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I found a great tool last night that looks at your Google+ influence score. It is possibly the closest thing to what an author rank algorithm could look like. You can search by name and keywords.

The site is excellent for finding those who have influence in a certain niche. It is also useful for finding those you may want to follow on a local level.
Google+ Influence Scoring

Do you know your Google+ influence score? +Michael George introduced me to this site tonight called Google Plus Data. You can go to the site here  and you will find loads of data about any Google plus user including a metric the site uses called "Pluskred".

Pluskred measures your influence on Google+. While I am not sure exactly how the score is calculated, it presumably takes into account how active you are and how much your content gets commented on, shared and G plussed. It also could take into account your follower to following ratio but looking at some of the profile scores it doesn't look that way to me.

As far as I can tell I have one of the top ranking profiles in the #realtor and #realestate categories with a score of 32.6.

I checked who I felt should have a great score on Google+ like +Mark Traphagen and +AJ Kohn and sure enough they both had scores in the 50's.

Is this somewhat like what your #authorrank could look like? Possibly who knows.

Micheal had talked about this site for a different reason and that was to find people on a local level who you may want to have in your circles. The ability to search profiles from this site is outstanding. I like the statistics the site provides on each user. Could be great to use as a tool to find those who have Google plus influence. It is definitely worth a look!

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This is certainly a great tool, I need to spend more time on it.  My score is not the greatest. Much work and more importantly interaction. Love the filters 
+Petra Norris in doing a much closer look today the score is heavily influenced by the comments and shares you receive.
Bill, as always, an awesome post! Happy Holidays my friend. Thank you for all your support... as a new guy, I really appreciate it!
Oh my, I'm a mere 3.3! +Bill Gassett you're light years away :) Guess, I just have to keep plugging away on the direction I've taken recently since I've started engaging here on G+. I'm going to be a light user over the next week or so but come the first of the wonderful new year, I'll be back. I really do enjoy Google+ and all of you! Merry Christmas!
+Lynn Pineda the score moves daily based on how well your content does. So if you have a few posts that really see a lot of action your score can jump.
Yesterday I was a 45 because I had some incredibly active posts. Today I am at 36 so it does weight a certain amount of time.
+Bill Gassett, unless I am reading it wrong, it only showed me a score as of December 7? Like +Christopher Arienti, I'm fairly newer as you know so I didn't expect it to be very high yet, though since I've been more active over the last few months and plan to continue to be (since I LIKE it here!), I am sure it will pop higher over time. 
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