles that get a high level of engagement. That is 4x better!
+Debbie Gartner everyone's score changes on a daily basis!! The site measures over time and daily. It is obviously much more sensitive than Klout. My score jumped from the 30's to 45 because as +Mark Traphagen pointed out I was in the top 100 of the entire site for the day of my jump.

I am not saying it is completely accurate. What I have found is that the scoring does not work as well for those that have not been active over a longer period of time.
+Debbie Gartner +Bill Gassett the first time I checked it I had just put up a new video on my website and published it the usual way. That day was much higher than I am today.. I wonder if that had anything to do with it???
where do you see how you rank for the state?
I was at 24 today and now I'm at 11.4.... yesterday I was 10.6.... hmmm.....I was also 4th in massachusetts for average reach and engagement.... now I'm 18 for the week!!
It is going to move Barbara because everyone else compared against you has interaction on ALL of their posts as well. So if you were at #4 and 5-17 receive more action than you then you will drop. This is a running total. It is going to constantly change. I wouldn't obsess over it.
When's the last time anybody looked at their Klout score? Just asking. 
I'm not going to think about it....I'll just keep plugging away.
+Bill Gassett what an interesting tool!  I checked "Portland" and found that 95% of the highest rankers were photographers (surprised) and engineers.  One person who has more than 2M following him had a score of <12 (another surprise).
+Maureen Bray if he is not famous and has that many people following he is more than likely circle jerking. 
Great tool for an overall view of activity! Thanks for sharing.
Sure thing +Paula Henry. The tool can really be helpful if you are looking for locals to connect with that are very active. You could do a search for your area and there may be a few you want to connect with.

+Maureen Bray I bet if I searched his name on circlecount he would be in a lot of the circle sharing.
Mine is now working correctly. The reason I was scoring so low is that I had my circles hidden. A day after I updated my profile to show my circles I'm #2 for Sean Young and #5 for loan officer. So sharing your circles is the lesson here, at least for me it was.
I had the circles of who was following me hidden from public view. 
Ahhh I gotcha. Now I am wondering if other people who should have better scores have mistakenly done the same.
+Sean Young Thanks for the tip mine are also not visible change that to were not visible now they are .....

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
Just the number of followers and and new followers pluskred still +0.0 and it did not move me in rank for all Clulows still #67
I am guessing it may now move. I know you use your business profiles a lot though which not help your profile.
pluskred now +2.0 and I moved up in rank for all Clulows to # 1
Now that your circles are public I am sure you will start to continue to move up.
Fascinating little journey, thanks, +Bill Gassett
I am not consistent, especially lately, and need to post more, I actually get so interested in what other people are posting that I forget to post.  So, I blame you.  :)
I just found this site earlier today +Bill Gassett although not via this lively thread • which metric do you consider the most "useful" sought after "desirable" shares vs. engagements by state or by USA
+Neil Ferree I think they are both useful. It is cool that you can see engagement data by state.
+Neil Ferree I think it depends.  Somebody with a national presence, (you) might be more interested in USA, although I tend to rank higher in CA than the USA.  To me the most important score is engagement. 
I agree w/ you +Al Remetch engagement is my objective 

I dunno why some people think its kosher + kewl to +1 your last 10+ posts and that's it? ½ lazy or ½ don't know the drill?

I'd rather they do nothing that hit the +1 button w/ no input on the post or like we learned in the Army • salute smartly and go about your business ;-)
+Neil Ferree while I like comments myself I am curious why a plus is such a turn off? It means someone likes your post. There could be many reasons not to comment. I will give you one quick example. I plused one of your posts a few minutes ago because I wanted to show you some support. I would have left you a comment but I am typing this on my phone and walking into a restaurant. I wouldn't look at a plus as a bad thing.
I get it and I agree • but 10x in a row and doing 10x in row the next day + the 10x again the next day is not my brand of vodka
Lol agreed that is a little bit much:)
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